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Topic: Best Songs Of Albums Return to archive
07-14-02 11:48 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Alright, so, I'm hitting the mattresses for the next three weeks, I'll be out of touch, my babies, so forgive me if I show up three weeks later muttering "Only get my socks off when I'm screeeeeeamin..." and generally not understanding anything.

Not that it's any different from how I normally am.

Oh well. I leave with this query, whose answers I will read by perusing the archives, I guess.

What're the best songs on the Stones' albums?

I've got a few for sure:

Exile - "Rocks Off"
Goat's Head Soup - "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)"
Dirty Work (shudder) - "One Hit (To The Body)"
Emotional Rescue - "Dance (Pt. 1)"
Bridges To Babylon - "Saint Of Me"
Voodoo Lounge - "Love Is Strong" (or "The Worst", depending)
Steel Wheels - "Sad Sad Sad"
Aftermath - "Paint It Black"
December's Children - "She Said Yeah"

Then there are the albums that just defy it. Exile *almost* fits in here, but "Rocks Off"... man, can't get enough... oh, wait, wrong song. *shudder* uggh, Black & Blue...

Sticky Fingers ("Sway", "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'", "Moonlight Mile", on and on and on)

Let It Bleed (Not a bad song on here)
Beggar's Banquet ("Sympathy" lives on its own, "Jigsaw Puzzle", "Salt Of The Earth", "Stray Cat Blues"...)

Some Girls (Yeah, just about everything on here, too)

Tattoo You (Some clunkers, but greats like "No Use In Crying", "Start Me Up", "Worried About You", "Hang Fire", "Slave", "Little T&A")

It's Only Rock'N'Roll ("If You Can't Rock Me", "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", "It's Only Rock'N'Roll", "Short And Curlies", "Fingerprint File", "Till The Next Goodbye"... but not "Time Waits". Go home, Mick Taylor!)

Black & Blue (I've yet to find one.)

Well, that's all for now. See ya in three weeks!

-tSYX --- Till the next time we say goodbye... I'll be thinkin' about you!
07-15-02 12:13 AM
Mr T Black & Blue - Hand Of Fate
Bridges To Babylon - Too Tight
Steel Wheels - Hearts For Sale
Some Girls - Miss You
Exile - Ventilator Blues
Let It Bleed - Gimme Shelter, easily - even though its such a great album
Tattoo You - Little T&A
Sticky Fingers - damn - Brown Sugar, CYHMK or Bitch? - how do I choose???
07-15-02 08:08 AM
stonedinaustralia this is really hard and almost pointless but a quick dash down the years (uk versions and order of release referred to unless otherwise indicated)

the rolling stones - "route '66" - the directions to a new way of living

(hey what about all those great e.p.'s??!!)

the rolling stones no.2 - "time is on my side" - timeless

got live if you want it - "we want the stones" - no seriously (although they did claim a nanker phelge credit for it) i'd say - "i'm alright" - rock 'n' roll apocalypse now

(u.s. version is different songs different shows - i've never heard it)

out of our heads - too hard - i'm choosing two "mercy,mercy" & "hitch hike" - almost better than the real things,baby

december's children (& everybody's) - one u.s. release i do have and there is no hope of making a choice here (well not in 50,000 words or less)but - "she said yeah" & "get off of my cloud"

aftermath - "out of time" - a forgotten classic

big hits (hight tide and green grass) - "(i can't get no) satisfaction"

between the buttons - "connection"

flowers - "ruby tuesday" but "ride on baby" deserves a mention as another lost classic

right that gets us past all that lonodon/decca confusion -

their satanic majesties request - "she's a rainbow" - 'she comes in colours' - how psychadelic (sp?) can you get?

beggars banquet - "street fighting man" - the greatest guitar solo in the history of popular culture and people say the guy's no lead guitarist!!??

through the past darkly - "jumpin' jack flash"

let it bleed - well from now on a new difficulty arises in that i'm tempted to simply choose the tracks that keith does the vox on - however on this one , again , i must take two "gimme shelter" & "you can't always get what you want" -obvious, i know, but you've gotta admit, it's all there in those two tracks...

get yer ya ya's out - i treat this as one song with ten movements and so the entire recording qualifies... that said, "love in vain" is almost paranormal...

sticky fingers - no can choose... i'll go the other way and say "i got the blues" is the non-best..there are more best than that one...

