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Topic: Rehearsals Return to archive
07-16-02 02:55 PM
winter We'll I'm personally glad to see some optimism back on this site with news of a mick spotting Toronto. There has been a lot of criticism/skepticism over the past few weeks regarding rehearsal time, comparisons to the Who, etc.

I was wondering if anyone can shine some light on the following questions/thoughts:

1. How long have the Stones typically rehearsed in the past for relatively recent tours (i.e., voodoo lounge, bridges)? (Assuming they start sometime next week, they have over 6 weeks of rehearsing this go around)

2. How long did the Who rehearse for the current tour?

3. 6 Weeks seems like a lot of time to me, but hey, I'm not a professional musician (I think some other band's "tours" are shorter than that)

4. Any chance they may "over-rehearse" and be a bit flat (particularly as tour goes on - the how many times do I have to play satisfaction syndrome)

5. I personally would rather see the Stones a bit unpolished, rather than in cruise control

6. If they are starting rehearsals earlier than usual, isn't it a pretty good indicator that they actually will vary the set lists among the three venues

7. Does anyone seriously believe Mick T will replace Ronnie at some shows (I can see play along with, but not replace at this stage in the game)

8. How many hours do they typically rehearse in a day/how many days a week (one of the articles posted earlier sugested M-F (again it seems like a lot of time))

9. At this stage in their career, how many songs can we realistically expect them to do per evening (are we down to 18-20, or can we inch back up to 25-28) - is preserving Mick's voice for the long haul of the tour the biggest concern for show length

10. Will they or won't they play Can You Hear Me Knocking
this time

I am absolutley psyched that rehearsals are starting and the shows are not to far off.

Can't wait for the Fleet Center,

07-16-02 03:34 PM
mattb I'll take a stab at some of the questions:

1. I seem to recall 5-6 weeks for rehearsals. That doesn't include the dress rehearsal on the stage.

2. Don't know.

3. Seems to have worked in the past for them.

4. No chance of over-rehearsing.

5. Get real drunk first and you won't know the difference.

6. I don't think rehearsals are starting any earlier.

7. Mick Taylor will not replace anyone or make a guest appearence.

8. I think they wing it on hours per day etc. Looks like they won't be spending the weekends there.

9. Probably 21 - 23.

10. Nope.
07-16-02 06:43 PM
luxury1 Anyone know where the rehearsals are in Toronto? I'm thinking about hanging around outside and trying to sneak past security.
07-17-02 12:27 AM
TwelveX5 MattB.&Winter
I think we should meet about 9:00 p.m. on
Sat.8-31.We could just lounge in sect.21 of
The Fleet Ctr.and watch The Gods of rock
07-17-02 11:46 PM
KeepRigid "2. How long did the Who rehearse for the current tour?"

Let's hope the Stones don't rehearse quiiiiite as long as they did.
07-18-02 06:57 AM
Stonesdoug rehearsals are at the Crescent School
07-18-02 07:23 AM
Lazy Bones
Stonesdoug wrote:
rehearsals are at the Crescent School

Rollin' back

Stones return to Toronto to ready new

By LAURA BOBAK -- Toronto Sun

TORONTO -- They were doing the Harlem
Shuffle at upper-crust Crescent School
yesterday after the Rolling Stones took over
the site for a pre-tour rehearsal.

The aging mega-star rockers -- Mick Jagger,
Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts --
pounded out some favourite tunes at the posh
private school, located near the tony Granite
Club on Bayview Ave., north of Lawrence Ave.

Mick Jagger told CFTO-TV the band is in fine
form after less than two days practice in
advance of their upcoming tour, which begins in
Boston Sept. 5.


"Sounding pretty good for one and a half days,"
Jagger said from his limo on the way into the

Guitarist Ron Wood wouldn't rule out playing a
club gig while in the city, something the band
has done during previous visits.

"You never know for sure," said Wood, who was
also positive about the band's acoustics.

"It's sounding wicked. It's sounding great,"
Wood said.

It's the second time the Stones have chosen
the secluded Crescent School as a rehearsal
site. In 1994 the band used the school to
prepare for its Voodoo Lounge tour. In 1997,
the band rehearsed at the Masonic Temple on
Yonge St., and the players may return to that
site again this summer.


Wood said band members have a good feeling
about Toronto.

"It's good. The people are always nice and the
atmosphere's great," Wood said, adding he
couldn't pinpoint exactly what was great about
the city.

"I don't know. It's just, well, we've got the right
kind of conditions," Wood said.

Local resident Sandra Lieberman, who declined
to give her age, said: "They're older than we

Her companion Annette Pivnick, 49, said she
preferred the clean-cut Beatles over the Stones
when she was growing up, but was nonetheless
happy the Stones are in town.

"I'm more excited about the Stones being here
than the Pope," Pivnick said.

If Jagger decides to finish out the month in
Toronto, he'll be celebrating his birthday in
Hogtown. Jagger is to turn 59 on July 26. Born
in England in 1943, Michael Phillip (Mick)
Jagger formed the Stones in 1962, 40 years

The former bad boys of British rock -- known
for such hits as Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud
and Time Is On My Side -- have mellowed since
their days of trashing hotel rooms. More recent
hits from the 1980s include Start Me Up and
Harlem Shuffle.

The Stones play the Air Canada Centre on Oct.
16 and play again Oct. 18 at SkyDome.
07-18-02 08:30 AM
nankerphelge "Sounding wicked" -- yeah! That's exactly the way I want they to sound. I want a wicked little tour!
07-18-02 09:21 AM
Joey "7. Does anyone seriously believe Mick T will replace Ronnie at some shows (I can see play along with, but not replace at this stage in the game) "

Oh yeah can bet your sweet A## !!!!!!!

Look for Mick Taylor at some of the Club gigs . Rumors are everywhere that Mick Taylor will perform with the boys at the Aragon gig .

My Baby Marko and my Steelie are still trying to get me tickets to that sweet Chicago performance ..........I can only pray !!!!

" Faces Dances tonight , Fate Chances Moonlight Roonie "

Joe Fly

07-18-02 03:55 PM
winter Hey 12X5:

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. Each night I've been going down to the big dig with a soup spoon in my hand. I've started tunneling toward the Fleet Center. I figure by late August, we'll have our own private underground access road to the Fleet Center. What do you think Keith will say when we pop up at center court during the first night of rehearsals, escape from Alcatraz style.

The only problem is, you can't see the damn blimp from the tunnel.

07-18-02 05:36 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Winter;I just got off the phone with my waitress friend at The Fleet Ctr.She won't make any promises because of the decisions by the Stones security people but she says it looks good for taking in the rehearsals.By the way are you going to see The Blushing Brides on Sat?
07-18-02 06:04 PM
winter 12X5:

I can't make it to the Brides. I'm gonna check out Lenny Kravitz at the Tweeter Center.

I hope you can pull off getting in for the rehearsals. That would be amazing. I imagine security will be pretty tight though.


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