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Topic: Ventura abandons attempt to bring Rolling Stones to Minnesota Return to archive
07-25-02 02:23 PM
moy Ventura abandons attempt to bring Rolling Stones to Minnesota

State Wire

Published Jul 25, 2002 STON25

Gov. Jesse Ventura, who isn't seeking a political encore, is no longer lobbying the Rolling Stones to add a Minnesota stop to their upcoming tour.

Ventura said in May that he'd try to reroute the Stones tour through Minnesota. It kicks off Sept. 3 in Boston but comes no closer than Chicago.

But Ventura said Wednesday that his decision to leave office after one term also killed the Stones' drive.

"That went out the window too," Ventura said while filling in for Jason Lewis on a KSTP-AM call-in show. "Had I chosen to run, that would have put me over the top and I would have won re-election."

In 1999, Ventura issued a Rolling Stones Day declaration in 1999 when the group played in Minneapolis.

Ventura was a bodyguard when the Stones came to the Twin Cities in the late 1970s and '80s.
07-25-02 03:57 PM
Mother baby Now I don't understand that last sentence. Did he actually "body guard" the Stones or did he just happen to be a body guard in the Twin Cites at the time? (Could he be trying to pad his resume???)
07-25-02 04:03 PM
jb He actually was a body guard for the Stones for part of 81 tour. The stones played Minn. last tour and drew around 15,000 which was called a sell-out in Billboard. i suppose Minn. demographics would not support tickets which are 300.00
07-25-02 04:20 PM
Joey "Could he be trying to pad his resume???) "

I certainly hope so . Nothing wrong with that fact , in life , there is no truth but the size of your wallet , wee wee , arms + legs , and the quality of the Chiba that you smoke . Other than that , it's all here today and gone tomorrow ......completely disposable ........something extant that disappears into a void without a sound .....indeed , a " Eminance Front " ..." Eminance Front "'s a put on ! Put On !!! Put On !!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas , what does that mean to all of you fine people ? Too me a living Hell . It was Christmas Day , 1968 and I was sitting in the " Hanoi Hilton " munching some tepid rice , when all of a sudden ,the call came from my Viet Cong Captors for me to go outside in the " round " and play Russion Roulette . At first I said , " No " , but after a few slaps in the face by my North Vietnamese guards and them yelling out , " MOW !!!!! " " MOW !!!!! " " MOW !!!! " and constantly being threatened with " The Pit " , I reluctantly agreed to their wishes .

What came next is to horrific to write about in public , but it scarred your young Joey and made him the man he is today -- for better or for worse -- Yours , to enjoy .

-- Thank You

Bunny Joey

07-25-02 05:07 PM
Sir Stonesalot Why were they telling you to mow? Was the grass really high or something? Was it a push mower, or self-propelled?

I can't believe that those Commie bastards made our brave GIs do yard work! Where was Amnesty International when you needed them!
[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
07-25-02 05:11 PM
Joey "Why were they telling you to mow? "

" Mow !!!! " ( pronounced Mah ) is Vietnamese for " Do it or you get thrown in [ The PIT ] "

Joey von Deer Hunter

07-25-02 05:33 PM
Sir Stonesalot I just fed the word "mow" into the babelfish translator. In Vietnamese that word means, and I quote,

>homosexual act of sodomy<

Since you said it was pronounced "Mah" I plugged that spelling in as well, and translated to Vietnamese it means, and I quote,

>retarded man performing homosexual oral action<

So what you are saying then, is that the Cong made you their bitch?

This would explain a lot about you.
07-25-02 05:37 PM
Joey "I just fed the word "mow" into the babelfish translator. In Vietnamese that word means, and I quote,

>homosexual act of sodomy< "

Stoney , you make Joey laugh like Hell ! Thanks !!!!!

I love you !!!!

Joe fly !

07-25-02 05:47 PM
Sir Stonesalot >I Love You<

No offense Joey, but Ol' SS don't swing like that. I'm flattered, but I'm afraid I simply can not return your affections.

We can still be pals though. I'm no homophobe. Just understand that you will not be allowed to touch my ass or cock....or try to stick anything in my mouth....other than a beer or chiba.
07-25-02 05:56 PM
sirmoonie Seriously, is Joey really gay? I mean is he like Steelie type of gay or some other kind?
07-25-02 05:58 PM
Joey 'Seriously, is Joey really gay? I mean is he like Steelie type of gay or some other kind? '

I am about as gay as Robert Redford is gay !


07-25-02 06:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot >I am about as gay as Robert Redford is gay !<

No shit?

Horse Whisperer....need I say more.
07-25-02 08:56 PM
Mother baby "Venura said in May that he would "try" to re-route the Stones tour through Minnesota"

I'm glad he added the word "try"...for a second there I thought he was a meglomaniac.

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