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Topic: SPIV Money Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
07-16-02 10:34 AM
Sir Stonesalot I see.

C10ers having sex with men. Hmmmmmmm. Well, that isn't really anything that I have any experience with. I don't think sexual orientation has anything to do with being C10 though. At least it wasn't mentioned in the charter. So what is the big deal? Fags can be great fun to party with. As long as they don't try to stick anything up my pooper, I have no problem with them at all.

Besides, I knew Joey was gay from the minute I met him. Did you check out his handshake? I figured SDH was gay later on....well, ok, not gay, but Bi.

But there was plenty of machismo exuded from the rest of us to more than make up for those 2.

And what is wrong with sheep. Grill 'em with some garlic butter, and they are delicious. Not as good as cow, but pretty good none the less.
07-16-02 10:39 AM
Joey "Why....Why do you wish to make Maxy cry so violently? "

Never meant to , but that " Hammer " thing TOTALLY came out of the blue and really knocked Joey on his A## !!!!!!

Talk about quite visibly shaken to the core . Wait , do you think he is just fooling around with us ???????

Anyway , like I've said , Muses' are not cheap . I need my airfare to NYC paid , three night stay at the Marriott Marquee ( Concierge level ) all paid for , AND my MSG ticket taken care of ...........

Then .......Then ........MAYBE !!!!!!!

Ahhhhh , Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

************Joey still laughing so hard that he is bending over , holding his side and drooling ***********************

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

" Sheep are cute Ronnie , some are quite beautiful , and so very demure -- Ahhhh ,cloven hooven beasts -- Bit##es all of them "

Snaggle Joe

07-16-02 11:26 AM
nankerphelge I agree with Stoney -- just drive the fucking SPIV!

We can cook burgers and dogs ... ah, well... maybe just burgers on the SPIV grill!

07-16-02 11:41 AM
sirmoonie Whaaaa??? Joey is gay too? When did this happen? Maxy's right, this is getting a little too weird. I think shitcanning the SPIV is a good idea at this juncture.
07-16-02 11:43 AM
Joey 'Besides, I knew Joey was gay from the minute I met him. '

You make Joey say , Huh ??????

I ain't no poof !!! Calling me gay is like calling Jack Nicholson gay -- Rubbish !

" Help Me Ronnie "

Snaggle Joe

07-16-02 11:46 AM
nankerphelge I've been to 3 State Fairs and a Hog-fuck, but I ain't never seen the like of all these fine C10ers bailing onna account of something as silly as this.

Hey guys, guess what -- the whole time in Cleveland, I was using vibrating butt plugs! Oh shit, cancel the SPIV.
07-16-02 11:58 AM
Joey "I was using vibrating butt plugs! "

Do they have those at Military Schools across the country ??????

Developing !!!! ..................


07-16-02 12:00 PM
Maxlugar ************Joey still laughing so hard that he is bending over , holding his side and drooling ***********************

Is this before or during Steelie putting his Driving Hammer up your ass?

"Muses are gay, Ronald!"

07-16-02 12:02 PM
Joey Maxy , I would like to nuzzle you !

Snaggily Yours ,

The Joey , C10

07-16-02 12:07 PM
sirmoonie Joey, are you NOW denying that you are gay? Frankly, I think its a little late for that. The SPIV has been canceled and everyone is laughing at the C10 and taking potshots at us. It wasn't supposed to be this way.....
07-16-02 12:17 PM
Maxlugar I know Moonie. Yesterday I got an email from some ruffian telling me SPIV is a fay name.

Then he called me "Nancy Lugar"

I just want to die!

Maxy! (Does that sound fay?)
07-16-02 12:22 PM
Sir Stonesalot Cancelled? For what? Because 2 guys who ain't even gonna be there are closet queens?

Big fucking deal.

They ain't involved, party ON man.
07-16-02 12:33 PM
Maxlugar You're right Sir Stonesalot!!!!

But I'm putting a frying pan down the back of my pants just in case.

