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Topic: Here it is Friday, Mick's Birthday, and Return to archive
07-26-02 03:17 PM
nankerphelge I am just not into it today. Weather outside is dismal, everyone seems so fuckin' bitchy today, no one is any damn fun.

I am hoping that the good Stones people of Rocks Off will convince me that it is time to take a hit and loosen up.
07-26-02 03:18 PM
Maxlugar Nanky,

Take a hit, loosen up.

See ya on the board tonight!

07-26-02 03:27 PM
sirmoonie Get out of that office. NOW!

Life is short.

Clients are dopes.

Its the Man's B-day.

Check this out: There are actually places that will GIVE you beer if you give them a few dollars! Its awesome! I try to take advantage of things like that whenever I can. Like today.

Have a good weekend, see ya on da board. More important, see ya and the rest of goon squad in NYC! Soon!

"Send the kids to your mom's because I coming home loaded, Honnie!"
07-26-02 03:50 PM
Martha If you can't take a hit where your at right now (at work evidently) I suggest you put on your head phones a give a listen to one of your Stones CD's or tapes...that's guaranteed to cheer you haste!

If you can't do that squint and try hard to hear your favorite song from the catalog of your mind CAN do it!!

Pull outta the blues...with some BLUES!

Now...Let's ROCK!!!

jammin' to Saint of Me from "No Security" as I type.. :-)
07-26-02 04:17 PM
nankerphelge Thanks I am feeling better already. I will indeed take a hit soon, and loosen up. And I am thinking of getting into a bottle of wine tonight, and then building a small fire in my basement, and chanting to the Stones gods that tonight, in honor of Mick's birthday, they rehearse Crackin Up! I would love to hear them work that one in again. Hell, seems that almost anything is up for grabs this time out!
07-26-02 04:25 PM
luxury1 Oh nanky, I know what will make you feel better.
07-26-02 04:32 PM
nankerphelge Does it involve minty toothpaste?
07-26-02 04:33 PM
gypsy Nanky, just keep in mind that it is Friday! You've got the weekend to look forward to.
07-26-02 04:34 PM
sirmoonie I wish I could hear "Bitch" right now, its dancing through my head for some reason. "I'm feeling dronnnnk, biffed up n' sloppy, ain' touched a drank alll night!"

Something wrong with "Bitch." Its put together well, just like its perfect twin Brown Sugar, but the riff doesn't seem to have been nailed. And the chorus/refrain/whatever-its-called at the end "hey, hey, yeh" seems like it could have come off better. Amongst other things, it seems like Keith should have been hollering on it more.

Its like a song long on potential, that didn't quite hit. Never heard a good boot of it either, not that that has anything to do with it.
07-26-02 04:36 PM
nankerphelge Listen to Perth '73 -- (happy birfday Nicky or Exiles Afternoon Revisited) -- they nailed it on that one. But I agree Bitch never quite does it for me otherwise.
07-26-02 05:01 PM
Staffan Bitch is pretty different, perhaps due to the fact that Taylor plays the rythm guitar. I agree to some point, it could have been done a bit better now that I think of it.
And, although I'm a big Taylor fan, perhaps Keef should have done the rythm too? But Taylor gives it a very "rolling" feeling. No, I like it as it is. Well, why bitch about Bitch?
07-26-02 05:03 PM
bez85 i love bitch you bitches..keith kicks ass on that one
07-26-02 05:29 PM
nankerphelge Gonna head out and start the party now.
Do yourselves a favor and have some chiba tonite.
You must honor Mick's Birthday.
Real Stones fans know how to craft the best B'day buzzes.
Slow and Steady, that's the key!

07-26-02 05:37 PM
Sir Stonesalot The big bitch I have with Bitch is the horns. The hook is THERE, but it's played horns, and Bill, for the most part. They shoulda ditched the horns, slammed a nasty guitar on the hook, and switched up players on lead fills. Let 'em alternate fills or something...but the hook, the riff should have been bone crunching guitar.
07-26-02 06:55 PM
nankerphelge Last couple of times they've played Bitch, Ronnie and Keith just seem to wander around the stage aimlessly -- not playing poorly, but poorly together. They need to pay attention on that one -- no walkin all over the place muggin it up.

