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Topic: Too Much Info about the album, tour... Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
07-14-02 03:17 PM
Soldati I was absent a time but gather a lot of information about the Stones:

The name of the new album is "War Horses", and the tour will be called "War Horses On The Road". The album will be edited in September (Tuesday 10 or 17)

The name of the two new songs in "Warhorses". I listen the Demo of "Don't Know..." (30 seconds), and this song is incredible, the Keith riff is his best in years (since Start Me Up at least).
The two songs were written by Mick and Keith.

The Stones will make a double album with all new songs. The album will be recorded at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 (some demos were recorded this year in Paris) and it will be published in the 2004. This will be the last studio album of the band, and Bill Wyman & Mick Taylor will be present.

This box set will be released in May-June 2003 when the band go to Europe for the final part of the tour. The Box set will include: Inedits songs, all the B sides never edited before ("Let It Rock" live 1971, "Through The Lonely Nights", "Beast Of Burden" live 1982, "Think I'm Going Mad" among others), live performances, and others things. "Peace Offerings" is the name of the album and the material was (and will be) recolected by Ronnie and Bill.

Mick Taylor will play with the Stones in the shows in theaters. In some of these shows the band will present an unusual tracklisting: they will play the whole golden era from "Beggars Banquet" to "Exile On Main Street". Ronnie won't be with them during this shows type, Mick Taylor will replace it.
Bill Wyman will play with the Stones in England ("Earls Court" and theater show)

"MTV VMA 2002"
Is very probable what the band plays in the MTV VMA in August, 29th. Also they will get and especial award.
07-14-02 04:25 PM
sly Wow!! Lots of news to digest. Of course I have to ask, who's your source? I hope it's true about MT playing the club gigs. Are the Stones coming back to the States at the end of 2003 as rumoured?
07-14-02 05:32 PM
T&A Yes, I'd also like to know the source(s) here. Some of this smacks of rumors pieced together. I have real difficulty accepting the truth of Ronnie not playing the theaters. Don't believe that for a minute.
07-14-02 05:45 PM
Mottrush I'd like to believe all of it but I can't believe any of this is true unfortunately!
07-14-02 05:52 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Now, this is most intreguing news, however, I've gotta ask, sources sources sources. Most of this looks credible with the exception of poor Ronnie not being around in Theatre gigs, I must say, Wyman back with the band sounds likely only for Europe. Taylor coming back does sound resonable, for some gigs.

Keith and Ronnie seem to have formed a bond since "Some Girls". When they play *well* together, it's quite magical. Neither of them are real 'lead' guitarists, but the way they play is just... I don't know. There's something wonderfully personal about it, and I know they feel it too. At the very worst they may relegate poor Ronnie to bass if Taylor comes out to play. If...


Hang ON...

LAST Studio Album?

I'm going to go cry in a corner now, rumor true or not, you have scared the hair off my testacular encasement.

-tSYX --- May be the last time...... I don't know.
07-14-02 06:13 PM
Honky Tonk Man If this was all true, it would be very exciting. I will be honest folks. I BELEIVE HIM!!

07-14-02 06:56 PM
Gazza >Mick Taylor will play with the Stones in the shows in theaters. In some of these shows the band will present an unusual tracklisting: they will play the whole golden era from "Beggars Banquet" to "Exile On Main Street". Ronnie won't be with them during this shows type, Mick Taylor will replace it.

07-14-02 08:31 PM
Mr T #1 - I don't believe for a second that they'd dump Ronnie for MickT for even a songle night - let alone a third of the tour

#2 - the new album is at this point a tentative idea. They have yet to confirm they will even do one - and when is even more unknown.. So to expect a double disc live album over a year before they even start writing/recording sessions is high hopes. Besides - its hard to sell $25 double CD's - and they've already got a 3CD Best Of & a 4 CD rarities Box set on the way(supposedly - I've been hearing this rumor for a while - but I expect its true.

I would love to believe the 2CD album thing though

VMAs - probably, I think its too early to have complete faith in that or the album/songs/tour names - although War Horses is a kick ass title. However - the title "Peace Offerings" being decided on this early - and that being an obvious opposite of the title "War Horses" - just makes it sound more like some guy on the internet who has enuff extra time on his hands to do that spread rumors based on what he'd like to see.

But I'll bet with the biggest tour of their lives coming up, the Stones have a lot of better things to do that give a shit about the Best Of & Box Set - so I very much doubt their are decided on.
07-14-02 09:23 PM
More old spread rumors, - now nicely put together !

Be sure,- even the Stones don't know at the moment precisely what they'll doing live in a few month. It's all tentatively and little ideas floating around.
In the end it won't change that much . . !
07-14-02 10:05 PM
sammy davis jr. Actually Woody and Mick T BOTH playing on the tour would work, 'cause I doubt if either of them could make it alone for a whole tour. If this pans out, I'll spring for some good theater seats, otherwise I'll watch the pay per view special. Bill coming back into the fold would be EXCELLENT.
Somehow I beleive this dude.....maybe he's Keith's hair accessory supplier.
07-14-02 10:11 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast Studio Album?