The militant gay wing of the C10 is just gonna have to sit this one out.

SPIV me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maxlugar, C10!
07-16-02 12:57 PM
Joey My Dearest Stones Brothers and Sisters ..........

I just got home for lunch and on the drive over here I could not stop bursting out laughing . I mean ,this is funny funny stuff !

"These boards are creeping me out. Hold off on the checks for The SPIV. I'm not really sure I want to do this anymore. "

Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I mean , what else in the Hell is going to come out of nowhere ?????? I am now laughing so hard , that your young Joey is rolling around on the floor with tears in his eyes and the laughs have evolved into one those long huge laughs , you know the ones , where the laughter is so intense that you can't even make a sound .......


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

" Creep Me out Ronnie "

Joey fly
07-16-02 01:09 PM
steel driving hammer Just a few gay experience's when I was 12.

No big thing. Dr. Laura would say it's normal.

Maxlugar don't you dare cancel your SPIV idea!

I told you I can't go and this gay thing I did is making you change your mind?

Don't think of it too much or at all, really. Jee.

SS, yes, in a supermarket parking lot.

Where's the Still Drunken Idiot when you need him???

Joey, bend over.
07-16-02 01:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well SDH, If I were you(And no offense, but I'm damn glad I'm not), I would be hiring a good DUI lawyer. I think you may be able to get out of that one.

Did the cop get you out on the street, and then you pulled into the parking lot? Or did he pop you for something that happened while you were in the parking lot. Why did he stop you?

I don't think that they have any jurisdiction on private property. I think they would have had to wait to stop you until you pulled onto a public thouroughfare, or at least into the public right of way.
07-16-02 01:35 PM
Joey When I got pulled over for speeding at Three Thirty eight in the morning two Friday's ago , the cop asked me three different times " Have you had anything to drink tonight Sir ?? " And I said three different times " No Sir !!! "

The lesson ??? If you tell the cops , " No , I have not had a thing to drink tonight " , then they do not have probable cause to have you take the " Breath Test " . God knows I would have blown a 1.85 on the meter !!!!!

Joe Fly !
07-16-02 01:41 PM
steel driving hammer Trying to scan the police report so any Stones lawers
can find a loop hole, that will help my butt hole.

The police flashed his lights IN the parking lot.
He could of followed me from the main street - exile.

I don't have papers that the judge had signed yet.
But prolly plead guilty and just get rid of this damm thing.

Don't like dragging it out and out by pleading not guilty...

I can afford montly installments to the circuit but not all at once.

Guess this may drag out, just not in drag.

But all in all, I have to cut down on drank.

It's Not Easy Marc.
07-16-02 01:52 PM

Do what I said in that other post.



07-16-02 05:13 PM
Joey A DUI in a parking lot ........?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm !

So you pick your nose ....
And smoke your pot .......
And meet your girlfriend in the parking lot .....
Ahhhhh , still your aching for the things you
haven't got -- what went wrong ???????

But never fear ,for Captain Joey will get you HIGH tonight ,and take you to your special island .

" Billy Joel was once Amazing Ronnie "

Capt . Joey

07-16-02 05:48 PM
nankerphelge Max, you need to get out your labcoat, head down to the laboratory and develop the SPIV SPIVily SPIVo Hetero C10 Package Protector! That way, anyone concerned that somehow their "manhood" is in jeopardy from a minor detour by any of our members (let me rephrase that) -- brothers -- will have a protection system a slight bit more comfortable than a frying pan!

07-16-02 06:00 PM
Joey I don't know Nanky , now that I have stopped laughing , I am still quite visibly shaken .................does the SPIV have an escape hatch ??????????? As the driver , I might have to make an emergency exit and let you guys fend for yourselves .

I 'm Cesarian born by the way . You can't really tell until I leave a room .....I exit thru the window .

YES !!!!

Capt . Joey
07-16-02 06:27 PM
nankerphelge To be honest I am greatly distressed and depressed by the apparent breakdown of the C10 bond. You and Max are obviously no longer on good terms. SDH has had a spike driven right thru his head, which has caused moonie to freak a bit.

