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Topic: 40 licks revisited Return to archive
07-22-02 06:40 PM
Mathijs After reading all replies on my ď40 licksÖ.Ē posting, I guess some the main topic is:

- The Stones donít owe me nothing-

Well I am sorry, I feel they do. I think you can divide the CDís-buying and concerts attending audience into two parts: the average lover of 60ís and 70ís rock music, and the real, sometimes even hard core fan. And if I was part of the management of the Stones, I would try to lure both parts into the stadium for a show, and I would try to sell as much as possible CDís to both parts. How would I do that? By 1) remaster the 60ís back catalogue and adding some nice bonus tracks Ėin this way it appealing for both the general CD buyer AND the real fans, 2) release a greatest hits package containing 20 hits and 20 rare tracks, again appealing to both markets and 3) release some kind of anthology series or live set.

To me, especially number 3 is important. I feel that the Stones must lure me into the stadium, lure me into the CD shop to shell out the money. I want to be thrilled again, I need a reason to be nervous when I am buying the tickets to the Stones: what will I see, what will they play? Now, it feels just like an extension of the B2B and Ns tour. It doesnít excite me now. Iíve seen it all Ė and thatís a horrible feeling. Now I have the feeling the Stones donít care about the real fans. They donít want to spend the time needed to run though the back catalogue and unreleased tracks to boil something up for the people who have supported you for so long. Indeed, Jagger is too busy recording and promoting his horrible Goddess album, and now thereís no time to listen to some great 1977 tapes.

Most big artist seem to think like this to; Bowie releases a new album AND releases his back catalogue with bonuses AND unheard BBC sessions AND a remastered version of his back catalogue. He now pleases all parts of the market. The same goes for the Who, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and many many more.

Why would I want to go to see the new Stones tour? Iíve seen B2B 6 times and the NS tour 3 times, and whatís so new about this tour now? Why should I cash out 300 dollars?


07-22-02 07:19 PM
Honky Tonk Man If you dont want to see the Stones on this tour, then fine. But dont rant and rave about it to those of us who do

07-22-02 07:24 PM
T&A Doesn't sound like you need a new album, sounds like you need a new hobby or a therapist (or both). The rest of us seem to enjoying this little hobby just fine. Come back when you're all better!
07-22-02 10:23 PM
Martha Why would I want to go to see the new Stones tour? Iíve seen B2B 6 times and the NS tour 3 times, and whatís so new about this tour now? Why should I cash out 300 dollars?'s a choice isn't it?! I am going even though I could only afford the 50 buck nosebleed seats's the Rolling Stones.... and this time will pass...and there will come a day I won't be able to casually go see them in concert and then I will look back and be so thankful I went....when I could.

I now wish I would've seen Elvis, just once, even though I was not a big fan...and I thank god I watched Entwistle at the opening show of the last tour in I will NEVER be able to do that again.

I just lost my Father-in -law to brain cancer...we just lost Entwistle...and those things put the question; "should I go see the Stones?" into crystal clear perspective for this rock and roll fanatic. I'm there.

Now...let's ROCK!!!
07-23-02 12:03 AM
parmeda Mathijs...
I've been following your posts and I have to say that I really can't understand why you are being so hung-up on the thought of spending your hard earned money on a chance to experience something that might not ever happen again. I don't mean to insult you in any way, but, regrets can haunt you for a lifetime.
I really hope that you reconsider your stand and are able to snatch up a ticket for yourself. I have this gut feeling that once most of us have been to our respective shows, and come back here to post our experiences, you're going to be sitting at home kicking yourself in the ass.
In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting to see history in the making...again!
07-23-02 06:42 AM
egon Canít completely disagree with mathijs.

Yes the tours seem to be more or less the same every time.
They hardly play any new stuff (and do we really want them to?) or change their stage act.
so in what way could they make this tour different?
They say they will, but itís probably going to be the same ďoldĒ same.

ButÖ, this is the rolling stones; 40 years of r&r.

if they never write a new song again(and maybe they shouldnít),
if they take this next tour around the globe until they die,
Iíd go see them every time they come to my town.

I play their albums every day and that still doesnít get boring.
So to see them in concert every 3 yearsÖ. Man I canít wait!
07-23-02 08:21 AM
WahWahWoody Yeah Mathijs, come on. I know you have been a real hard core fan for years and I agree with you in most parts. But when time comes we will be there again - to see what we might never see again in our lives. Let's be grateful these guys are still around and kick ass - at the age of 60. And seeing them live on stage is still a great experience. Once the tigers come out of the cage, straight into the light, you'll forget all your bitterness about ticket prices, no new album and Chuck being with them again. Let's rock!
07-23-02 09:37 AM
Dandelion* You know - you could have been born HIV infected in Africa and have to now eat leaves because of the drought. Think those folks give a rat's arse about the Rolling Stones?

The members of the band owe no one anything - except their families and themselves. Period.

I don't really care one way or the other that they are touring ultimately. I'm happy I got some good tickets and will likely have a good time with friends.
[Edited by Dandelion*]
07-23-02 10:09 AM
voodoopug Yet again, your posts prove your ignorance. The stones do dont owe anyone a thing, its their job. I dont owe anyone anything other than my self from my own job. If you think by telling people you arent going that we are going to beg you to go, sorry pal.

I would rather sit next to a real fan, not one that acts like Paulie from the ROcky movies and feels everyone owes him.

I hope you do go to a show and they choose to cover only Hot Rocks that night.

So as your dedication to the band goes....feel free to take 40 licks of my backside!

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