I'm jumping up and down here! What? Just when you're getting good again?

-tSYX --- Hey, hey, hey! You got me rockin'!
07-14-02 11:05 PM
Boomhauer As much as I'd like for for all of these rumors to be true..........%$#*%(*$#

Shit! I'm not believing anything until their friggin' website says something, but it ain't gonna happen. So I'm gonna have to rely on mostly what IORR might have to say; I mean, they are a better source than, that piece of crap site that only cared about selling tickets and not keeping Stones news up to date.

P.S. - Mick and the guys, I hope you guys are still gonna give a shit and play your asses off!
07-14-02 11:13 PM
Soldati This information is not rumors. This information is the one that I confirmed in these month what I was absent. Ronnie won't play in SOME shows in theaters (two or three) because during that era (1968-1972) Ronnie was not present, and the band had this good idea what Woddy accepted totally.
The double album with all new material started in Paris this year (the band recorded 12 demos) and this will be the LAST STUDIO ALBUM OF THE ROLLING STONES.
Anybody want rumors???, I have a lot of unconfirmed rumors...
1- The band will play a free show in some place this year
2- The band will added more shows in December
3- The band won't play "Shattered" in this tour
4- The BBC sessions (2CD) will be edited soon
5- For some shows in theaters the people can carry setlists and the band will play the selections
6- In the theaters shows only will play Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and Darryl
7- The band will play in the early August in London, and in the middle in Toronto
8- The new video of "Don't Know..." will be recorded at the end of this month and will be directed by Francis Lawrence (Shakira, Britney Spears).
I not got any info about the opening number but Mick want to play "Sympathy for the devil"

All the information posted by me here was confirmed with the time (the 2CD greatest hits album, now 3, with few new songs; the recordings in Paris; the blimp was posted by me three weeks before what happened; what Ronnie will play in almost all the tour, and others) because I got two sources: a good friend work in Virgin Records and other work in the publicity of the tour
The only information what not happened is the July, 12th aniversary show because the band not got any chance of rehearsed.
07-14-02 11:21 PM
Fiji Joe That was a cool post. When I get done sipping this Pina~ Colada I'm going to hash together a bunch of half ass rumours claimed to have been contained in a top secret document inside a bottle that washed ashore here in Fiji. Stay tuned for the post.
07-14-02 11:32 PM
Mr T Soldati,

I'm not trying to doubt your sources or honesty - but to say these things are CONFIRMED? I truly doubt the band seriously has 100% plans to release a double album in 2004 - what does or doesn't wind up on the album is decided within months of the release date - not 2 years before. There's no doubt that they'll probably record enough tracks to put on 2 CD's - but until there are actual release plans - who knows what editing could go on

I wouldn't care if these words were from the mouth of Jagger himself - until they actually DO IT - their just rumors - they MAY happen, the band MAY have addressed them - but with all the sudden excitment about this tour & the possiblitly of a new album & remasters & a box set & everything else - there's probably a hundred more ideas the Stones have tossed around and will address themselves - but they don't really know yet. This tour will last at least a year - anything could happen between now & then. By the time its over - the band COULD want to just take time off & not do an album at all - you never know - so as much as I liked seeing the info you brought to the board, I wouldn't get that far ahead of ourselves
07-14-02 11:34 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Fiji - I wait with bated breath. Give Xyzzy the rumourmille from your Cornbeefnhashed land!

-tSYX --- Get Off My Cloud makes a reference to Laundry Detergant. More on this later. See also - curing Mick's speech problem and why it's a bad idea.
07-15-02 04:10 AM
FotiniD I'm getting a little dizzy with all these, but wasn't the whole "Warhorses - Peace offerings" deal a joke started in Undercover? (I also remember an "album cover" being posted, funny enough!) Then a whole deal was made out of it and it was so much reproduced that people started believing it was for real??? I kind of have this recollection, i'm just 80% sure about it.

Given that as a fact (pardon me if i'm wrong and I don't mean to doubt you), sorry, but I don't see much credibility in your post my dear Soldati. The MT and BW rumour, as always, ever-present, well...

Patience boys and girls What is it, another 1 1/2 months, 2 at tops? Then we'll have plenty more news to deal with.
07-15-02 05:15 AM
stonedinaustralia Soldati, you say "I listen the Demo of "Don't Know..." (30 seconds), and this song is incredible, the Keith riff is his best in years (since Start Me Up at least)."

that's the best news i've heard in a while... what did it sound like?

you know style,beat, tempo... give us a glimmer as they say...

