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07-26-02 01:32 PM
Lazy Bones As a follow up to your information about the Rolling Stones package
we are pleased to let you know that we will be promoting VIP packages on the
official Rolling Stones web site, beginning Saturday, July 27th at noon EST.
This will be a lottery, which will end on Wednesday, July 31st at noon EST.
Ticketing Customer Service

(from T.O. Tom)
07-26-02 04:14 PM
Ken These appear to be for Fan Club Members only.
07-26-02 08:20 PM
Ken $3450 FOR A PAIR
07-26-02 11:20 PM
scope Here are the details on the offer:

Now Presenting…The Ultimate Rolling Stones Fan Experience…
The Rolling Stones tour will be the major entertainment event of 2002, covering a diverse group of arenas, stadiums and theatres. Fans will have the chance to see multiple Rolling Stones shows in eight select cities, along with special gifts and exclusive parties

Each Package Includes:

-Great tickets for you and a guest to multiple Rolling Stones shows in a given city
-Exclusive Rolling Stones VIP hospitality laminates for you and your guest
-Access to private after-parties following each show, featuring a playback performance of that night's Rolling Stones concert
-Exclusive numbered collectible merchandise and an official tour program
-Entrance into contests/raffles for signed memorabilia and even a chance to meet the band

What cities can I purchase a package for? City Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Boston 9/3 Fleet Center 9/5 CMGI Field 9/8 Orpheum Theatre
Chicago 9/10 United Center 9/13 Comiskey Park 9/16 Aragon Ballroom
Philadelphia 9/18 Veterans Stadium 9/20 First Union Center 9/22 Tower Theatre
New York 9/26 Madison Square Garden 9/28 Giants Stadium 9/30 Roseland
Toronto 10/16 Air Canada Centre 10/18 Skydome
Miami 10/22 National Car Rental Center 10/23 American Airlines Arena
Los Angeles 10/31 Staples Center 11/2 Edison Field 11/4 Wiltern Theatre
San Francisco 11/8 Pac Bell Park 11/12 Oakland Arena

So, How Do I Get A Package?
Tickets will be available by two methods, first through an exclusive offer via the official Rolling Stones Fan Club, and then by auction.

We will be accepting requests for the Ultimate Rolling Stones Fan Experience packages during a 5-DAY PERIOD, beginning July 27, at 12:01 PM, EST and ending July 31, at 11:59 AM, EST.

To request a package, please see

How does it work?
All requests, regardless of when they are placed, are treated equally in the Fan Club system. You can request packages for one or more cities, which can be done at one time on the ordering screen. Remember, packages and the seats for all shows are assigned randomly. All seats are great, and are detailed in the Fan Club. Please remember there are very limited numbers of packages available for each city, so we may not be able to fulfill every request that we receive. You will be notified by e-mail as to the status of your order if your request was chosen within 48hrs of the close of the request period. All notifications will be sent via e-mail.

07-27-02 01:01 AM
Sir Stonesalot Hmmmmmm...

Looks like Miami, Toronto, and San Francisco are gonna get club gigs.....

$3450.00 a pair? Shit, I'll take a dozen!
07-27-02 01:13 AM
scope Toronto, Miami and San Fran are ONLY $2,300. No 3rd show in those cities, so you get the reduced price. So, based on that, the club shows are adding $1,450 or $725 per ticket. Let's get 2 dozen
07-27-02 09:42 AM
stones09 Anyone who actually considers buying these is a complete fool, and is only supporting the corporate greed displayed from start to finish by the RS Fan Club. What a bunch of losers!
There are many artists who don't rip off their fans like this. Yet, because we want to "go to the shrine" one more time, they think we will take anything they dish out. After my experience with the Sam Goody nonsense, the RS Fan Club $90 premium membership and then the $350 ticket that is far worse than I could have bought much later from TicketMaster, I for one have had it. I could pay these prices unlike some, but you won't see me reserving any of them! I hope they all get auctioned off for only $50 because there aren't any buyers!
07-27-02 10:21 AM
Boomhauer I guess if I were rich I might get them. But I'm not RICH, so I ain't buyin' 'em.