stone age - "blue turns to grey" - time warp time

exile on main street - "tumbling dice" - the stones greatest moment 9& mick taylor on bass - swapjones - brian or daryl - fortaylor) - a masterpiece of 20th century art - a funkaliciously joyous soulful interpretation (rip - off??.. hey man,that's - you'll pardon the expression - post-mod+rn$M (sp?)... of the history of black american music that is greater than the sum of its influences... you can play this sucker at my wedding and my funeral... ('tho "just wanna see his face" is the really out there track of the whole album)

gimme shelter - another wierd ass release - "i've been loving you too long"

goats head soup - "doo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker)" - still hits home today as does "coming down again", a close second - under-rated album - there's no denying "siver train" and "star star" they do rox and roll

it's only rock and roll - "fingerprint file" (those f.b.i. remarks'd get you busted today - and probably got keith busted then - lol)- "ain't to proud to beg" is great but it's nothing on the temptations

metamorphosis - "i'd much rather be with the boys" - credited to oldham/richards - pure loog genius- the alternate take of "out of time" is better than the version originally released (imho) & "i don't know why" gives stevie wonder a dark side he could never generate himself - yeah, i know, that's three and that's no choice... thanks mr. klein (You can't call him Al)

made in the shade - nothing new here but a great compilation, title and jacket

black and blue - "memory motel" - for keith's vocals alone but what a song - matched only by the guitar breaks of harvey mandel and wayne perkins in "hot stuff" and "hand of fate"

love you live - "around and around" - as good as sex and drugs (and best used in conjunction with the same)...

time wait's for no one - another greatest hits - including two tracks already on made in the shade - one for the tourists

some girls - this is too hard - again i'll go the least best cop - out and say "lies"... it's all brilliant

emotional rescue - "all about you" - and not just because k sings it - best mj vocal track "down in the hole"... "dance" is funky but, inmho. suffers from "thin" production but maybe they meant it that way or maybe it was just the drugs or the sex...

tattoo you - for sheer mind blowing what the surreal f#*k is that (and you can't ask more than that) - "heaven" - "little t&a" 'tho is pure rock and roll and "slave" has sonny rollins (i think.. correct me if i'm wrong) and is totally cool

still life - "going to a go go" - where else??

undercover - the title track although "tie you up" is quintesswential.. who does the keyboards on that again??

rewind - another tourist affair

dirty work - "sleep tonight", "stu's outro" - there's plenty of good stuff here. "harlem shuffle", "one hit", "too rude" (k on top of his game) - "back to zero" features the strangest, most upsetting, song writing credit ever to appear on a stones album, to wit: jagger/richard/leavell & it sounds like it!!

steel wheels - "slippin' away" - roll over hoagy carmichael and tell richard rogers the news!!

flashpoint - "highwire" - no doubt about it, it rates with their best work - jagger might be a multi - rich sell-out but he's still prpepared to call a spade a spade (if you'll pardon the expression) - although you don't have to be a genius to work out that arms dealers rule the world - ("we don't need no stinkin' lawyers") - and great guitar noise and charlie's right there... and hey this shit rocks... and rolls...

now, suckin' in the seventies has slipped through the net and i'd say "everything is turning to gold" - tho it is only through the august pages of this message board that i have become aware that the tracks are not the usual ... i always dismissed it as another greatest hits with a couple of curios... now i know. i'm hunting my second hand shops like joey is looking for his lost dope...

voodoo lounge - "thru and thru" is k at his most bizarre -love is like a pizza delivered?? (maybe he had a blue with patti??) - that's amore (like an old pizza pie)- "out of tears" is mj making an effort and it moves me like i can't say...

stripped - "slipping away" & "wild horses"

no security - i must say - and you can call me a pretender -i've never heard it all the way through but, unfortunately, i have a pretty good idea what it sounds like... any recommendations out there...

bridges to babylon - "you don't have to mean it" ... i do like "saint of me", "anybody.." and "juiced" which sounds like a track from their first album or thereabouts (think "stoned") put through some digital/temporal sound processor but the spirit survives...

is that it??... well for the official releases anyway...

if i've managed to maintain anyones attention for the length of this post well congratulations and thank you... and if anything, i hope some of you might check out some of that early stuff.. maybe not so sophisticated but it burns the brand of the legend...

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-15-02 09:32 AM
Jumacfly hey, nice post guys.
it s very interesting to read all you can feel about these songs. everybody got his own feeling, it s very nice to share emotions about the stones.
many thinks can be said, i love this song cause i make love on this, i also dance on this one , drunk with my friends, each song can be heard in different moods, in different occasions...and that s very nice!!

well, this is my list:

I begin here

their satanic...: "she s a rainbow", a great way to wake up with a smile on your face, great melody.

beggars: sympathy of course, pure madness!!
i would really like hearing this one with real percussions,
in a typically voodoo mood!!

bleed: hey fav is...the whole record, but specially "country honk" , just cuz it s a real country mess, the sounds of the car, the southern accent...

get yer ya ya s: ohhhhhh carol....great rock, beautiful riff, chuck berry tribute, would be a great arena opener!!!

