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Topic: Article from Toronto Sun Return to archive
07-17-02 09:44 AM
Lazy Bones
Mick and Stones roll back into T.O.

Legendary rockers to rehearse for new

By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun

TORONTO -- Toronto, prepare to be Stoned

The Rolling Stones -- Mick Jagger, Keith
Richards, RonWood and Charlie Watts -- have
arrived in town to begin rehearsals for their
upcoming tour, which kicks off Sept. 5 in

The presence of the four legendary musicians
in our town, as of last night, was confirmed by
Fran Curtis, the band's New York publicist,

"It's a very time-honoured tradition to rehearse
up there 'cause it's such a great place and
everyone treats us really well," Jagger told The
Sun at a New York press conference back in
May when their road trip was officially unveiled.

He then added sarcastically: "Especially those
newspapers which say, 'Phone up if you see
Mick or Keith on the street and tell us where
they are!' I love that. (Being) chased around.
We love those kinds of tabloids!"

Michael Cohl, the tour's Toronto-based
promoter, said yesterday he hoped the group
would start rehearsing this week.

It's been rumoured that the Stones will
rehearse at the Masonic Temple on Yonge St.,
which they used previously in 1997 for that
year's Bridges To Babylon tour.

But Cohl said a different venue would play host
to the group first, but refused to reveal the

When Cher was in town back in mid-June to
launch her tour, she rehearsed at Maple Leaf

In 1994, the Stones rehearsed at Crescent
School on Bayview Ave. for that year's Voodoo
Lounge tour.

The Stones' latest trek, which visits Toronto on
Oct. 16 at the Air Canada Centre and Oct. 18
at the SkyDome, is also their most ambitious.
They will visit stadiums, arenas and clubs --
sometimes all three in the same city.

It's not known whether they will play a surprise
club show in Toronto here during their stay as
they did during their two previous visits.

However, there will be a Stones greatest hits
double CD, which will encompass material from
1963 to the present day, that comes out in
early fall.
07-17-02 04:38 PM
Lacride Read on

Rolling In Toronto

Itís a bird; itís a plane, no! Itís a Rolling Stone
going for a quiet bike ride.

Toronto celeb watchers should keep their
eyes peeled for Mick Jagger, Keith Richards,
Charlie Watts, and Ron Wood, because the British icons landed in the
city on Monday, to practice for their upcoming world tour.

Their show kicks off in Boston on September 5, and will stop in Toronto
at the Air Canada Centre on October 16, and the SkyDome on October 18.
But before they take the stage, Alan Dunn, their logistics manager,
had to make sure their stay in Toronto was a pleasant one.

First there are the rental cars and accommodations for the group of fifty,
which includes band members and personal cooks, fitness trainers,
choreographers, and voice coaches. Then he had to locate bikes for the
group members so they can stay in shape.

Rolling Stones frontman Jagger, 58, is reportedly an exercise nut and he
and Watts, 60, and Wood, 54, might be able to be seen clad in helmets
and riding around in quiet neighbourhoods, and maybe even in cottage
country on the weekends.

This isnít the first time Toronto has played host to their tour
rehearsals. They practiced for 1994ís Voodoo Lounge tour here,
and for the Bridges to Babylon show in 1997.

July 16, 2002

Comments: "...Jagger, Watts and Wood riding around in quiet neighbourhoods..."
What about Richards? How does he stay in shape? Climbing ladders?
07-18-02 08:34 PM
CS Rollin' back
Stones return to Toronto to ready new tour
By LAURA BOBAK -- Toronto Sun
TORONTO -- They were doing the Harlem Shuffle at upper-crust Crescent School yesterday after the Rolling Stones took over the site for a pre-tour rehearsal.

The aging mega-star rockers -- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts -- pounded out some favourite tunes at the posh private school, located near the tony Granite Club on Bayview Ave., north of Lawrence Ave.

Mick Jagger told CFTO-TV the band is in fine form after less than two days practice in advance of their upcoming tour, which begins in Boston Sept. 5.


"Sounding pretty good for one and a half days," Jagger said from his limo on the way into the school.

Guitarist Ron Wood wouldn't rule out playing a club gig while in the city, something the band has done during previous visits.

"You never know for sure," said Wood, who was also positive about the band's acoustics.

"It's sounding wicked. It's sounding great," Wood said.

It's the second time the Stones have chosen the secluded Crescent School as a rehearsal site. In 1994 the band used the school to prepare for its Voodoo Lounge tour. In 1997, the band rehearsed at the Masonic Temple on Yonge St., and the players may return to that site again this summer.


Wood said band members have a good feeling about Toronto.

"It's good. The people are always nice and the atmosphere's great," Wood said, adding he couldn't pinpoint exactly what was great about the city.

"I don't know. It's just, well, we've got the right kind of conditions," Wood said.

Local resident Sandra Lieberman, who declined to give her age, said: "They're older than we are!"

Her companion Annette Pivnick, 49, said she preferred the clean-cut Beatles over the Stones when she was growing up, but was nonetheless happy the Stones are in town.

"I'm more excited about the Stones being here than the Pope," Pivnick said.

If Jagger decides to finish out the month in Toronto, he'll be celebrating his birthday in Hogtown. Jagger is to turn 59 on July 26. Born in England in 1943, Michael Phillip (Mick) Jagger formed the Stones in 1962, 40 years ago.

The former bad boys of British rock -- known for such hits as Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud and Time Is On My Side -- have mellowed since their days of trashing hotel rooms. More recent hits from the 1980s include Start Me Up and Harlem Shuffle.

The Stones play the Air Canada Centre on Oct. 16 and play again Oct. 18 at SkyDome.
07-18-02 08:48 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 I wonder what songs they are rehearsing?

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