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Topic: Victor Bockris' quote from tonights documentary Return to archive
07-14-02 08:12 PM
Gazza The epilogue to the ARTE "Let it Bleed" celebration of 40 years of the Rolling Stones came from Keith's biographer Victor Bockris.
He got very worked up on the subject and started shouting a lot but it was a nice emotive piece all the same:

"There we'll stop. I want to say one last thing,which is this! We suffer...ENORMOUSLY.. from rejecting our artists when theyre alive. We KILL our greatest artists! Jack Kerouac RELEASED the United States and they KILLED him with negative criticism. They could have said "hey man, thank you - come and speak to us. Come to our colleges - let us pay you..but they said "no - you're an arsehole. Fuck you" and now they're saying "oh - one of the greatest writers of the century!"

FUCK YOU for,you know,destroying and killing someone who gave his life to try and give YOU life and you say to him "fuck you,'re a dirty person!" and THATS what they're trying to say to The Rolling Stones..."oh you fools..youre nothing"..

"THESE people are RELIGIOUS! they're PRIESTS! They are the ONLY priests we have! And I kneel down and I pray that I can BE with them. I dont want to hear anybody saying anything other than that. To me thats a disgusting and sick phenomenon to try and say "Euuuuugh" (vomiting noise) to that. I mean Goddamn. What kind of world do we live in?

We lived through a situation in the 40's where 100 million people got killed in 6 years because of insane greed.... and the Rolling Stones came along and they wiped that out - they wiped out that hate and that horror and that fear that came after the 2nd World war and they put something positive on the plate. they said "hey - (makes drumming sound) - lets have sex,lets make love" and people are saying "Fuck you - screw you,get off the planet!". Well,y'know youre the DEVIL if youre gonna try and put that down!"

07-14-02 09:08 PM
Sir Stonesalot A-fuckin-men.

Right on Viktor!

Yay for sex!

Up with the penis! Down with impotency!

Quick, everyone, call your local radio station, and tell them how much sex rocks.

Don't keep it a secret!

The Rolling Stones = sex

sex = the greatest thing ever

The Rolling Stones = the greatest thing ever
07-15-02 03:45 AM
Mathijs I quite liked Charles Shaar Murray's remark alot "the times are over when you needed to have their latest album. People go to Stones shows nowadays for the same reason as you would visit Pompei".

I thought the program was really well done. There wasn't too much new material, nut it was nice to see so many people who actually did play a role in the Stones history. Many people you know by name, but now you see them talk, which was quite nice. It was especially nice to see Stanley Booth! when you see his face, you just immediatly notice that you know this guy for 20 years, and that's true: he's all over the Gimme Shelter movie!

07-15-02 10:19 AM
nankerphelge Wow - that sure sums up my sentiments!

They are priests -- I am soon going to mass!!
07-15-02 10:24 AM
Dandelion* What's the story with this documentary? Are they going to show it in the US? Available on tape or dvd?

07-15-02 10:36 AM
Maxlugar "and the Rolling Stones came along and they wiped that out - they wiped out that hate and that horror and that fear that came after the 2nd World war:

What? They wiped out hate?

Then why does Joey still hate me? Does he not know about this?

07-15-02 12:11 PM
Nasty Habits I am equally shocked to learn that the Rolling Stones wiped out war, greed, famine and pestilence, rape, murder and all those nasty things.

Last I heard, Mick is the devil. He says so in the album previous to Let It Bleed!

David Bowie's the guy who says "Let's make love" in his version of "Let's Spend the Night Together", not the Rolling Stones.

The Stones are in it for themselves and always have been and that's what they teach you about life. That and how to rock.

However, Sir Stones' math is right on.

07-15-02 12:17 PM
Maxlugar That Bowie version of LSTNT is delicious!

One of the few Stones covers that is really good.

Yeah I don't get a lot of what this guy attributes to the Stones either.

But anytime anyone praises them I'm right there with them!

"The Stones ended World Hunger, just look at Mick Taylor, Ronnie!"
07-15-02 02:02 PM
WahWahWoody Yeah, I liked Victor's very impulsive statement at the end of the documentary. I also liked the way they combined the live recordings of "It's all over now" from the early 60s and the Paradiso gig in 1995.
I wonder if they will bring the blimp over to Europe next year and I also wonder if they use this cartoon-like movie with the blimp flying all over the world as the opener of the show before they enter the stage....Can't wait till next year !
07-15-02 04:53 PM
jean-pierrre M "Arte" program was great from the begining to the end...
07-16-02 03:39 AM
Mathijs I did notice that Mick Taylor was absent from the credit role at the end. No word of him.

07-16-02 06:37 AM
WahWahWoody Funny, but I noticed that too, Mathijs. He wasn't mentioned at all.
07-16-02 06:43 AM
stonedinaustralia mick taylor gets no credit!!

as charlie put it in 25 x 5 - "funny how things don't change"

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