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Topic: Let it Bleed Outtakes Return to archive
07-27-02 10:43 PM
Fiji Joe Can anyone tell me some of the songs that were let off Let it Bleed recording sessions?..If there are any...Thanks
07-27-02 11:02 PM
stonedinaustralia Feej, the following are listed by David Dalton in "The Rolling Stones - the First Twenty Years" as being recorded around the same time as the bulk of LIB (including some that turned up on "Metamorphosis")

Toss the Coin
Old Glory
Jiving Sister Fanny
I'm Going Down
Try a Little Harder
I Don't Know Why

BTW - contrary to my previous posts the plan for the lotus stage is not in that '75 tour book but is in fact in the abovementioned Dalton publication- (it also includes a plan for kr's custom made Newman - Jones 5 string guitar) - apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused

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07-28-02 02:13 AM
padre Then there's You Got The Silver sung by Mick, Gimme Shelter by Keef and an alternate HTW.
07-28-02 03:39 AM
stonedinaustralia according to Dalton "silver" (well at least the basic tracks i presume) was done during the BB sessions
07-28-02 04:01 AM
padre IORR-the Ultimate Guide to R.S. says that YGTS was done at the same session as Midnight Rambler (feb. 9.-10.-69 Olympic Studios) and for Let It Bleed.
Other outtakes from Let It Bleed sessions include If You Need Someone, I Was Just A Country Boy, French Gig, Aladdin Story, When Old Glory Comes Along, all the stuff from Jammin' with Edward, Toss The Coin, The Vulture and quite a few tracks that later came into Sticky Fingers and Exile.
07-28-02 04:07 AM
stonedinaustralia any-one know what any of these out takes sound like?
07-28-02 04:16 AM
padre I've got a couple of those and they are unfinished (without vocals). They sound ok and the groove is there but it's hard to tell what they would be like with a proper melody and lyrics. I suppose most of those tracks are like that. Mick could dig these up and finish them with the vocals for future releases!
07-28-02 04:29 AM
the groove is there

what kind of grooves - straight out rock? a bit blues? a bit country? ballads?

while odious, comparisons can be useful at times - can you make any?

cheers & thanks
07-28-02 04:39 AM
Taras Hello Folks!!!

I want to ask you one thing. I have LIB CD and in it says that Brian Jones played "AUTOHARP" on You Got The Silver"
and percussion on Midnight Rambler. I can't understand
what is "AUTOHARP"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas?????????????
Also percussion on Midnight Rambler...where there is Brian????

Wait on your ideas!!!

Taras Stanislaus
07-28-02 04:46 AM
padre This is hard... Country Boy's like a slowed down All Down The Line (the chords on the verses a pretty much alike), Aladdin's a slow one with a mystic feel, its got a riff a bit like Paint It Black's, Potted Shrimp has a similar groove as JJF. In fact Shrimp could be quite a rocker if it was finished, it sure has potential! Go on, Mick! Do the lyrics!
07-28-02 04:52 AM
stonedinaustralia thanks
07-28-02 04:54 PM
Gazza If you Need Someone,Old Glory,Toss The Coin and The Vulture have never circulated

Theres also a really good version of "honky tonk women" (supposedly cut just before Taylor joined)

The version of "You got the silver" with mick singing has the same basic track as the released version. Only the vocal is diferent. Its really good,too, although i think they used the best take.

An autoharp is a small stringed instrument. Its hard to actually describe it without a photo though! Im sure if you hit the word in a search engine you'll dig something up though!
07-28-02 11:37 PM
KeepRigid Wasn't 'I Don't Know the Reason Why' recorded around this time as well?
07-29-02 12:25 AM
sirmoonie I may be nuts, but whenever I listen to Soul Survivor, I hear the beat from I Was A Country Boy. The main riff is obviously different, but I'd swear the rythym was taken from an outtake of IWACB.

Jivin Sister Fanny is a pretty simple tune, never really polished for release. Would have fit in well as an additional song on any of the big 4, though. IMHO.

Additional lyric outtake of HTW is fantastic. Has Paris lyric I think Mick sang on El Mocambo/LYL album.

Not sure exactly which outtakes are circa LIB or any other era, but the two that have absolutely blown me away are acoustic version of All Down The Line and Good Time Women (precursor to Tumblin') which are both on Hillside Blues. Now that fucker is what bootlegs are all about!

07-30-02 12:13 AM
Bluzian Yeah, I always dug "Travellin' Man" and it goes on and on for
about 7 minutes with them jammin' with Taylor, almost like
a precursor to the albums that followed/ a chance for the
musicians at hand toget to feel out the other's groove etc..

There is also Mick Taylor's early version of "Leather jacket"
but I never did warm up to that one.

"Im Goin' Down" has got a false start, and back at it again,
with full lyrics to boot. It's like "ALL DOWN THE LINE" with
a little bit of Keith's "Take It So Hard" groove.

And there are two alternate takes of Jivin' Sister Fanny.
One without the organ/keys, and the one finished product with!

"LOVING CUP" is really wicked. Just as good as the Exile
take, but in it's own ~twaaaangy~ way if ya know waht I mean?
Very similar to the July 5th '69 version, where Mick get's
drunkenly carried away towards the end doing the ad-libs.
Certainly a must-hear.

07-30-02 09:45 PM
Gazza James Karnbach's book lists the following songs (apart from those on "let it Bleed" plus "Honky tonk women") as recorded between the last session for Beggars Banquet (July 1968) and the release of Let It Bleed :

November 1968
Memor from Turner ('metamorphosis" version)

March 1969:
If You Need Someone - working title for "let it bleed"
The Jimmy Miller Show
Pennies From Heaven
I Was Just A Country Boy
Sister Morphine (released on "Sticky fingers")
Shine A Light
French Gig
Aladdin Story

Positano Primo (working title for "Monkey Man")
When Old Glory Comes Along
Downtown Suzie (released on "metamorphosis")
Curtis Meets Smokey
So Fine
(The "Jamming with edward" LP was cut at the same 23.4.69 session as the above 3 songs)
Mucking About

Blues Jam

June 10 - July 2:
Jiving Sister Fanny ("metamorphosis")
I Dont Know Why (" )
Sweet Virginia
All Down The Line
Stop Breaking Down
Shine A Light
Loving cup
I Dont Know The Reason why
Toss the Coin
The Vulture

"Love In Vain" was recorded 23.5.68
YCAGWYW was recorded 17.11.68 - same session as memo from turner, above.

Brian was missing from the "love in vain" session and was in the studio but didnt contribute to YCAGWYW (according to Bill Wyman's book). He does play on the released versions of "You got the silver" and "Midnight rambler" which were cut on the 9-10 February session. he's also on an early version of "Honky tonk Women" (NOT the bootlegged take) but not on the released version.

07-30-02 11:47 PM
Bluzian Hey Gazza,

Yeah, I forgot about that SHINE A LIGHT one with Leon Russell.
(do you have it?) It's pretty loose, Mick seems to fumble with
the words, and does this "sha-la-la" bit.. If I'm not mistaken,
Ringo Starr is on drums. Recorded in '69 sometime. October


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