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Topic: This will be my 69th post and I wanted you all to enjoy it as much as I do Return to archive
07-25-02 05:00 PM
Cardinal Fang Hello Everybody!

I have not posted here in a while and since this is going to be my 69th post, I wanted you all to enjoy it as much as I do.

I especially wanted to say hi to my old friends Gazza, Gerardo, Jaxx, Sir Stonesalot and "Torn & Frayed".

For Sir Stonesalot, DUDE!! I was watching "Buses To Babylon" last night. If I may say (in a purely hetro way) you look better without the hair! (I liked the little dance you did too) Since it's now getting to be 110-115 degrees here in (the Vatican West) I got my "once a year haircut" and cut it all off so I now look similar to you. Actually, I look more like Jerry Dammers or circa 1980 Joe Strummer or maybe Ian Dury?

Speaking of my "69th" post, Gypsy, Sir Stonesalot has shown me your "award winning" photos back when he was a Cardinal in the Vatican here. (He got kicked out for reasons that are best left unmentioned) Anyway Gypsy, I wouldn't mind if you joined in here on my 69th post. (I've seen pictures of Jaxx too for that matter so? )

I think I've caused enough trouble for 15 minutes so I better bail now.

Later, Cardinal Fang
07-25-02 05:04 PM
gypsy Congratulations on your 69th post, Cardinal Fang! So glad I could be here for such a monumental occasion!
07-25-02 05:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez What?

I got kicked out?

When did this happen?

Why hasn't anyone told me about this?

Fang.....why didn't you warn me!?!

I try to spread the joy, and this is the thanks I get. Ungreatful bazturds. I'll see you all in hell!
07-25-02 05:16 PM
Joey Congratulations Cardinal ...............

It is 104 Degrees here in the Midwest today !

It's too bad all of us C-10'ers could not be with you to help celebrate such an occasion .

07-25-02 05:16 PM
Dandelion* Cardinal! I could not pull up Keno's board to post a reply to you. That Parrot is not dead - it's sleeping...

Okay - that is the ONLY other quote I know...

I shall pass the offer onto FPM. He should but probably can't. Bug him about it. joujouka@hotmail at least for a few more days.
07-25-02 05:17 PM
gypsy We're with him in spirit, young spirit.
07-25-02 05:24 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yo Fang!

Shaving my head was one of the best things that I've ever done. The chicks all want to rub my head. And that is a good thing.

Get yer ass east, and I'll show you some dance moves that will leave you gasping! I am so WHITE!

You coming to jam with us or what? We decided to throw a kegger instead of playing out...maybe cook up a pig. FPM & I decided that it would just be more fun to sit around, get fucking hammered(but not Steel Driving Hammered, we are firmly in the Hetero camp!), and have fun figuring stuff out...maybe play some Bowie, Clash...even try some Nite Klub...and of course, rock the Stones!

You still in or what?
07-25-02 06:00 PM
>I especially wanted to say hi to my old friends Gazza, Gerardo, Jaxx, Sir Stonesalot and "Torn & Frayed".

ITS DA BISHOP!!! (Obligatory Python quote..)

Hi to you. Get your skinhead ass to New York,baldy - some of us are comin' a long way and hopin' to see you there - and we cant exactly do this EVERY year y'know...and we need some more spiritual guidance in case Ximenez (as is most likely) falls by the wayside and into temptation...

>Actually, I look more like Jerry Dammers or circa 1980 Joe Strummer or maybe Ian Dury?

God,I hope your teeth are better than any of those three... fortunately Ive abandoned my skinhead look that I had on my last trip to the US...

>(I've seen pictures of Jaxx too for that matter so? )

Probably pics I took in that case. The real thing's even better :-)

07-25-02 07:06 PM
steel driving hammer Jimmy Cougar Mellencamp and I have a love hate relationship.

I love him and he hates me.

But it's all in good fun here.

My then girlfriend thought I was insane to rent a car, drive to Cleveland and meet some strangers I met on the internet!
But I knew that I already knew you guys.
I think it stems from people like Charlie.

It's an invitation across the nation, a chance for folks to meet.

They'll be swinging swaying, records playing...

Hey Sir Stonesalot, my mailbox is lonely for that 72.
Don't worry, I have a new burner.
I know those folk discs had some crackles pops.

07-25-02 11:03 PM
Torn & Frayed Greetings Your Grace, and thanks for the lovely salutation.

Hope that the mitre still fits ok with the new do.
Also hope that official Vatican business will find you on the Right Coast in the upcoming weeks.

Gotta bail !

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