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Mexico City, during the shooting of "She Was Hot" and "Too Much Blood"
January 1984 by Agapito Pelaéz K... Gracias Rogerriffin
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Topic: Monday Rehearsals? Return to archive
07-29-02 09:13 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 are they having monday rehearsals?
07-30-02 06:34 AM
nankerphelge According to Toronto Tom at Stonesdoug's board, they rehearsed Loving Cup again along with Rocks Off, Bitch, I Got the Blues and Walk and Don't Look Back.

07-30-02 06:36 AM
luxury1 Oh god, this is getting too good for words!!
07-30-02 06:50 AM
Jumacfly now it s sure, we ll have the great honnor to hear the great "Lovin cup",and that s the one of the best news of these rehearsals .

just like to thanks Toronto tom for all these nice reports from Keithtown...
07-30-02 06:53 AM
nankerphelge Yeah Tom's loyalty is beyond question. He has really done a fabulous job up there -- I fully expect to read about him being arrested for bungee jumping off the room to get a better listen.
07-30-02 06:54 AM
Jumacfly ..or beeing caught in Lisa panties to get a better sound!!
07-30-02 08:28 AM
Lazy Bones Tom called me at 2:00am this morning. They (Stones) didn't arrive until 8:00pm last night WITH Lisa and Bernard and "all" the Stones' kids.
Songs included:
Loving Cup
Harlem Shuffle
Just My Imagination
Rocks Off
Miss You
Keep On Walking-Don't Look Back
07-30-02 08:35 AM
Scottfree Why, why, Harlem Shuffle, that will suck!! Please "Time waits for no one", how could they pass this amazing song by all these years?
07-30-02 08:57 AM
winter Were the dancing cats there last night in full costume?

As I told you all earlier, Harlem Shuffle will be the only b-stage song (it will be an 18 minute version) with grown men dressed as the cartoon cats from the video dancing around them. Mick has said he got the idea from the theatrics of Madonna's last tour.

Ya mooooooove it to the left, yeah, go for yourself,

Don't believe me, truth is stranger than fiction,

07-30-02 09:15 AM
Jumacfly hey winter, have you heard about this rumour, telling than Elton Leavell will play on a flying piano a 15 minutes version of "tumbling dice"??
then Keith will join him by riding the blimp to kick his piano and his ass!!!

chiba chiba is stronger than fiction!!
07-30-02 09:28 AM
winter Jumcacfly:

No, but the Dr. Dre remix of Miss You will be the opener, and Britney's version of Satisfaction will be the encore (lip synched of course).

If the Elton thing that you mentioned pans out, this going to be one hell of a tour,

Oh, and did I mention another Dave Matthews guest spot, yup, Dave Matthews with his shit eating grin, clicking his heels like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. He'll be doing the vocals on Little T&A this time around,

Hit me baby one more time,

07-30-02 09:41 AM
Boomhauer I think Harlem Shuffle is one helluva song.
07-30-02 10:09 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl (You got to walk and) Don't look back!!

A song from solo album? wow this will be second time in 40 years!!!

Is this the updated list?

1. Baby break it down
2. Beast of Burden
3. Bitch
4. Cherry oh baby
5. Don't Know How to Stop
6. Hand Of Fate
7. Harlem Shuffle
8. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing in the shadow)
9. Hitch Hike
10. Just my imagination
11. Just My Imagination
12. Loving cup
13. Loving Cup
14. Mannish Boy
15. Miss You
16. Monkey Man
17. Out of Tears
18. Out Of Time
19. Rocks Off
20. Shattered
21. She smiled sweetly
22. She's so cold
23. Stray Cat Blues
24. Sweet Virginia
25. Torn and Frayed
26. Turd on the run
27. Where Can I Meet You?
28. Wild Horses
29. Winter
30. You got me rocking
31. (You got to walk and) Don't look back
07-30-02 10:15 AM
Jumacfly Winter, LOL!!, great post!!

i think i will take the fan package from the fan club to drink diet coke backstage with N Sync!
Britney as an opener with satisfaction: great idea!!
hope there will have a great choregraphy on the giant screen, easy movements we would dance all together in the stadium.
....i m really looking forward Dave matthews on little T A
, with Axl rose (help he s back with brand new gunners)
on backing vocals...
and, at last but not least, a duet between Chuck and Elton on piano, with mick singing "goddess in the doorway"....

i will really buy the "die hard fan package" to live such a beautiful show...

Cheers, let s smoke chiba together, no i need to be stoned more than ever ....

ps: nice delirium for my 100 post, thanks Winter!!

07-30-02 10:16 AM
T&A Don't Look Back isn't technically from a solo album - it was on a Peter Tosh album, for which Mick sang back up vox. The Stones also rehearsed this extensively in '78 but never played it. A great version was on SNL in late '78, when Mick strode on-stage to up-stage Tosh.
07-30-02 10:22 AM
Lazy Bones
T&A wrote:
Don't Look Back isn't technically from a solo album - it was on a Peter Tosh album, for which Mick sang back up vox. The Stones also rehearsed this extensively in '78 but never played it. A great version was on SNL in late '78, when Mick strode on-stage to up-stage Tosh.

Peter Tosh opened for most (if not all) of the Stones shows in 78. At a few shows, Mick sang this as a duet with Peter - not with the Stones.
07-30-02 10:22 AM
T&A wrote:
Don't Look Back isn't technically from a solo album - it was on a Peter Tosh album, for which Mick sang back up vox.

Yes, you're right LOL, well, it was produced by Mick and Keith for Rolling Stones Records.

BTW, Mick is not singing back up is a duet and Keith plays on Bush Doctor and Stand Firm.
07-30-02 10:48 AM
winter Jumacfly:

Are you making it to beantown for the opening shows. A bunch of us will be pre-partying if you can make it.

Last word was the Harp for the Fleet Center show.

07-30-02 11:08 AM
Jumacfly Winter

i will soon sell a complete "die hard smoking stones fan package"!!
if you buy it, you can see both taylor, woodie and brian riding pink elephants during "19 nervous breakdown"..

...check the official website for this...
ps: my avatar will take you far


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