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Topic: Midnight Rambler on the new tour? Return to archive
07-27-02 02:33 AM
Remedy04 Man, I would love to hear this song played. I'm not sure if it's been played on the most recent tours (i.e. Bridges, Voodoo, Steel Wheels, etc.) The songs rocks on Let It Bleed but it really kicks ass on Ya Ya's! Would love to hear it live.

Also, any people on the board gonna see the Stones for the first time this tour? I'm 20 and either was too young or couldn't afford a Stones ticket in the past. Needless to say, I'm pumped. Also, I am a happy owner of "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile", two of my all-time favorite albums. May not seem like much but needless to say, I know more about the Stones than the average "fan" going to the shows hoping to hear "Satisfaction" or "Start Me Up".

As I've never seen the Stones, they could play anything and I'd be happy but like all you hardcores, I'm hoping they dust off a few gems this tour. It would be nice to hear a few rarely played classics aside from the standards.
07-27-02 02:50 AM
Bluzian Hey man,

You're obviously a 'crowes fan huh? Right on~! :-) I think
you'll be pleased with the Stones concert. My first rocknroll
concert was the Stones, and I think you know alot more about
them than I did at my first de-flowering.. You're gonna have
a blast man!! *LOLOLOL* You will NOT believe it. You're
gonna have to see atleast a dozen shows to actually absorb
the fact that you are seeing THE ROLLING FUCKING STONES in
person good God allmighty have mercy on your soul!! *L* And
brother, when you hear songs like JackFlash et al, I swear
you'll think you'll cream your jeans it's that surreal!!!

Anyways!! Where are you and where you goin' to see them at?
Chris Robinson is playing a gig up here in Toronto on August
28th, doing an accoustic show at The Phoenix. Haven't yet
decided on whether Im going to it or not...


PS: Try listening to SWAY & #4 while on 'shroomz! Mmmm..
07-27-02 02:59 AM
Bluzian Ooh I forgot:

Yeah, they have been doing 'Rambler, and it's been quite
impressive actually. Although, personally, I wish that
they would encore with it (along with YCAGWYW...) as I too
think that those LetItBleed masterpieces are critical to
the post-climactic bliss of the biggies. I'll say this
tho', and no offense to Mick, but, it's almost as if he is
unavoidably caught in a time-warp, where, he's trying to
copy that classic live rendition we've all come accustomed
to, yet, at the same time, try and bring it up to modernity,
but he hesitates, if not forgets some parts.. so don't be
surprised if he forgets to end with "And it hurts!!!" at
the end - he tends to ad-lib alot, while simulteneously
trying to recollect the same evolution of how he did it
30+ years ago.. none-the-less, even with the glitches, it's
still one of the nicest treats you'll get - especially when
they slide into the second time-signature with Mick wailin'
on the harp and Keith hammering out those thick muddy riffs
on the lespaulJr. Unbelievable!! Unreal!! hehe The best
version I ever saw them do MidnightRambler, was the second
show at Wembley in '99, and admist 90,000 strong, Mick had
us (the entire international fanbase of brasilian flags
and French fans and Japanese and Canadians galore) all at
his mercy repeating after him "Ow!!!!!" "Ow!!!!!!" heheh
07-27-02 05:02 AM
Bluzian wrote:
my first de-flowering..

actually, i think you only get one go at that!

you are either flowered or not and once you're not there's no going back


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-27-02 08:15 AM
Honky Tonker The version of "Midnight Rambler" on the small stage in 1999 was excellent, primo, dyn-o-mite, and pretty damn good!
07-29-02 12:13 AM
Bluzian True, but if you pay attention to my vocabulary, and the
context to which it's in, you'd know that my first, was
meant as "my first rocknroll concert deflowering" - referring to
I had never been to see a rockshow previously. FYI, the
previous "concert" was Liberace, back in '84, I was 9, and
to me, that doesn't really constitute as a "concert" (as WE
know it) to me. So... I still maintain what I originally said.

07-29-02 01:00 AM
T&A Rambler in '99 on the small stage kicked ass...they didn't try it out there until the second show of the tour (it was an encore with SFTD on opening night). The best version I saw was the first San Jose show - it was a couple of minutes longer than usual. It's the ultimate small stage tune, IMO.