From: The Office of Boomhauer

F%$K off! I don't need yer stinking teekets. I got my own the old fashioned way: waiting at the F(%king ticket office. And if yer gonna charge that much for the shows, yot gots ta throw in more than a t-shirt, a program, Subway, O'Douls, and some shows. Maybe toss in some CD's, DVD's, and some coupons for $50 off future ROlling Stones shows.


07-27-02 10:22 AM
Boomhauer I have no clue why that link actually sticks out, but I have no idea what it is about. Oh, hell. Whatever.
07-27-02 10:52 AM
winter I don't think many of these are going to sell for the following reasons:

1.Most fans who could and would spend this kind of money already have tickets (and may have spent lots of extra cash to get them through scalpers or e-bay).

2.The pricing takes much of the margin out of scalper sales, so scalpers are unlikely to buy them.

3.The scalpers appear to have over estimated the demand at the high end prices (example, I have a friend who just bought 2 front row tickets to CMGI for $500 total($90 face), that's less than the face of many, many seats that are farther away from the stage, and at one point the asking price for these seats was $1000 each).

I've spent what to me is an ass-load of money on this tour already (I'm going to 6 shows, and other than the Orpheum, none of them are the cheap seats). Maybe I would have considered an overpriced vip package to all three boston shows when the tour was announced, before I already bought other tickets, and if they guaranteed the seats to be within so many rows of the stage, like 10. If you already have seats, and you buy the package, at this point it might be very difficult to recover the cost of the previously purchased seats, depending on their location. Plus, it looks like once again, you need to commit to make a purchase before knowing exactly where the seats are, which at these prices is frickin' offensive.

I say don't buy the packages, and don't buy them in the auction. If nobody buys them, the theater seats could wind up on the TM site at cost.

I'm waiting for the VIP package that lets me navigate the damn blimp!!!!

Just my thoughts,

07-27-02 11:43 AM
Tops I've been watching this site for a while now, and this thread provoked me enough to get in the ring. Good point about how any fan that would be interested in the packages already has spent a fortune on tickets. I have been very turned off by the whole way this tour has been promoted. I managed to get a 60 dollar refund from clear channel for the Sam Goody access flop. If anyone would like to know about how to go about doing this, let me know. I am also in routine contact with the people who run the fan club, because it seems that scalpers have more information on how the club shows will work, including the Aragon Show, which I was lucky to have had the opportunity to purchase late one night. I am outraged at what these packages are costing. It would seem as though you should be guaranteed to meet the band at such a crazy price, not have a "chance" to meet the band. What a croxk of dung.
07-27-02 02:30 PM
Torn & Frayed
stones09 wrote:
There are many artists who don't rip off their fans like this.

True enough.
Bob Dylan announced a club date in Worcester MA earlier this week. Half of the 2200 $35 tickets were made available to readers of a day before the regular public sale.
Granted, Dylan tours far more often than The Stones, but it does go to show that the hardcore constituents can be rewarded without being gouged out of a couple of mortgage payments.
07-27-02 04:03 PM
torn&frayed I've posted often about the miserable way ticket sales were handled for this tour - this VIP deal is basically more of the same given the outrageous pricing but it appears that they've learned a couple of things from the first round of fan club sales -

1. All seating sections involved for all VIP shows being sold are listed in advance.

2. Fans selected for the VIP packages will have an option to cancel their orders if they don't like the seats they are assigned and these seating locations will be indicated prior to confirming your purchase.

For those rich enough to afford these seats at least they'll know they're getting what they pay for. This is how they should have handled all the tickets sold through the fan club.
07-27-02 05:28 PM
mattb They aren't too specific about the Orpheum seats. No row is mentioned, only "Orchestra 2" and seat numbers. And for Fleet Center, only Floor and Loge.
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