Sticky fingers: well, CYHMK, this song is the pure rock n roll dream, this break sounds like santana under LSD, well a great tune.

Exile: Exile is a masterpiece, there s nothing more to say!!

Goats: "doo doo doo", cause the starfucker version was really made to be played loud loud louder live!!

IORR: i really love dance little sister, very groovy , i love the bassline

Black and Blue: "hey negrita", for this famous vocal dialogue between Mick Chick and Mick Pimp.

love you live: my fav is YCAGW: great ronnie solo on this one, i may be wrong but it sounds like ronnie stuff...

Some girls: when the whip comes down, great lyrics, great
rythm, a beautiful "fuck you stupid punks"song, "hey we can also do it young wanckers!"

emotionnal rescue...euh...undercover...euh..dirty works well "had it with you ", this rock kicks ass!!

Steel wheels: break the spell , the other ones are too "metalic" for me, and i hate Matt clifford sucker dick face!!!LOL!!

flashpoint: sex drive, the bootlegs from this tour were so good than it s very difficult to listen this whole record...track seventeen, straight on.

Voodoo lounge: welcome back boys, this "mean disposition" , dark sound, great bass, killer lyrics is a great one...when will we hear this live??
but in this crazy world of heat and run...

stripped: "shine a light", i was so happy to hear this one, "let it bleed' is also amazing.

bridges: well, too tight and lowdown, which sounds like an indie garage band!

no security: this "out of control" is the definitive answer to all the noel gallagher of the world: they still rock and still kick ass.
beautiful ending, great break.

Well, here s my choice....

Cheers stones fans, and fuck you Noel gayllagher

07-15-02 09:49 AM
stonedinaustralia yeah jumacfly ronnies break on YCAGWYW is bliss
07-15-02 10:01 AM
Jumacfly yeah, it s a great version new orleans funky meters neville
stoned in australia!
07-15-02 12:19 PM
Nasty Habits Time Waits for No One is not quite an entirely "tourist" affair. Some of the mixes seem different to me, and especially the version of Starfucker, which is the unedited version without any of the roverdubs - you can hear the thing about the clean pussy loud and clear. Being a vinyl guy I don't know if the edits were fixed on the CD, so it's nice to have a pristine studio version, which is why I like that record.
07-15-02 05:59 PM
stonedinaustralia thanks nasty h - i stand corrected!
07-15-02 08:37 PM
Gazza Some nice,quirky choices there Stoned in Australia....

Heres mine...I'm skipping the compilations:

The Rolling Stones/Englands newest Hitmakers - Route 66. Meant so much to see that one on "No Security" in '99.

12 x 5 - Its All Over Now. One of the best intros on any song ever.

The Rolling Stones No. 2/Now! - You Cant Catch Me. No contest. One of my fave 5 0r 6 songs ever. never played live and the ONE song above all others I dream of seeing on this new tour. On a b-stage.

Out of our Heads (US/UK) - tricky one. Maybe "mercy mercy".

Decembers Children - Get off of my Cloud. the greatest drummed intro in history.

Aftermath (UK) - Lady Jane
Aftermath (US) - Paint it Black
Got Live if you Want it - find it hard to listen to it past the first few screams
Between The Buttons (US) - Ruby Tuesday
Between The Buttons (UK) - Connection
Satanic Majesties - 2000 Light Years From Home. Apart from 2000 Man and Shes A Rainbow,I cant listen to the rest of this album.

Beggars Banquet - Well theres the obvious "big three" but ive always been partial to a "parachute woman" and "No expectations"...I guess "Stray cat Blues" gets the nod,though.
Let It Bleed - Gimme Shelter. The best studio song the Rolling Stones have ever done.
Ya - Ya's - Midnight Rambler. The best song on any Stones record.
Sticky Fingers - Moonlight Mile. I Got The blues and Sway run it close.
Exile - Christ,where do I start? Torn & Frayed is my favourite. Honourable mentions to Tumbling Dice and Stop Breaking Down.
GHS - Comin' Down Again,I that "someone else's pie" line. Pleasant imagery.

IORR - I'm a bit bored with the live version,but I still love the title track of this album. Love listening on headphones to the way the guitars "duel" and flicker and the fact that the song kinda "sways" and isnt quite on the right beat. A brilliant mess. A bit like the Stones in fact. Fingerprint File and TWFNOO are sublime too.

Black and Blue - Memory Motel,by a country mile.

Love You Live - the El Mocambo songs. Especially "mannish boy" but YCAGWYW and Fingerprint File are worth checkin out too.