07-29-02 05:42 AM
stonedinaustralia WARNING!! NEXT TO NSC


I still maintain what I originally said.

and so do I, "first de-flowering" is a tautology and no amount of revisionism or semantic gymnastics is going to change that... there's absolutely nothing in your first post, either its vocabulary or its context, which would lead me to the "explanation" offered in your last post,which, i might add, only served to make things even less clear - there was no mention in your first post of any "previous" concert... you simply say your first rocknroll concert was a stones concert... i think you knew what you meant but you simply didn't make it clear in your post and now i think you've got yourself into some intellectual quick-sand and instead of quietly going belly up and floating safely to the surface you're trying to fight your way out and only succeeding in getting deeper in the mire

no matter how you try to put it you can only do something for the first time once (you can change what that thing is i.e. your first concert may not be your first stones concert but your first stones concert is your first stones concert and there are no other first ones after that)

anyway ian,i certainly don't come to this board to get into arguments with people i've never met and hardly know except for what i read in and between the lines of their posts, particularly on non-stones related topics, so lets drop it and stick to the stones...



[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-29-02 07:41 AM
stonedinaustralia ian,having said all that, i will say mea culpa (i.e. i'm guilty), for bringing up the point in the first place (definitely no stones content there)... i'm guessing english is your first language, i mean if jumacfly had said it i probably would have let it slide... i suppose what i mean is

"be cool...let's all be cool...let's don't push around now (or is it "down"?)in the front"


"we didn't go there to police nothing, man"

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-29-02 11:48 AM
Mickjagger1963 I just turned 16 I think ... something like that, I cant remember last year so god knows I cant remember 1998 ... In other words this is myt first show, I am going to Giants Staduim and Trying to save for Fleet Center the second time around, Off to see Dave Matthews Band right now, @ Saratoga Preforming Arts Center...lets hope its good...Ive got plenty of pot if its not...

Peace all

May the Stones be with you.
07-30-02 12:26 AM
Bluzian Ok, well, whatever.. I just get tired of people always on
the "Ready to Attack mode" on-line, and I try to stray away
from chit-chat stuff.. For me to read the comment you made,
seemed like my post was being nitpicked, like some fucking
Teaching Assistant marking my paper. (get's a bit annoying
after a while). So why you felt you needed to "correct" me,
I don't know?? Maybe I used the word "de-flowering" in a
wrong text? I mean, I couldnt say my first FLOWERING concert
was "X" now could I? That sounds SOOOOOOO ridiculous!!! LIke
I was blossomed at a concert or something. Maybe it is the
word "First"?? However, I still maintain that waht I said
was articulate and concise. Shoudl I have said "My first
concert experience that I happened to get de-flowered at
was a Rolling Stones show??" or "My first rolling stones
concert was my de-flowering experience?"

I really didn't think that we had to be PERFECT?? I was
merely making a post about the Midnight Rambler, and it's
evolved into this grammatically ill-turned nightmare. Why?
Did it really matter THAT MUCH for you to feel the urgency
to "correct" me? I mean, who really cares in the big grand
scheme of things?

Anyways.. The MIdnight Rambler in concert of late has been
wicked!! :-)

07-30-02 02:02 AM
Bluzian wrote:
For me to read the comment you made,
seemed like my post was being nitpicked, like some fucking
Teaching Assistant marking my paper. (get's a bit annoying
after a while). So why you felt you needed to "correct" me,
I don't know??

fair enough... the only reason i mentioned it in the first place was because i got a laugh out of it and i just thought i'd point it out to you...then you got all defensive about it and tried to justify it (and that got me annoyed)

as i say i don't come here to police anything or to get into arguments

as for "correcting" you, well, if i was in your shoes i wouldn't have minded so much... i'd rather someone would have pointed it out to me so i didn't do the same thing again when it might really matter

ultimately, though, it's no big deal and as i say let's leave it at that...

07-30-02 10:11 AM
moonlight male Ive seen them do it several times live. Its electric.
They did it at the Brixton Acamemy in 95( small UK gig )
utterly wonderful, especialy the slow middle section.
on The small stage at wembley on their last tour was special too.
Your in for a treat if its your first time !

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