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Topic: Rockin on Queen's West Return to archive
07-25-02 09:13 AM
Jaxx Toronto STar

Rocking on Queen West
Jerry Stone finally gets licence for eccentric lounge
By Bill Taylor
Staff Reporter

It's satisfaction all around ...

The Rolling Stones, led by Mick Jagger, are in town rehearsing for their upcoming tour. And a Queen West bar honouring the band is finally open.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether any of the Stones drop in at the bar, stones place ...

After a series of setbacks Jerry Stone, 54, finally has a full liquor licence for his bar and lounge on Queen St., west of Dufferin Ave.

Stone, 54 and a contender for the world's largest collection of band memorabilia, has spent months getting the place organized. The one-time pool hall is wall-to-wall Stones stuff — anything and everything from a nine-string guitar specially built for Brian Jones to a belt worn by Jagger on the band's 1969 tour. Stone brags that it took two semi-trailers to bring his collection to the bar.

And yes, he did change his last name as further evidence of his devotion. He won't say what it used to be.

The rear half of stones place is a decadent lounge, with couches, chaise longues, divans and coffee tables.

Stone says Joni Mitchell calls it "Jerry's bordello, the Taj Mahal in Parkdale."

There's a small stage all set up for musicians and Stone is hoping one or two of the group might stop by and perhaps do a couple of numbers.

The tour starts in Boston Sept. 5, with the band set to play the Air Canada Centre Oct. 16 and SkyDome Oct. 18. It's "a very time-honoured tradition" for the Stones to rehearse and generally get their mojo up and running in Toronto, Stone says.
07-25-02 09:23 AM
Maxlugar We gotta have our next Summit there! Sounds great!

I wonder if they have prefered Scooter parking?

07-25-02 09:32 AM
nankerphelge Let's go in August -- maybe we'll get a surprise gig!!

07-25-02 09:50 AM
Lazy Bones Well folks, the Mix99.9 (I think based in Toronto) is appearently saying the Stones may play a free concert at the grounds (The Ex) where World Youth Day - with the Pope - is currently taking place. Grounds for the event can host several hundred thousand people. The stage is there, roads are already closed, public transportation has been working overtime. It's perfect. They could top Hyde Park. And, oh ya, the Stones are in Toronto!
Just rumours right now, though. Perfect, if I do say so myself.

Here's a pic.
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
07-25-02 10:00 AM
nankerphelge Oh yeah -- the pope makes it all nice and blessed. And for me monkey boy!!
07-25-02 10:33 AM
Jumacfly popa was a rolling stone isn t he??
07-25-02 11:03 AM
stonedinaustralia ju that was a as they say
07-25-02 11:14 AM
Jumacfly Do you think the pope will add inflatables around the stage???
May Ronnie will read the Ave Maria ???
with Chuck Leavell on piano??

sorry folks, i work too much
it s just my imagination runnin away....

hey, it s time to look for the tonight rehearsals hu????
07-25-02 12:45 PM
Sir Stonesalot If a free show in Toronto comes off, who here is in?

I'll start.

I'm in.
07-25-02 01:16 PM
Lazy Bones
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
If a free show in Toronto comes off, who here is in?

07-25-02 01:42 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
If a free show in Toronto comes off, who here is in?

Sign me up
07-25-02 01:59 PM
Joey Scopy ??????

If you're in .............I'm in !!!!!!

It will be nice to visit Toronto again . I have not been there since Vietnam !

Joey Cong
07-25-02 02:01 PM
nankerphelge In!
07-25-02 02:24 PM
Jaxx you lucky footloose fancy free bastards. wish i could say i was "in" but duty calls. i also wish i had paraphernalia like Jumacfly. do one for me on that baby!
07-26-02 11:20 AM
Lazy Bones A scan of the article (with pic of Jerry). Thanks Toronto Tom.
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
07-26-02 11:33 AM
Jumacfly Jaxx sorry but what means "paraphernalia"??
(i m only at the third page of my new book "english for stonesfans"??)

time to go folks, have a nice week end, and please post many thread for my monday morning when i ll be back to work!!


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