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Topic: Mick and Billy pics? Return to archive
07-24-02 09:51 PM
Dandelion* Anyone know of a good web source for really het looking pics of Mick and Billy Preston circa '75 - '76? Corbis used to have a few but now they have no Stones pics at all.
07-25-02 07:44 AM
Maxlugar Hey Dandy,

Remember that book you found for me (the one that I told you I had when I was young but lost it)? It was a '75 tour book.

That has quite a few of Mick and Billy doing that Testicle killing Hey Negrita dance.


I think you said you kept a copy for yourself.

If not, I can scan a few choice ones for ya.

07-25-02 08:02 AM
stonedinaustralia i remember that book

if it's the same one you're talking about that i'm thinking about there was one really unpleasant indeed chilling shot of keith (& i do mean shot) that takes all the romance out of the pic that is beer's avater (no offence meant to you beer)... it had pics. of the rehearsals at andy w's place at the end of long island... there's a great shot of ronnie charging the camera

thanks for reminding me it existed

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-25-02 08:24 AM
Maxlugar Yeah that's it!

That is a great book. I actually never lost it but ruinned it.

If you've even seen my Great Wall of Stonesia (Feature right here at Rocks Off some time back) you see that 50% of that wall was made with that book.

Some of the best shots ever of the Stones.

That book should run for president.

07-25-02 09:06 AM
stonedinaustralia i do recall seeing your great wall, i think - forgive me if i am mistaken - you were dropping poses in front of it, right? the memory is dim as it was all of two years since...

great shots of the lotus stage and a plan for it to boot as i remember!!

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-25-02 09:19 AM
Maxlugar Oh I was striking poses alright!

Me and my hot Electric Guild.

God I miss her.

I can still feel her. And I can still hear her screams.

Does anyone in the NYC area know where I can buy a good used guitar? I gotta start playing again!

I am just a few blocks from "the music district" (48th between 6th and 7th). But everything I've seen is so expensive!

Max "Beck Boy" Lugar, Flash guitarist and Jackalope Owner.
07-25-02 09:26 AM
stonedinaustralia perhaps jb could lend you a few bucks... hell, he could be your manager!!

now get back to your (dirty) work

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-25-02 10:10 AM
Voja Book is :
''The Rolling Stones On Tour''
Pictures Leibovitz and Sykes / foreward Jagger
Phin Publishing / First edition 1978 dragon dream Ltd/ then 4,94 E. pounds.....
07-25-02 11:15 AM
Dandelion* Yes Maxy - thanks. I don't have a scanner and FPM's doesn't work. I have that book somewhere. Any good ones of the fan dance AND the bump?

Now all I'll need is to track down one of those pool tiles...
07-25-02 11:43 AM
Maxlugar There's a great one of Billy hugging Mick from behind!

They look like a great couple!

Shall I scan it?

No fan dance. I think that was a "'76" thing.

07-25-02 12:00 PM
Riffhard Yes the book is called The Rolling Stones On Tour.It's a killer for sure.Some of the best shots of the lotus stage ever.Ofcourse,I was never really into the whole Billy/Mick crotch rub dance.It's just not my bag,or should I say,it's not my sack!
I have a pristine copy of it and would gladly scan some shots from it.I,however,am not that computer literate.I will finger it out and post some of those faggy little leather boy shots soon though.


PS-Maxy what's the status of the limo/SPIV?
07-25-02 12:16 PM
Maxlugar Hey Riffy!

The SPIV was deemed far too "fay" by most here.

So I've arranged for 20 Metallic pink Scooters for us to "tool" around on.

Whaddaya think?

07-25-02 12:25 PM
My balls feel like two pairs of maracas

I remember some years ago Irina sent me some with Billy and Ollie, if I find it I will post them, there's a lot in many books, magazines and I think also in websites
07-25-02 12:28 PM
Maxlugar Hey Voodoo,

Do you still have my Great Wall of Stonesia?

I'd like to use that as my Avatar. I'm one of the few left that doesn't have one and I'm sad.

Let me know.


M. Lugarfly!
07-25-02 12:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It is somewhere in the archives... try using the Search Tool Box on top of the board with keywords from you poem to Dirty Work
07-25-02 12:32 PM
nankerphelge So that's the famed bump eh?

So sorry I missed it.
07-25-02 12:36 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
I'd like to use that as my Avatar.

Let's do it this way, tonight at home I am going to make it 100x100 pixels and upload it. You will receive the location of the avatar by PM
07-25-02 12:42 PM
sway I recall a hilarious thread a while back where this low point in Stonesian history was dubbed as "the cock dance". I've never read such repulsive fan stories. Made me think that Billy should be kept behind bars forever (He could teach fellow inmates the cock dance!)
07-25-02 12:42 PM
Lazy Bones
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:
My balls feel like two pairs of maracas

Lol...think it's time I change my signature again!
07-25-02 12:44 PM
Maxlugar Thanks Voodoo!!!!

Now the whole world will see just how big a fan I was even when I was a little Maxy!

You are a saint!

07-25-02 12:48 PM
sirmoonie This is an old internet hoax. That photo has been tampered with. Its actually Steelie and Octavious W. at the Howe school prom.

"There is no help for you, Ronnie........"
07-25-02 12:55 PM
beer I got the 75/76 boot videos and i was horrified to witness Mick and Billys cocaine cuddle hump. Very very disturbing. Good thing Keith was too high to notice his band was fighting for the pink team.

07-25-02 12:56 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
There's a great one of Billy hugging Mick from behind!

They look like a great couple!

Shall I scan it?

Yes! G12!

Thanks Voodoo ...hope this works. Now I just need a pool tile border...
07-25-02 12:58 PM
Dandelion* Oh no! It didn't do I get Mick and Billy in the space where Larry Hagman resides?
07-25-02 12:59 PM
sirmoonie Don't you do it!!!!!!!
07-25-02 01:11 PM
Maxlugar She wouldn't DARE!

Oh my thstars!!!

YoooOOOOOooooo HooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!

07-25-02 03:00 PM
Joey So that is why Octavious Washington showed up at the Cleveland Summit . I thought he was there for me !

I sure do miss him . He was a great drinker and could sure entertain the crowd at the bar .

M. Joeyfly

07-25-02 03:19 PM
sirmoonie That chiba leaf sure has a swishy little walk. Fairyjuana, bunged with a bong.

Stipe me up the poof side, Howie!"

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