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-15-02 06:14 AM
bez85 i find any of this hard to B.S.
07-15-02 09:24 AM
John Wood You say replace Ronnie with Taylor in small venues for albums
(68-72) because Ronnie wasn't present for these rcordings?
Since when was Taylor present for Beggars or most of Let It
Bleed? See my point why replace Ronnie with Taylor as he was
not present at these recordings either? Why would they kick
Ronnie off the stage and keep Daryl on bass when he has very
little to do with the Stones. So I hope you are wrong as this
sounds like total bullshit to me!!! ROCK ON RONNIE!!!!!!
07-15-02 09:54 AM
sandrew Most of this sounds like it was cut from whole cloth, but I gotta say - "Don't Know How to Stop" and "Where Can We Meet" sound like real song titles. The first sounds absolutely like something Mick would come up with; and the other sounds very Keithian. If they end up being imposter song titles, then I'm gonna use 'em!
07-15-02 10:21 AM
Maxlugar "MICK TAYLOR & BILL WYMAN ON THE TOUR" Mick Taylor will play with the Stones in the shows in theaters. In
some of these shows the band will present an unusual tracklisting:
they will play the whole golden era from "Beggars Banquet" to "Exile
On Main Street". Ronnie won't be with them during this shows type,
Mick Taylor will replace it. Bill Wyman will play with the Stones in England ("Earls Court" and theater show)

This one paragraph has changed my life.

I believe again!

I believe again!

If this happens at Roseland I will chew my way through six feet of concrete to get in.

Thanks God, I will never doubt you or your existence again!

See ya in church this Sunday!


Maxlugar, Born again.
07-15-02 10:43 AM
stonedinaustralia maxxxxxxxxxxxxy,

stop taking the piss, americans are supposed to have no sense of irony...

from what i hear wall street is crashing!!get back to work and save your (and my) sorry ass...

ronnie play that break from YCAGWYW again...if you can!
07-15-02 11:06 AM
Mr T there's a good chance Taylor will make guest appearances - but to go on tour as part of the band is expecting a bit too much. If anything - I would think Taylor would be there for part of the concert WITH Ronnie. But I don't see how you could beileve that they would actually ditch a member who's been in the band a quarter of a century. To me, that bit of information makes your whole post the less believable(well - that & the double album thing - we won't actually know about that til 2003) - I know you have "inside sources" - but as a huge Van Halen fan - I've been fooled by that line enough times already

I'll wait til I see it - til then, thanks for the info/rumors/whatever it is
07-15-02 02:20 PM
WahWahWoody Yeah, I agree. Skipping Ronnie for Taylor for complete shows is bullshit. I think (and I hope) Mick Taylor will make guest appearances in smaller venues but only WITH Ronnie. And yes, tell us more about the 30 seconds of the new single....
07-15-02 02:25 PM
Soldati stonedinaustralia question about "Don't Know How To Stop":
that's the best news i've heard in a while... what did it sound like?
you know style,beat, tempo... give us a glimmer as they say...

The demo of "Don't Know..." circulated in all Virgin Records. Many people got the demo in cassette (my friend only got a few seconds). Don't you worry in one month the song is on the Radio. Sound much to modern rock.
The song started with the most stronger riff of Keith in years (a little similar to "Wired All Night" but better), Charlie drums is great and Mick sings a very similar to "One Hit (to the Body)" (but the lyrics is very down because is a demo). Obviously the soul of the song is the Keith guitar, apparently.

I forgot some info about the pakiging of the album:
A cardboard box and the three CDs that will open as a book. The book will contain more than 30 pages with inedits pictures. The artwork was done but I don't got any info about it.
07-15-02 05:49 PM
Gazza Mmmmm..ok...the thing about Taylor playing in theatres makes some sense if it means giving Woody some time off to help his health AND if its one of those rumoured shows where theyre just gonna play all the songs off an old album such as "sticky fingers", "Exile" etc..

A lot of what you said in your original post did make a lot of logic and sounded convincing enough (and youve been a good news source previously). The bit about changing the personnel in the theatre shows was what through me off though.

If they put a new album out in 2004,it would make sense also to tour behind it surely (Mick has hinted already at 2004 shows..)
07-15-02 06:18 PM
Honky Tonk Man I dont like the fact that he posted that the 2004 release will be the LAST studio album. I didnt need to hear that. Its like signaling the end to the Stones. We know its not going to go on forever, but i dont want to know when the Stones are going to close a certaion chapter of their career
07-15-02 06:30 PM
Mr T I doubt the Stones will ever make a "last album" - I think they'll keep going - releases coming out less & less frequently til they eventually bow out - but I can't see the Stones in 2004 actually halting everything to obey some stopsign they made for themselves
07-15-02 06:36 PM
T&A Keith said many years ago - "retire to what?" Also, like he said at the press conference - he'll know when it's time to hang it up when the hearse pulls up. They will not announce the will announce them.
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