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Topic: Best of Jagger Return to archive
07-22-02 03:03 AM
padre I finally hasd the courage to buy Goddess and to my surprise it wasn't all THAT bad. The album is no Wandering Spirit but has some fine moments. It came to mind that with Goddess, W.S. and those other two you could come up with a pretty good collection. And maybe even something from the boots, too. Anyone done this already? If not, how about a tracklisting for The Best of M.J.?
Blue -yeah baby, Ruthless People -no, State of Shock -hell no!, Let's Work -no need for words. In fact maybe the Worst of would be easier...
07-24-02 04:23 AM
padre I don't believe that none of you has done a cdr compilation of Mick's solo stuff! Or are his solo albums so bad that they don't carry even one solid collection?
07-24-02 05:11 AM
Jumacfly Hi Padre
i just got "wanderin spirit" and goddess, i haven t heard the other records.
here s a list of my favorites, not in order but i really like these songs, if "wanderin" was a stone record , it could have been the nicest 90's stuff from our boys.
in the case of goddess, i think the record is over produced, matt clifford is definitely one of the most boring staff member...

wel, here s my list:

1/wanderin spirit
2/too far gone
3/put me in the trash
4/wired all night
6/use me
7/hang on to me tonight
8/lucky day
9/i ve been lonely for so long
10/sweet thing
11/god gave me everything
12/everybody getting high


07-24-02 09:33 AM
Maxlugar I really like Hideaway.

There is a real cool feeling to that song that just puts me in a total state of relaxation.

I put that song on and stare at my fish tank like a mental patient. Within two mintues my wife has to wipe the drool hanging from my gaping maw.

Ma-ma ma-ma HO-HO!

Ma-ma ma-ma HO-HO!

Ma-ma ma-ma MAXY!

07-24-02 09:42 AM
Jumacfly Ma- XY!!
I do the same with this song: relax myself, me and my chiba when i come back home!!
i like the flute, the back vocals, i think it s my fav from goddess...
a very groovy one, i think Mick would be a great reggae singer!
Hey Voodoo, have you got in your magic bag the picture of Mick standing between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh???
this is a great picture!!


07-24-02 10:27 AM
Maxlugar What about that shot of Tosh, Mick and Keith smoking a Marely sized spliff?

That's a good one!

M. Lugarfly!

07-24-02 10:49 AM
Jumacfly never seen this one Maxi!!

i ve read Mick was famous for the size of their spliffs.
he used to roll "baseball bat" !!
(Ramones rules!!)

well, i guees the picture you re talking about was from the same period.
on my poster, you can see Bob wearing a "rolling stones tour 78" sticker on his shirt.
Am I Right??

07-24-02 07:12 PM
luxury1 Why, I had my Solo Mick CDR compilation out today--Use Me (the old Bill Withers hit) with Lenny Kravitz, is one of my favorites.
07-24-02 07:25 PM
Mathijs o.k. - now I want to know. Please explain this to me (and I am serious!). In the Netherlands weed (hashish if you like) are legal, and can be bought everywhere by anyone. It's such a normal thing here, that it's not something special to do and therefore not attraacting to youngsters or any one else willing to experiment. Some smoke it, most don't -and that's about it.

Here in Europe we have the feeling that in the States it is absolutely forbidden to even think about it, and when you're cought with a nice joint, you end up 10 years in jail. Meanwhile, it seems that on boards like these and the amount of American tourist blowing their heads off here in Amsterdam, it seems that all Americans just want to get stoned.

Can please someone explain the contradiction to me?

07-24-02 08:21 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, you have some misconceptions my man.

If you get caught with a will get what amounts to a parking ticket. If you get caught with a pound of weed, you'll get nailed with intent to distribute, and go to jail for a while.

Lots of Americans like to get high...lots don't. Many of the US tourists who go to Amsterdam, go specifically to get high in the coffehouses.....or they go to fuck prostitutes. Go ahead and laugh, but I used to be a travel consultant. It's amazing how people will tell you things like that. I've actually had guys come in and ask what cities in Europe have the best pussy for sale. I also ALWAYS warned people that I sent to A-dam...NEVER try to bring anything illegal back to the States. Flights coming back from Amsterdam...or even stopping there...get extra special attention when they get to customs.

Anyhow, I don't think there's that much of a contradiction. It's just that in the US, the people making the laws don't get high.

Why? Easy, because you can't do it here legally, and it's a novelty.

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