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Denis O'Regan
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Topic: Best ever stones bootlegs Return to archive
07-26-02 03:54 PM
denis wilson Hope all you diehard stones fans can help me.i have every offical stones uk release but only three bootlegs,liver than you'll ever be,brians blues and schoolboy blues.What are the must have bootlegs?
07-26-02 04:02 PM
nankerphelge There are many good ones. But I would recommend:
Handsome Girls - '78 tour.
I listen to it every single day.
It just plain rocks.

07-26-02 04:06 PM
Chico Hi there Brian.I only have four but I would say two of them are must haves.Im sure the majority will agree with Brussels affair.Find it, buy it, listen and fall in lurv!Gimme Shelter and Street Fighting Man gave me plentiful shivers on first listen.Think of SFM from Ya Yas and speed it up, pump up the drums, imagine 5 times wilder lead guitar, an amazing solo by Taylor then speed it up again for the last 2 or 3 minutes.Warning!Heart attack may ensue.The other one would be a decent boot from the 72 tour, mines being Ladies and Gentlemen.Midnight Rambler 72 makes the 69 live version sound, dare I say it, lame in comparison.Good luck in your search, wherever it may take ya.
07-26-02 04:08 PM
Chico Oh.One more thing.I meant Hi there Denis.Lol.Drink eh?
07-26-02 04:34 PM
Fiji Joe I'm probably in the minority here, but, I think the 81' Hampton Roads, Virginia boot kicks ass!
07-26-02 04:43 PM
bez85 1. brussells affair
2. live at leeds 1971
3. Handsome Girls 1978
4. VOODOO BREW out takes and alts. from Voodoo Lounge
07-26-02 04:55 PM
Staffan No I don't fancy Leeds very much, it's overrated. Although the sound quality is great. It's a sloppy performance, hence interesting and fun, but it doesn't show the Stones at their best! I'd get some 1972 boots.
07-26-02 05:17 PM
voodoopug I usually have 4 that are always in my car cd player
1. Handsome Girls
2. Hampton 81
3. Toronto 89
4. Brixton 95

I play so many others though too, it is hard to keep track of them all
07-26-02 05:27 PM
nankerphelge wrote:
There are many good ones. But I would recommend:
Handsome Girls - '78 tour.
I listen to it every single day.
It just plain rocks.

07-26-02 05:27 PM
Joey "I'm probably in the minority here, but, I think the 81' Hampton Roads, Virginia boot kicks ass! "

Agreed my Fiji !!!!!! Whenever I play my " Hampton ' 81 " boot I get that " the party has just started " feeling . I see colored balloons and barkers all around me . Hug Me .

Joe ........Joe .......... Joe .........Joe ......

Fly ........Fly ..........Fly ..........Fly ......

Joe Fly !
07-26-02 05:32 PM
sirmoonie I agree with both you gays....uh, guys. Hampton '81 is the titular head, so to speak. I like it better than Brussels. Best boot I've heard so far.
07-26-02 05:48 PM
Sir Stonesalot The 1st Jersey Devil show blows Hampton away.

I like Voodoo Edo a lot too.

And Paris '98

And Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb

And MSG3 Remastered

And Mickboy's Earl's Court 76

And the new Ladies and Gentlemen (the one with the projectionist's beeps)

Oh hell....there is no such thing as a bad Stones's all good....because it's the Stones.
07-26-02 06:08 PM
fyujm20 How can I get a copy of this Jersey Devils 1st show?
07-26-02 06:36 PM
Sir Stonesalot Jersey Devil is a 6 CD set....don't stop at the 1st 2 discs...get the whole thing.

My only complaint about this set is that for the 3rd show, Empress Valley slipped part of the Seattle sbd in place of some of the original NJ show. They did the same fucking thing to the "King Of Drugs"(Hartford '81)...they slipped some of the Phoenix show in. Jersey Devil would have been better as a 5 disc set...2 complete shows and a bonus disc from the 3rd show of all the good sbd tracks.

I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have an incomplete show, than a show that has been patched together from different shows. Unless it's SUPPOSED to be a compilation, like Ladies and Gentlemen.
07-27-02 09:57 AM
MRD8 Do yourself a favor and hunt up a few of Mickboy's remasters...they feature incredible remastered versions of the songs on the original albums plus rare outtakes and even some live versions! I'm waiting for him to ship Goats Head Soup...if you guys like the Hampton '81 discs you should see the video that it was taken from...just awesome! My list of essential bootlegs looks something like this:
Hawaii '67
LiveR Than You'll Ever Be('69 Oakland)
Ahmet Ertegan, Thank You Kindly(Ft. Worth '72)
Stones Touring Party '72
Headin' For An Overload(Europe'73)
LA Friday '75
Handsome Girls(Ft. Worth '78)
New Barbarians(Keith & Ronnie '79)
Jersey Devils '81
Shattered In Europe '82
Atlantic City '89
Voodoo At Halloween(Oakland '94)
Footstompers & Wheelshunters(Paradiso '95)
Vigo, Spain '98 soundboard
While The Wind Blows Over Toronto '99
Send me your snail mail address to and I'll fix you up with the discs and artwork for a couple of these, always willing to help out a "newbie!"
07-27-02 02:41 PM
lonecrapshooter another essential bootleg:

Exiles Afternoon Revisited (Perth 1973)
07-27-02 03:01 PM
padre MRD8, you'll love the Mickboy's Goats. And that's not all...
07-27-02 03:48 PM
MRD8 Padre,
Mickboy has been telling me little bits about the other disc he is releasing the same time as GHS...I can't wait to see what it is! He knows how to twist the knife...
07-27-02 03:50 PM
padre Yep, it's a killer.
07-27-02 05:11 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, he sent me an email teasing me too....

C'mon Padre...just a it live, or studio...

Mb likes seeing us squirm doesn't he.
07-27-02 05:26 PM
padre studio...You'll be kocked on your butt. Again.
07-27-02 05:34 PM
padre I mean kNocked
07-27-02 06:18 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm glad that's what you meant...Ol' SS don't take nothing on the butt! LOL!
07-27-02 09:53 PM
MRD8 I'm sending Mickboy a copy of T.A. Bush's remastered DVD of Ladies & Gentlemen...what Mickboy has done for audio Tom has done for video's! Maybe this will lossen M.B.'s tongue up a little...))
07-27-02 10:49 PM
Sir Stonesalot Whoa.

Check your private messages man.

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