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07-30-02 10:26 AM
Fiji Joe Here's a thought, spawned by the below post regarding tunes that are better live than studio...This board needs an offical that would be comprised of the board's consensus of the best live tunes ever recorded by the Stones...Does anyone have the collection to put this together should it become a reality?...Any thought for a name?
07-30-02 10:30 AM
Jumacfly great idea, which tittle..."we re only in for the stones"
very basic, but good idea indeed.
07-30-02 10:38 AM
parmeda Fiji...
What a great idea! I say, "run with it"...
07-30-02 12:50 PM
Scottfree Yes, yes deal me in!! We need to make a compilation of best live, that all memebers of the community have in their library.
07-30-02 01:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot My Finnish Gassy Twin & I put together a 7CD collection for another board. It's called Wooooodoggies! Gimme Soundboards, and The Rolling Stones Live:'s in 2 sets, Wooooodoggies is on 4 CDs, and is all soundboard quality(I still listen to this thing all the time). The other set is on 3 CDs and is all either soundboard, or excellent audience recordings. Both sets are set up like a Stones show...with preshow intro...bstage...Keef show outro...the whole deal.

Many people who have heard these collections have told me that if you have these discs, you almost don't need any other boots.

Since the compilation is already done, I'd be willing, and I'm sure Marko would concur, to donate this towards your project.

Here's the setlist:

Disc 1
Babylon Intro--San Diego 2/3/97
Satisfaction--MSG 11/27/69
All Down The Line--LA 7/13/75(This is the video feed version)
Rocks Off--Philly 7/20/72
Dancing With Mr. D--Brussels 10/17/73
You Got Me Rocking--Oakland 10/31/94
19th Nervous Breakdown--Buenos Aires 3/30/98
One Hit To The Body--Toronto 9/3/89
Sparks Will Fly--Meadowlands 8/14/94
Love In Vain--Leeds 3/13/71
Out Of Tears--Johannesburg 2/25/95
Play With Fire--9/3/89
Sister Morphine--Port Chester 10/25/97
Terrifying--Barcelona 6/14/90
Hand Of Fate--6/6/76
When The Whip Comes Down--Ft. Worth 7/18/78
Let Me Go--Houston 10/28/81

Disc 2
Saint Of Me--Bremen 9/4/98
Out Of Control--San Diego 2/3/98
Just My Imagination--Naples 7/17/82
Miss You--Detroit 7/6/78
Slipping Away--Tokyo 3/12/95
The Worst--San Diego 10/17/94
Voodoo Intro--San Diego 10/17/94
Hot Stuff--Lyon 6/9/76
Sad Sad Sad--Tokyo 2/24/90
Undercover Of The Night--Atlantic City12/19/89
Starfucker--Passaic 6/14/78
Beast Of Burden--Chicago 11/25/81
Let It Bleed--New Orleans 12/5/81
Sweet Virginia--Tokyo 3/12/95

Disc 3
Thief In The Night--Paris 7/25/98
Bridge Walk--Paris 7/25/98
Little Queenie--Sydney 2/27/73
I Just Want To Make Love To You--Buenos Aires 3/30/98
Midnight Rambler--London 5/22/76
Sympathy For The Devil--Altamont 12/6/69
Tumbling Dice--Naples 7/17/82
She's So Cold--DC 12/9/81
2000 Light Years From Home--Tokyo 2/26/90
Stray Cat Blues--San Diego 11/10/69
Blinded By Love--Madrid 6/16/90
Salt Of The Earth--Atlantic City 12/19/89
Wild Horses--LA 7/13/75
Far Away Eyes--Lexington 6/29/78

Disc 4
Angie--Naples 7/17/82
Happy--Essen 10/13/73
I Go Wild--Pasadena 10/19/94
Some Girls--Philly 3/15/99(ALD source, for this project we considered anything that was not an audience tape to be a soundboard)
It's Only Rock & Roll--Dallas 11/11/89
Monkey Man--Buenos Aires 2/16/95
Start Me Up--St. Louis 12/12/97
Honky Tonk Women--London 7/7/90
Rip This Joint--Brixton 7/19/95
Street Fighting Man--New Orleans 10/10/94
Jumping Jack Flash--Hampton 12/18/81
Gimme Shelter--Port Chester 10/25/97
Brown Sugar--Rio De Janiero 4/11/98
Outro--Phoenix 12/13/81