We've seen ya fellahs -- we'd much rather hear ya play.

Same with Live With Me. They need the RAUNCH, but they need the geetars workin properly.

I think they should make Mick drink a whole shitload of Harp and get drunk and then let him loose with his harp on his birthday evening. Midnite Rambler or something!

07-26-02 07:19 PM
sirmoonie wrote:

Its the Man's B-day.

Not only THAT, but it's also the birthday of:

Karl Jung (who said "Show me a sane man and I will cure him")

George Bernard Shaw (who wrote "Playboy of the Western World" which I've never read but assume MUST be about Mick);

Stanley Kubrick (who directed one of my all-time favorite flicks, Dr Strangelove, the name of which MUST'VE been inspired by those horrific pics of Mick & Billy doin' the durty boogie even if it was from 12 years earlier);

Georg Grosz, who drew them funny Weimar Republic cartoons, which look a lot like the ones in Dirty Work;

and Aldous Huxley, who wrote Doors of Perception and Brave New World.

Quite a day for Western Civilization!
07-26-02 08:03 PM
Gazza ..and also the ageing UK drag act Danny La Rue (hes about 76) - hope theres no one thinking Im being a bit TO ironic here...
07-26-02 11:01 PM
Nasty Habits I am all for Mick drinking more before he hits the stage. He's much more of a monkey man when he is loaded.

Before I read the "Bitch" part of this thread I had just listened to the studio "Bitch". It surprises me that smart Stones people are down on Bitch. Bitch has absolutely killer Charlie - when he hits it at the "heart beatin' louder than a big bass drum" part I twitch like a beached fish. I also think the outro is killer - Keith wails.

I am in total agreement that the Perth "Bitch" is the total rawk - For sheer wild barely controlled raunch it's probably my favorite Stones live recording ever.

"Here we go with the old Bitch, come one bitch!"

"Innit lovelay?"
07-26-02 11:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Nasty...

I just got your prize back....I had lent it out. I'll burn it ASAP, and get it out to you soon as I can.

I'm not really slagging on Bitch by the way. I just think it could have been done a little better...less hornage more guitarage.

Saying Charlie is great on any given song is like saying a blow job was great on any given night.

07-26-02 11:36 PM
Maxlugar Hey Nay-stay!

A few years ago we had a vote on what was the quintisential (sp?) Rolling Stones song.

My answer?


"nuff said.

Friggin fuck yeah!

Bitch = Stones

Holy fuck! No one sees that?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HO!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmaxy!
07-26-02 11:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot I repectfully disagree...I say it's Midnight Rambler.
07-27-02 12:46 AM
Riffhard I always loved Bitch!Perth is the best live version I have ever heard as well,but I see your point SS.The horns are great and all but it would have sounded just as good,and argubly much Stonesier with just guitars.

That said,this(71)was a year when the band really started to bring it together more as a pure piss and vinegar rock and roll band.The horns helped alot in that regard.I mean shit Bobby and Jim Price no doubt helped the sound of the greatest era the Stones ever wrought.Imagine CYHMK without that great interplay.The horns are just has important as that F' you riff that Keef lays down!

The problem with the traveling horn section,Bobby included,is that often Keith and especially Ronnie will slack off and let them do too many of the fills.While they are mugging for the diamond vision cameras.I hope that we get more guitar work and less posing this time around.

As for the quintisential Stones song.I gotta go with the aformentioned Can't Ya Hear Me Knocking.I mean that riff just screams FUCK OFF in no uncertain terms!Ofcourse,I always loved JJF and Brown Sugar,and ofcourse we can't forget Satisfaction or Let It Bleed,and there's always Live With Me and we would be remiss if we didn't include Heartbreaker or Dancing w/ Mr. D,or for that matter Last Time and It's All Over Now,can't forget Sympathy either or Stray Cat Blues,......oh shit,I give up!!

