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Topic: THURSDAY REHEARSALS Return to archive
07-26-02 07:57 AM
cherry oh baby
07-26-02 08:04 AM
Maxlugar Winter and Cherry Oh baby!

Oh yeah!!!

But Winter can not be done without Sir Mick Taylor.

Was Mick Taylor there?


Developing Hard......
07-26-02 08:16 AM
winter I've just shit myself,


07-26-02 08:52 AM
Lazy Bones What a great night! Toronto Tom and I arrived at the hall around 10:15. A crowd of 15 people were there - doors were closed. It was really hard to hear; but Winter and Monkey Man (both rehearsed at least twice) were the clearest. The stop playing around 11:30. At 12:30, or so, Mick came out first and with a crowd of about 30, we all sang happy birthday. He just stood at his car smiled and said thank you. Didn't sign any autographs. About 15 minutes later, Darryl and Charlie came out. Charlie signed 2 or 3 autographs then they both left together in a van. Approx. 30 minutes later, Ronnie came out and really gave us a treat. Signed a dozen or more autos. My best pictures, fingers crossed, will be of Ronnie! He pranced around going to different people...really chatted it up. Finally, and certainly the moment I've been waiting for all my life for - Keith! One little 7 (guessing) year old girl was granted permission by security to stand at his car to get an autograph. She did. Keith was great, the crowd was great. Although I didn't get hiis autograph it was a really nice to see the smile on her face. Something she'll always remember. We were all happy for her. The car pulled out and drove 30 yrds to a red light. With a little jog, I just made it to Keith's door, arms stretched with pen and Exile insert, with a brief glance from Keith, the light turned green and I watched the car drive off. Disheartening, yes, but I was still smiling. So close, yet so far!

"Time for a drink!" Just like that, Tom, MissU, Al and myself were off to Stones Place for a drink. Jerry and a few friends were there. So we went in, mingled, had a drink, took a few more pictures. A great end to a great night.
07-26-02 09:11 AM
Jumacfly Hey Lazy Bones

how did it sound???
07-26-02 09:29 AM
Lazy Bones
Jumacfly wrote:
Hey Lazy Bones
how did it sound???

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed. The door was closed and the only leakage from the building was a vent and a second-storey window that was open slightly. Monkey Man and Winter were clearest. Seemed they really cranked it for those. Monkey Man was just like in 94, no real surprises. Winter was niiice! A touch slower than Goats. You could really hear Keith and Ron searchin' for licks. Vocals were loud and very close to studio rendition. Bass and drums were muffled together.

Oh ya, Michael Cohl was there too. Saw him leaving around 11:30. Tom and Al ran over for a few photos while sitting in his SUV.
07-26-02 09:45 AM
Maxlugar What time did Mick Taylor leave?

Is he still there?


He's there 24/7 because he has the most to catch up on.

Dear sweet merciful God! Those liquid fingers.....


Gonna be a great tour!

07-26-02 09:46 AM
Scot Rocks Thanks for the reports everyone, Toronto is the place to be just now, with the Stones, the Stones bar and stuff, man if only I was there...Thanks anyway and keep the info coming.


07-26-02 09:53 AM
nankerphelge Not bad for less than a week's worth of rehearsals. I wish I was up there with you guys. Soon maybe. This tour is gonna be awesome...
07-26-02 11:06 AM
sirmoonie Jesus! Hard to believe this is really going on!

Winter. Wow.

Thanks for the Report, Laze Baby! That made my morning. You're our point man up there in there in Canuckville. The man on the ground. Let us know if you need anything. We're all thinking about you back here at corporate. Don't eat any yellow snow.

The hair on my arms is actually standing up thinking about the Stones banging out tunes in a rehearsal hall. Heyyyyy, let im fallah ya dowwwn, way indergrowwwwwn, wind in hees bowwwn, bowwwn to fallah ya dowwwwn, just a deadbeeeet, right off the streeeeet........That would just be too much.

Way of life. Way O' F'n Life. Life-O-Way.

Friday life! Get jack-hootched! Pissomongo!
07-26-02 01:13 PM
Staffan Now wonder that Ron and Keef are SEARCHING for licks on Winter.... Let MT handle those! oh I forget, he's still inside.
Just kidding (partly), it seems that they rehearse just the right songs and that they are serious about the theatre setlists!
07-26-02 01:48 PM
voodoopug Thanks for posting all this kick ass information....I know I speak for all stones fans when I say thank you...keep up the good work.....waiting to see them play Goats Head Soup in its entirety at the Aragon!
07-26-02 05:14 PM
bez85 Winter may make the club setlist..but i doubt they'll do it at stadiums or arenas
07-26-02 07:50 PM
Gazza >But Winter can not be done without Sir Mick Taylor.

Well..they managed the studio version without Keith being on it,but I doubt anyone will complain if ehs on the live versions! LOL

Great stories,Jeff and everyone - keep 'em comin,you lucky bastards!

07-27-02 02:43 AM
Bluzian What about 100 Years? Isnt' that song wicked?? Anyways,
would it be an imposition if I hooked up with you cats
next Friday night to hang-out?? I live in Guelph, only
45 minutes away (if I'm driving) and I'd really dig checkin
things out.

Are they at Masonic? Back in '97 when they were here, I
drove down (to be an extra in the blues brothers 2000 movie
actually) and pit-stopped at the Temple, and at 6:30 in the
morning, they were still rehearsing! I would've stayed, but
I had to do the movie shoot thing. Hmm..

What time do y'all meet up at before hand?? Cheers!

07-27-02 03:42 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 Did the Stones do any rehearsing on friday? will they do any rehearsing on saturday and sunday?
07-27-02 08:54 AM
padre Yeah, I think 100 Years Ago is one of the most underrated songs of the Stones' catalogue. It's a real gem. Have they ever done it live? They could make a killer version of it with a looong solojam at the end (like they did with Out Of Control).
07-27-02 09:11 AM
MRD8 Padre,
The Stones played 100 Year Ago a few times on the legendary Europe '73 tour...but it lost much of its power in concert...that could be why they've never done it live again! But this year could be THE year we hear it in the U.S....
07-27-02 09:27 AM
WahWahWoody Wow, Lazybones, what an exciting report you gave us here and what an experience for you. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Toronto must be the best place in the world at the moment. Keep us informed, okay???
07-27-02 09:51 AM
midnightmagic Yes, thanks for the info.
Please keep us posted.
07-27-02 09:58 AM
John Wood Yes they rehearsed Friday night. I got ther late but in time to see them all leave. I do know they played Out Of Tears. Charlie was the only one to give autographs last night and it was mainly to the women that were waiting as JC let the chicks stand closer in an area and directed Charlie to them as he came out. Going to get some of my pictures developed today.

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