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Topic: Torn & Frayed Return to archive
07-24-02 11:06 AM
Lazy Bones I was laying in bed last night thinking (or maybe I was dreaming) about the guys rehearsing this song..and it hit me. With all the recent discussions about Wood/Taylor appearances whether as a replacement or otherwise, this song could have them both! Mick Taylor played bass on Torn & Frayed in the studio back in late 71, early 72. Mick could play bass and Woody steel guitar! The performance of a rare, great Stones tune with Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and Mick playing together!

07-24-02 11:12 AM
Jumacfly yes, it would be great to see...5 REAL stones playing together (with chuck "boring" leavell..grrr)
i m sure it would sound great.
yes, it seems the boys prepare a complete "exile" show...
bet they ll rehearse "all down the line " tonight!!
....and also bet for "rocks off" as opener!!
07-24-02 11:12 AM
jb Perhaps one of the greatest Stones songs which is sadly overlooked...
07-24-02 12:45 PM
scope Overlooked perhaps because of the strength of Exile. Is this song in the top 3 songs that come to mind when you think of Exile? Not for me at least. I think it a bit strong to call it one of the greatest songs of all time. If they play it, great. If it means a Woody/Taylor combo, even better. But to call it greatest....I don't know about that.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
07-24-02 12:51 PM
sirmoonie You are wrong. Almost as much as Tumblin', it is exemplar of what Exile is all about. It is one of their finest moments on their finest release.
07-24-02 01:28 PM
jb The song seems to capture the essence of the Stones...torn, frayed, addicted, who's going to help him to kick it...
07-24-02 01:34 PM
winter I agree, Torn and Frayed and Lovin Cup are two of my all time favorites.

I just hope I get to hear at least one of them live this go around.

07-24-02 01:57 PM
sirmoonie If they play TnF this tour, the show will be worth every ducet.

Its a perfectly constructed song, cut from the Brown Sugar mold of songwriting. Its has a radio friendly sense too, which makes it puzzling how it never became one of their bigger plays. Bet the Stones thought it would be.

I still remember first time I heard Sweet V through Loving C. I thought man, this just takes things to a whole new level - this is just unreal. Thats probably their best slice of the pie, and its virtually unknown except to hard core fans.
07-24-02 02:30 PM
Maxlugar I agree.

It has the worst opening though. Those first few drum beats are awkward as hell. It almost sounds like someone drops something.

After that, pure Stonesian bliss.

"Torn and Frayed is my bung hole, Ronnie!"
07-24-02 04:58 PM
Joey 'It has the worst opening though. Those first few drum beats are awkward as hell. It almost sounds like someone drops something.

"Torn and Frayed is my bung hole, Ronnie!" '

Maxy , you are definitely back on track with your implacable posting !

Well done today !

" I have my eye on you this week Ronnie "


07-24-02 05:17 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 daryl is playing bass and if mick taylor does join the musician roster would probably be for Torn and Frayed:

Mick Jagger: vocals
Keith Richards: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Ron Wood: Pedal Steel Guitar
Mick Taylor: Acoustic Guitar
Charlie Watts: Drums
Daryl Jones: Bass
Chuck Leavell: Piano and Organ
07-24-02 05:31 PM
Mottrush According to IORR site they rehearsed both Torn ' Frayed and Lovin' Cup this week!!! Now if only they'd throw in Let It Loose as well I'd die a happy man!!!
07-25-02 08:03 AM
torn&frayed Think y'all already know how I feel about this particular cut - loved it from the moment I first heard it and love it even more today - a highly underrated Stones gem that captures the band at their country rockin' best - if they could do this one justice on this tour (whoever winds up playing on it) it will be well worth the price of admission. Been waiting to hear it performed live since 1972 - have they ever done it before?
07-25-02 08:10 AM
stonedinaustralia on the topic and also with refernce to another thread re ronnies steel guitar i was listening to "gangsters moll" today and on the basis that that is ronnie doing it there's no denying he could make that song (torn & frayed that is)

that sound in GM is the sweetest/saddest most haunting thing i've heard this side of hank william's greatest hits

"show me my dreams and make me cry ronnie"

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-25-02 09:31 AM
scope wrote:
Overlooked perhaps because of the strength of Exile. Is this song in the top 3 songs that come to mind when you think of Exile?

actually YES! i'm thrilled to pieces they are rehearsing this one. i've been waiting a long time to hear it live. the predicted musician lineup is "m.o.-ic".
07-25-02 10:31 AM
Lazy Bones
torn&frayed wrote:
have they ever done it before?

3rd June, 1972 - Vancouver, BC, Canada. First show of the tour. And only time (to my knowledge) it's been played live.

On June 16, 2001 the hit counter of the WET page was inserted here, it had 174,489 hits. Now the hit counter is for both the page and the board. The hit counter of the ITW board had 1,127,645 hits when it was closed and the Coolboard didn't have hit counter but was on line only two months and a half.
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