The Rolling Stones: Live 1965-1999
Disc 1
Not Fade Away--Stockholm 95
If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud--Detroit 75
Flip The Switch--Chorzow 98
Roll Over Beethoven--Paris 70
I'm Free--Oakland 69
Bitch--Perth 73
Harlem Shuffle--London 90
Fool To Cry--Frankfurt 76
Almost Hear You Sigh--Madrid 90
Prodigal Son--Toronto 79
Under My Thumb--San Diego 69
Neighbors--Seattle 81
Black Limousine--Brixton 95
Twenty Flight Rock--Phoenix 81
Going To A Go-Go--Phoenix 81
You Gotta Move--Paris 76
You Can't Always Get What You Want--Philadelphia 72

Disc 2
Mixed Emotions--LA 89
Rock & A Hard Place--Edmonton 97
Hey Negrita--Paris 76
Waiting On A Friend--Pontiac 81
Live With Me--San Diego 69
Little T & A--Naples 82
Can't Be Seen--Tokyo 90
Fingerprint File--Toronto 75
Route 66--Philadelphia 99
Shattered--Pontiac 81
Respectable--Houston 78
Hang Fire--London 82

Disc 3
Intro/Bye Bye Johnny--MSG 72
I'm Moving On--UK Tour 65
Hound Dog--Memphis 78
Sweet Little Sixteen--Houston 78
Satisfaction--East Troy 89
Jumping Jack Flash--Pontiac 81
Sympathy For The Devil--LA 75
Voodoo Outro--Miami 94

So there you have it....not bad, aye?

07-30-02 01:49 PM
padre Looks like one helluva collection. If there wasn't a set made already, I would've suggested a collection of all the different small stage songs played on recent tours. Just the Stones (without the 'extended families') rocking their asses off!!
07-30-02 01:51 PM
Nasty Habits Hey Sir Stones -

Glad to see that Let It Bleed from New Orleans '81 is on that set -- one of my all time fave live Stonesongs. That version kills me so hard every time I hear it I come back to life! Bill Wyman absolutely rules that numbah - once he kicks it in, everyone else has to step into high gear to keep up!

Hasty Nabbits

07-30-02 02:05 PM
TomL I have it. great tunes and very well put together.
07-30-02 03:30 PM
lonecrapshooter That's a great list. But I would not go to a desert island without Angie and YCAGWYW from Brussells. I also would need Carol. The Gimme Shelter version would do.
07-30-02 04:49 PM
Flash77 What do I need to do to get a copy of those cds? =)
07-30-02 08:24 PM
Scottfree Dear Sir, How would one get his/her hands on your collection (that sounds dirty)?
07-30-02 08:45 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, right now, I'm in the middle of burning for a couple of trees. I just don't have burner time for anything right now. I already told soon as I get my decks cleared, I'll take care of some of you good folks here. Get you started, make sure you have some good trade material.

But right now, I'm swamped.

If we are gonna do a Rocks Off tree with the set that I just posted, I'll run the thing...set up the tree structure...send out the seed discs, all that stuff.

I'm many of you people out there know what a tree many of you have ever participated in a tree...and how many of you have burners?
07-30-02 08:59 PM
parmeda Sir Stones...
Does having cash count? (Would be willing to pay for your trouble when you have the time, naturally...)
07-30-02 10:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot OK, I'm gonna nip this thing in the bud right now. Don't anyone ask me to sell them anything from my collection. I won't do it. I didn't pay a single cent for ANY of the shows in my possesion.

This is how I rationalize it....If I'm not profiting from it, it's not taking anything away from the band. I don't buy boots, I don't sell boots. I trade or I share. I do this because I love the music...and I like to make other people happy by sharing the wealth.

One guy was generous enough to get me started with the basics, and some rare stuff for trade bait....all for free. So that is why I try to help out as many fans as I can.

Pam, you couldn't know that I get offended when I get asked to sell stuff from my collection. I don't hold any animosity against you, OK? Just don't ask me to sell you anything again.

I'll help you out, just let me get my decks clear...OK?
07-30-02 11:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

I'm many of you people out there know what a tree many of you have ever participated in a tree...and how many of you have burners?

Never particpated in a tree before, but I think I got the concept down from reading the posts last week here about trees. I do have a burner and would love to participate. That list you published above has got me salivating like...well you know.

scope, patiently waiting for your plate to clear
07-31-02 12:23 AM
Sir Stonesalot scope!

All I have to say's "minty fresh".
07-31-02 11:35 AM
Nasty Habits I'd be willing to participate in the CD tree as well - I think I have the basic concept down, but I've never done it, so I'd love to hear a point by point Sir Stonesian lesson in the process of treeing.

Educate us, Sir - we're all lonesome schoolboys.

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