Some Girls - Miss You is another great single thats now underappreciated because theyve played it to death in concert. The studio version is perfection,especially the middle 8 "walkin central park" bit. Listen to it in the dark. Bill Wyman's finest hour. "shattered" is up there too. I love the whole album,its the album that got me into the Stones big-time. Great cover of "just my imagination" especially the bit in the bridge where Mick delays the last word of the line "she doesnt even" and Keith sings over him. Along with "Exile",the most perfect album.

Emotional Rescue - Where The Boys Go. One of the best rockers of their career (great rhythm guitar and amazing drumming!) and greatly underappreciated.

Tattoo you - Slave. Its hard to pick out who steals this song the most. Everyone playing on it absolutely excels. maybe its Bob Clearmountain who steals it because of the way he's mixed it. Sonny Rollins brings out the best of Charlie Watts. The best production/mixing on any Stones album.

Still Life - Lacklustre version of "Go Go" compared to the version recorded at Hampton. My first Stones tour,so the opening intro and "Under My thumb" is what makes this disc very special. "Time is on My Side" is the highlight though.

Undercover - Too Much Blood. I do like "feel on baby" though,although no one else seems to.

Dirty Work - One hit - especially jimmy Page's solos. Sleep Tonight is great too.

Steel Wheels - Continental Drift. Its far from my favourite Stones record,yet it contains IMO 3 songs that will always fit in my personal Top 20 Stones tracks - the others being Almost hear you sigh and Slipping Away (listen to the way Keith sings the word "soon" in the last verse and tell me the guy cant sing..) Continental drift is a fucking amazing track,though. certainly in my all time Top Five.

Flashpoint - Sympathy For The devil. Even though two great Keith solos are butchered in the editing room. When I first saw the Stones Tokyo 26.2.90 show on video,I thought this was the best version of Sympathy id ever heard and still do. Thankfully they used the same version for the live album, albeit edited.

Voodoo lounge - Love Is Strong is a great opener. Out of Tears a killer ballad,but I plump for another song many people hate. thru & thru. Love the build up before it kicks in. At precisely 4:14 into the song,Keith sings the word "open" with the menace of a man about to slash the listener from ear to ear. They used this song as a closing montage at the end of series 2 of "The Sopranos". At least David Chase saw the song's magic. Couldnt believe that on an album that sold zillions of copies that 5 years later so many so-called Stones fans were posting on Undercover and other fan forums that theyd heard Keith singing a song on "The Sopranos" and wondered what it was and which of his albums it was on.....

Stripped - Wild Horses of the studio songs. Dead Flowers of the live songs.

Bridges To babylon - Four stand out,maybe five. Flip The switch is just magificent, and although a lot of people dislike ASMB (and it sucked live)I think the second half of the song especially is fantastic. Waddy Wachtel's guitar coda at the end is simply beautiful. I'd go as far to say its one of the best guitar breaks on any Stones record,so for that alone,its a worthy song. Thief In The Night shuffles beautifully with a great vocal, Saint of Me is a terrific song,but the highligt is maybe Out of Control. Love the little musical nod to "Papa was a Rolling Stone" and the snatch of "Riders in the storm" during the instrumental break.

No Security - Out Of control. Even better live

07-16-02 01:30 AM
Prodigal Son If you exclude songs that were also singles released soon after (B-sides don't matter).
ENHM-"Route 66"
12 X 5-"Empty Heart"
RS Now!-"Everybody Needs Somebody to Love"
Out of Their Heads-"Play with Fire"
December's Children-"Blue Turns to Grey"
Aftermath-"Under My Thumb"
Between the Buttons-"Connection"
Satanic Majesties-"2000 Light Years from Home"
Beggar's Banquet-"Sympathy for the Devil"
Let it Bleed-"Gimme Shelter"
Ya-Yas-"Midnight Rambler"
Sticky Fingers-"Sway"
Exile-"Rocks off"
Goat's Head Soup-"Winter"
IORR-"Time Waits for No One"
Metamorphisis-"Memo from Turner"
Black & Blue-"Hand of Fate"
Love You Live-"Crackin' up"
Some Girls-"Before They Make Me Run"
Emotional Rescue-"Summer Romance"
Tattoo You-"Tops"
Still Life-"Let's Spend the Night Together"
Undercover-"Wanna Hold You"
Dirty Work-"Sleep Tonight"
Steel Wheels-"Continental Drift"
Flashpoint-Haven't heard this album
Voodoo Lounge-"You Got Me Rocking"
Stripped-Haven't heard
Bridges-"Too Tight"
No Security-Haven't heard

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