SS and I are holding our own -- (let me rephrase that) -- we are hanging in there? (not much better) -- we're standing firm? -- (damn it!)

We all need to get loaded and chill out a bit!
07-16-02 06:31 PM
luxury1 I used to want to hang out with you guys, but now.......
07-16-02 08:51 PM
nanky Used to? Don't anymore?

I don't blame you.
I wouldn't either.
Buncha fuckin weirdos anyhow.

I'm the only normal one out of 'em all, y'know!
You should see mah shoes!

07-16-02 11:11 PM

We all need to get loaded and chill out a bit!

Yes! Words of wisdom from the C10 doctrine.
After reading all this shit, I don't know whether to continue laughing or say huh? a la Joey.
SDH, we didn't need to know about your childhood indiscretion but it's fair game now.
I assume most of this is tongue-in-cheek which is why I was laughing.
Bottom line, we need to do the limo or SPIV or whatever. The booze,the chiba, the Stones, the sheep? It just doesn't get any better than this.
One song that can not be on the play list.....Cocksucker Blues.

Rick, C10 NYC? SPIV?
MSG, 10 weeks plus a day and counting. Ooooh, yeah!!
07-16-02 11:50 PM
sirmoonie Sorry Nanky. And sorry to all my C10 bros. Nothing I posted was meant to distress.

C10. You had to be there to believe it. Embelishment it aint.

C10 grows on one. I am more C10 than I was the day I left Cleavie. I aint kidding, its a unique little part of my life. I'm glad I did it. Nine incredible people I met that weekend. Turns out, all Stones fans to boot.

Maxy and Joey upsets us all and it has for awhile now. There seems to be no end to this violent spiral. I wish the one who started the spiral would try to stop it. Please.....

"Bitch slap me up the NYC/SPIV/MSG side, Ronnie!"
07-17-02 07:53 AM
Maxlugar What makes me laugh is that everyone labels it a Maxlugar/ Joey thing..

It is clearly a Joey thing.

We are talking about a man who has been saving my posts for years. I wouldn't waste the four seconds it takes to do that with his posts.

He waits a while and then reposts them as his for the sole purpose of pissing me off. There is no other reason. He does it so much that a core member of the C10 thinks the ol' "you make Joey say huh" thing is his.

Again, we are talking years here. So before you label me over sensitive think of that. I wonder just how long some of you would put up with that.

At times I even thought it was funny.

It's all bullshit anyway. I used to love to post over the top Friday Night posts as a sort of tongue in cheek joke and I don't even like that anymore.

So anyway, like a said, it is him not me. I never started in with him until he started in with me. It started with him posting anti Dirty Work shit and ended with him posting my full name and town on Keno's board. Game over man. So before you look at me, think to yourself just how you would deal with a poster who dedicates years of his life to annoy you.

Would you just keep on going? So whatever. I'm sure I annoyed enough people over the years. I still love the Stones.
07-17-02 08:27 AM
nankerphelge I think we'll all be better once we get together again. Clearly the C10 bonds need rejuvenile-ation! Too bad we scared luxury1 away -- don't you think we need a woman's touch to make it come alive!

And it now appears that yours truly will be attending both MSG and Giants because you just can't have such a big party without me -- I wouldn't hear of it.

07-17-02 08:49 AM
Sir Stonesalot >don't you think we need a woman's touch to make it come alive<

Yeah, some of us do. Others seem to like the firm hard grasp of a dude. Lesbians...I can understand that. Girls are all soft and round. I like the same thing lesbians like. I can relate to wanting to get some pussy. But guys? They are all hard and hairy...some of us even have hair on our faces! YUCK! I just don't get it. What is that decision making process like? Hmmmm, no I don't want any of that soft, warm, moist, female flesh in my mouth, think I'll suck on a big ol' dick instead!

See what I mean? It just doesn't make any sense....

Glad you decided to go to Giant's Nanky.
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