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Topic: Chuck Berry or Stones: help?!? Return to archive
07-27-02 02:53 PM
GuitarShredder41 I dont know which show to see, Chuck Berry or the Stones, i cant see both.

i have seen the stones once in '99 on no security, and would love to see them this tour.

Chuck Berry at a theater in northhampton, Mass. He is a legend and i have always loved him, he invented rock'n roll.

which should i pick???
07-27-02 02:55 PM
Scottfree See what they say at the Chuck Barris message board!!
07-27-02 03:05 PM
Torn & Frayed
GuitarShredder41 wrote:
I dont know which show to see, Chuck Berry or the Stones, i cant see both.

Chuck Berry is a legend, but at this stage of his career he's lost several miles an hour off of his fastball.
He's also not getting any younger, so you may or may not get another chance to see him.
But given my druthers, I'd pick The Stones.
Better yet, go see The Stones, save up a few more sheckels, and go see Chuck too.
07-27-02 03:12 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 Go see the Rolling Stones! No one wants to see a guy in concert who has video cameras in his restaurant bathroom.
07-27-02 03:32 PM
MidnightRambler Yeah, like the comments made...Chuck Berry IS a legend, but as far as his performances these days...they're quite dissapointing. He sings all his big hits in under 90 minutes...he tours by himself across the country, he doesn't have his OWN BAND w/ him, and that causes bad shows because the band is completely in the dark as to how the show is like. Chuck tends to be very secretive, and some view as "snobby" towards the musicians that play w/ him.

A good example of how Chuck performs today...he was on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno along with Little Richard earlier this year. In three words, this is how to describe it: COMPLETE TRAIN WRECK. It was horrible. It was like they rehearsed just 5 minutes before. They did a medley of "Keep a Knockin'" and "Back in the USA" was terrible. During the end of it, Chuck was screaming out "Go, Johnny, Go, go!" ...completely messy and careless.

All in all...go see the Stones. With them, you get 2 hours of complete rock and roll w/ NO dissapointment. Chuck is a win/lose situation: he's very moody and really effects his performance.
07-27-02 04:41 PM
Maxlugar Are you serious?

See the Stones.

Chuck Berry has completely lost it.

07-27-02 07:22 PM
Scot Rocks damn my avatar, has been nabbed, T&F lol, only kidding, that pic does rock though,


"Hear the voice of experience, a word from the wise"

Go and see the...


07-27-02 07:38 PM
Honky Tonk Man You Dirty Northern Bastard!

LOL English Joke!!

Great to see another Englishman grace this board. Thought i was the only one.

Go see the Stones, saw Chuck Berry in June at Shepards Bush, Great Show, but he 'aint the friggin "Strolling Bones" LOL

Drunk Man Alex
07-27-02 07:53 PM
parmeda Shredder...

Flipping a coin here is not an option, hon...

If you're gonna go dollar-for-dollar, choose your investment wisely...Especially lately!

(pssst, here's a tip for ya...It begins with an R...ends with an S.)

07-27-02 07:54 PM
FTELE52 The only larger let down I experienced when seeing a 'legend' besides Chuck Berry was Jerry Lee Lewis.

I second most of the comments above...go see the may the last time...
07-28-02 03:35 AM
Stray Cat The only time Chuck ever got it together live was when Keith put together a backing band in 1986. Watch the movie " HAIL,HAIL ROCK N'ROLL" and go and see the Stones.
07-28-02 04:08 AM
padre The best Chuck Berry session I've ever seen was a session he did for British TV early 70's. It's about 60 mins and truly kicks ass. The backup band is young and long-haired and manages to keep up with the man. And mr. Berry really rocks like I've never seen anywhere else! Tops even Hail Hail, although it is very good, too. Everyone should have this one.
07-28-02 09:16 AM
denis wilson I saw chuck berry in glascow a few years ago.The promblem with chuck berry is his backing band-they suck big time!remmber the time keef got clapton etc to back him.Get your hands on that video buy a good bottle of wine,save your money for the stones gig!
07-28-02 12:29 PM
Fabio Hot Stuff Man,
this is probabily the HARDEST choice of a rocker in his life...
Yeah, maybe it's true, at THIS TIME it's better to see the MOST ROCK'N'ROLL BAND IN TH WORLD....
"meanwhile, i was still thinkin' ...she's on th mood...
no need to break it....I got a chance..."

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