Chiba faced and Guinnessed up

PS-Oh yeah,HBD Mick!
PSS-Maxy,love the idea of pink metallic motor scooters,but,how about fur handeled pogo sticks?Just a thought.
07-27-02 12:57 AM
Sir Stonesalot Pink Scooters? Pogo Sticks?

Are you guys fucking nuts?

I thought the idea was to have someone else drive so we can get fucked up and jam and horse around and talk and shit.

And my ass ain't riding no friggin' scooter.

If it has 2 wheels it damn well better say "Harley Davidson", or my ass ain't sitting on it.

And I can't ride a friggin' pogo stick sober...let alone pre Stones gig fucked up!

I vote SPIV or LIMO. Leave the rest of that candy assed stuff in the ladies room.
07-27-02 01:20 AM
Riffhard Yeah,I guess I gotta agree with ya SS.Limo is the way to go.After all I always wanted to puke out of the back door of a superstretch after a Stones show.It just seems so respectable in a expensive wino kinda way.You know elegantly wasted and all that.

Can't we throw the fur handeled pogo sticks in the trunk though?Maybe we can tow the pink metallic motor scooters!

Riffhard-three pints away from Guinness nirvanna and squid eyed from the chiba.
07-27-02 03:10 AM
Bluzian Ah yes, to concur:

BITCH is brilliant and it's the horns that MAKE the song!!!
The rhythm drives, keith is raunchy, and you ought to hear
the LEEDS version where it's so impromptu with Mick edging
Keith on for the solo, it's erotic (almost). Bitch is one
of my favorite tunes, and I think, if some alien were to
ask me to sum up what a Stones song is, I would not hesitate
and say that BITCH is the ultimate Stones lick/riff/tune.
It's classic, typical and straight-ahead-no-brainer rocknroll.
Not only that, the lyrics are the most clever as hell!!!
All the little inuendos, double-entendres, allegorical
references, metaphors, and it goes hand-in-hand with the
beat and the groove. I hear many Stones songs on the radio,
but BITCH is the only one where I'll crank it up and make
a huge fuss over. I would tell the Queen of England to shut
the fuck up just so I could hear BITCH at loud volume!!!!
(and yes, Perth '73 quite does it). It's slick man, reeeeeeal
slick!!! hehe

Ian :-)
07-27-02 06:07 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'll say this again....I don't dislike Bitch.

I'll also say this though....I don't really care for "slick".

I like murky, dank, filthy, sticky, crunchy, swampy, infected, nasty guitar songs.

That's just what I and drums...and harmonica sometimes. Brass and keys I have little time for. A small sax fill here and there I can live with too.

In fact, about the only artist that I like, who's songs aren't mainly guitar Tom Waits. And even he has Mark Ribot(and Keith on RainDogs) to make things interesting.

I can't even listen to Bruce Hornsby, or Elton John, or Billy Joel....when a band's main focus is keyboards, I ain't gonna be much of a fan.

Don't get me wrong...piano has it's place...just not as the main instrument.
07-27-02 07:10 PM
Scot Rocks Asked to some up the Stones for me too, it too for me, SS, would be Midnight Rambler - live - It just has everything in it, the first time I heard it, I was astounded, blown across the room by Mick and Keith's driving riffs and became an instant Stones fan, could the Beatles have done Midnight Rambler? I don't think so and to echo an earlier thread, play it this tour guys so I can die a happy man.

Long Live The Stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-27-02 07:23 PM
Honky Tonk Man Mark your 18!!!!!! Jesus, same age as me! Read my fucking Who thread
07-29-02 12:11 AM
sirmoonie Don't dislike Bitch either. Love it, and everything on SF. Just nitpicking. Agree with SS on the horns. Maybe thats what bugs me about it.

"Soma vake me, Ronnie!"

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