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Topic: Songs that are better Live than studio... Return to archive
07-29-02 11:01 AM
Scot Rocks when they nail it of course but some of my choices would be off the top of my head...

Midnight Rambler
All down the Line
Saint of Me
Out of Control
Sad Sad Sad

07-29-02 11:31 AM
juantcb Agreed. Plus, Live With Me, Happy, and Heartbreaker. And Thief In The Night. And . . . Route 66.
07-29-02 11:31 AM
TomL Last Time was great in Syracuse 98.
07-29-02 11:34 AM
MidnightRambler When The Whip Comes Down
Miss you (only '78 and '81, of course!)
Midnight Rambler
Out Of Control

Yup, I enjoyed The Last Time from Chicago 1997
[Edited by MidnightRambler]
07-29-02 05:34 PM
parmeda Sympathy For The Devil...1997...Chicago...(my hairs are standing up)
07-29-02 05:38 PM
steel driving hammer Now HOW could ya'll forget Just My Imagination???


It's prolly one of their best live opposed to studio.

That song is meant to Roll....
07-29-02 05:40 PM
nankerphelge Tumblin Dice -- big time!!
07-29-02 05:43 PM
Joey Rambler , Dice , Brown Sugar !!!!
07-29-02 05:49 PM
Chico Rambler, Miss You 78, Street Fighting Man , All Down The Line and at the moment Gimme Shelter 72 and 73.That may change again soon.
07-29-02 06:32 PM
Scottfree Gimmie Shelter 97-St. Louis the greatest version ever, incredible synched inter play, Just My imagination in 1981-82 (hampton) I thought it sucked 97-99 whenever they did it, Midnight rambler always, Out of control by a long shot, Tumbling Dice sometimes, Ruby Tuesday 1989, Last time 97, Paint it Black 1999, Street Fighting Man 1972-73, Gimmie Shelter 1972, Shattered sometimes, Factory Girl 1989 (killer), Sympathy sometimes when Keith actually plays a good solo, Beast of Burden 1981-82 (hampton), Under My thumb 1981-82 (hampton). More to follow....
07-29-02 08:36 PM
John Wood I watched the Voodoo Lounge video from Miami for the first time in a while, and was surprised at how bad the guitar playing was in this song. Not a very good solo by Keith at all!
07-29-02 08:51 PM
sly My list
out of control- from b2b tour didn't like it as much during ns tour
satisfaction-b2b tour. very good. mick singing alone and with no horns.
sympathy and saint of me-vegas '97 my favorite versions
ruby tues-89
under my thumb-chicago b2b
07-29-02 09:22 PM
tumblingdice I loved Flip the Switch on BtB, was surprised how good it sounded live at the show. 19th Nervous Breakdown blew me away at that one too. I like Gimmee Shelter live although I used to not care for it as much from the studio until I saw it live.Saint of me sounded good, I like some girls beteter live, Midnight Rambler and also on BtB You got me rocking was great I can still hear Charlie's drums echo off the Stadium.
07-29-02 11:11 PM
littleredrooster Paint It Black, Forest Hills NYC 1966, Brian on the Sitar
Lady Jane, Forest Hills NYC 1966, Brian on Dulcimer
Street Fightin' Man, MSG NYC Breakfast show 1969
Love In Vain, MSG NYC, 1972 Mick Taylor goes WILD
Let It Bleed, Mannheim Germany 1998 ist time I heard it live
You Got The Silver, Oakland debut 1999, Woody on steel guitar
Undercover, Oakland 1999, POWERFUL live
Gimme Shelter, anywhere, anytime, as often as you like!!!
07-29-02 11:18 PM
beer Love In Vain, live with Mick Taylor.

Live With Me, from "Ya Ya's".

07-29-02 11:27 PM
wkoetke Songs that are better in concert than in the studio:

Down In The Hole
Where The Boys Go
Coming Down Again
Torn And Frayed
Dance Pt. 1

Oh, whoops. This thread was about REAL concerts. Sorry, I was thinking about my fantasy concert

07-30-02 07:11 AM
JaggaRichards Out Of Control
07-30-02 10:21 AM
Fiji Joe The live version of Under My Thumb that was on Still Life...Not sure where it was recorded...Chicago I think.
07-30-02 11:28 AM
Stones 2000 Light Years From Home
07-30-02 12:43 PM
Scottfree OH my yes "Flip the Switch," F'ing incredible in ST louis 97, Keith was awesome, great techniques, Ronnie did a lil mix in but very little other than that. Some Girls 99 was amazing, really rocked up, Ronnie showed up on this one!
07-30-02 01:06 PM
JaGgEr Midnight Ramble (!)--> Years '70 (Ohhhhhhhhhh my god)
Saint of me
07-30-02 01:17 PM
Joey I must agree with the individuals who stated that most of the tracks off of " Some Girls " sound better live .

Respectable , Lies , Burden , Miss You , Shattered all sound better live .

However , " Gimme Shelter " is sacred and the studio version remains " THE " definitive version .....I have not heard a live performance that compares to the studio version .....................Yes , even Brussels .

"Beat Me Senseless Ronnie "




07-30-02 01:40 PM
tumblingdice I don't know about the ST. Louis show but Ronnie showed up in Orlando, that is what blowed me away so much about it was the mix of guitars at the beginning of the song. They were both good and loud and great.
07-30-02 01:50 PM
padre Mixed Emotions-Atlantic City-89. No doubt about that.

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