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Topic: I just want to say this!!!!!! Return to archive
07-23-02 03:43 PM
Scot Rocks I just want to say this, even though I know there has been a thread about already - I was away - Reading a paper in Scotland today I read about Noel Gallagher comments about the Stones andI am so sick of these stupid and retarted comments from Oasis, Noel and Liam that I just had to say that Noel you are an ignorant overated prick, who talks absolute shite.

He said among other things that:

"The Stones have made one good album Let it Bleed" and "But the rest of them I just can't sit through that nonsense. They should just call it a day."
"I would just like to say to them, Have you got anything better to do?' I mean, surely to God"

agggghhhhhh U cunt


07-23-02 03:50 PM
Gazza well..if they had its still one more great album than hes ever made...

Very tiresome,to the point where its more laughably pathetic than annoying anymore.
07-24-02 04:12 PM
Chico I totally agree Mark.Just to fill ye in, someone else posted some info., not sure if it was this site or another, and it seems Oasis are massive Stones fans. To cut a long story short, Noels bought a stones portrait for thousands so you would assume he has a mighty stones collection.JJF was in noels top 10, they covered Street Fighting Man, Live Forever was inspired by Let it Loose(not sure how).BUT, when they were first on the go, Jagger said in an interview that you can't dance to Oasis, Keef said they were rubbish and Lennon did it better, and ever since then Oasis have slagged the boys.Bitterness springs to mind.Understandable though.Anyway, this has been said before by someone but I ll admit I had great pleasure in divulging some of this info. to my argumentative Oasis loving mate.Its now 86-30 to me.Ha!Hope you can do the same.
07-24-02 04:22 PM
Stray Cat Oasis are a bunch of plodding rockers....but where's the ROLL (as Keith would say)
07-24-02 05:49 PM
KeepRigid Why keep posting and bitching about the only thing Oasis can apparently do right?

Nobody takes them seriously for a second- I doubt they even do themselves. It's fairly obvious that they will say anything to get publicity at this point.

What Oasis really needs is a good *Blank Stare* from the collective consciousness.
07-24-02 06:42 PM
gypsy Go, P. Diddy! Way to throw some salt in their game! Break 'em off somethin' proper!

*blank stare*
[Edited by gypsy]
07-24-02 09:58 PM
gotdablouse I saw Oasis in concert a few weeks ago and it was absolutely horrible ! The playing was pedestrian at best with absolutely nothing brightening up that swampy muck, the exact opposite of the Stones, especially on the B2B tour.
On the other hand Oasis still put out a new album before they tour, more than Keith and Co. can say...
07-25-02 07:16 AM
stonedinaustralia for awhile i got moved by oasis but the thrill has gone

i'll never forget the first time i heard the song "what's the story"... i was sitting at my desk, much as i am now,with the radio on... it came on un-announced,so i didn't know who it was, and the crescendo of helicopters and guitar sounds that sliced my cerebral cortex from my frontal lobes and then exploded into the declaration "all your dreams are made when your chained to the mirror and the razor blade"... well, i was physically moved by the rush of adrenalin that the music triggered...i was listening to the real thing

i was familiar with them of course, "supersonic","live forever" et al. - all quite excellent in their way- the post - rotten sneer was great to hear...i suppose - i mean 20 years after the event the approach was now mainstream - but that was a vindication in a way...and there's no denying the strength of those early songs - to paraphrase a famous painter who's name i forget great artists steal ideas ordinary ones merely borrow them... unfortunately noel is now just borrowing his and to make it worse he's taking most of them from himself

i hear the latest stuff on the radio now (and that's all i base my opinion on, 2 or 3 tracks) and , well, imho it tries to make all the right noises and all the right moves but it's just comes out dull... it's not giving me anything i haven't heard before and, frankly, if i had the choice i wouldn't listen to it and as i do i don't

liam's basically lost at sea and noel's only proven himself a "two trick pony" at best

ballad in plain dull

as for noel's comments re the stones and his general attitude and self-aggrandizment,as gazza said (in a lot fewer words than i've taken), it's all just tiresome,pathetic and )laughable

I would add another adjective - sad - the tragedy is to see what talent they do have get lost in their ego's, unfounded arrogance & lack of imagination

and that's enough of that

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-25-02 07:41 AM
denis wilson oasis-best beatles cover band ever,if they ever come back to the limelight,belfast i would pay my fiver no promblem!
07-25-02 06:11 PM
Staffan Yes, I hate their attitude; Liam said that "if you are a rock-star, you must act like one" or something like that... they stink!!
07-25-02 06:23 PM
Gazza >oasis-best beatles cover band ever,if they ever come back to the limelight,belfast i would pay my fiver no problem

I was at that one too!

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