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Happy Birthday Baby!
Today 30 years ago Littleredrooster filmed portions of both shows at MSG
Now this "baby" is in digital video, with adjusted brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness digitally for each take
By Lil' Red Roosta'
[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: better than 25 by 5 Return to archive
07-14-02 05:58 PM
hayo The Let it bleed documentary on the Arte channel was a real treat!
It showed a lot of rare footage and had really nice interviews.
What did you think of it?
07-14-02 06:02 PM
Honky Tonk Man Better then 25x5? I was watching that today. Boy, that must of been one hell of a documentary. I dont doubt you for a second. Im sure it was brilliant.

07-14-02 06:22 PM
Chris Diemoz Hi everyone,

my memory ran to "25x5" a lot of times, while watching,
but I have to say "Let It Bleed" is better. First because it
includes a lot more of rare footage (and pictures) from the
sixties, but also on the contents side, because it focusizes
on a many sides which weren't explored in the 1989 doc,
like the "Fans" section. Concerning this, let me say that
seeing our friend Stonesdoug show his Stonestoilet has been
a real pleasure. The interviews were interesting and,
without being polemic, I'd like all english fan to listen
well to the last words spoken by Stanley Booth. I'm trying
to explain that question since a long while, but, after this doc,
I'll stop: Stanley did it in the better way possible! Keep
up our Stones, guys! Don't throw 'em down!

07-14-02 06:23 PM
Gazza Yeah I thought it was better than 25 x 5...really excellent

Obviously a fair amount of it was stuff we'd seen before on 25 x 5 and other Dolezal/Rossacher Stones specials,but it was beautifully put together (That opening 5 minute montage of multiple versions of "Jumpin Jack Flash" was fucking fantastic)

It was a bit strange that when they featured interviews with the Stones,they just used subtitles yet when they interviewed everyone else,they nearly always had a voiceover translating it into French (or German,depending which broadcast you watched)

Victor Bockris' "animated" straight from the heart piece at the very end was great - I'm gonna repost it here word for word when I get the chance (unless someone beats me to it) - basically about how fucked up society is that doesnt properly appreciate great artists when they're alive and wastes time basically teling them to get fucked only to contradict themselves and tell us how great they were when its too late. God,did he let rip!

Loved the Blimp footage!

saw quite a few things I've never seen before - wish they were full songs instead of tantalisingly brief clips:

"Play with Fire" from a TV show with the band leaning against a Rolls-Royce whilst Mick sings
"Sympathy" from a TV show from 1968 (presumably David Frost Show..incredible!)
"Satisfaction" from a German concert in 1965 (Hamburg or Berlin??)

A great way of spending three hours on a Sunday night!

..and then there was Stonesdoug's house. Shit,I thought "I" was nuts. My wife'll never complain again after seeing that place. Nice pad you got there,sir!

"Performance" is on now..Ms Pallenberg is looking as hot as I always remember her in this one!
07-14-02 06:24 PM
Gazza Chris - it was Victor Bockris who did the bit at the end,not Stanley booth (we're both posting at the same time here) Great piece,huh?
07-14-02 06:26 PM
L&A Let it bleed was great ! Here's some info about the thema...
07-14-02 06:26 PM
Chris Diemoz Hi,

sorry, I'm still at Cloud n. 9, so I taped Stanley Booth
instead of Victor Bockris. Happy Gazza will post his final
speech, so anyone will understand what I was speaking about.

Thumbs up, Gary!
07-14-02 06:37 PM
Fiji Joe I don't get the Arte channel. but, I watch a "true hollywood" story about Danny Bonnaduce on the E channel today. It was OK. Never knew he and David Cassidy didn't get along.
07-14-02 06:40 PM
mattb The Play With Fire segment sounds like it was from the USA show Shindig from May 26, 1965. They also performed Down The Road Apiece, Little Red Rooster, The Last Time, and Satisfaction.
07-14-02 07:02 PM
Gazza It didnt look like "Shindig" to me,to be honest. Going by the clothes anyway

I have some or most of that broadcast and dont recall seeing this footage (thats the one where they also introduced Howlin Wolf)

Maybe it was "Shivaree" which was taped a few days earlier - they lip synched to "The last time" and "Play with Fire" on that one...or else a Swedish TV show in Stockholm April 1965.
07-14-02 09:03 PM
All in all it was really very good. Of course -like always - much has been seen before. But the mixture was well done and the flow was nice + some real rarities. Some nice live stuff from 65 in Germany,too.
Unfortunately they seem to have cut out a lot of the fan/collector stuff.

Still laughing about an very excited V. Bockris at the end !
07-14-02 09:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot OK, so which one of you lovely people is gonna send me a NTSC VHS copy of this show?

Any word when this thing gets some air in the States?
07-14-02 09:23 PM
Gazza We cant send you a NTSC video because you cant make NTSC videos in europe..youd have to get a PAL tape and then have it converted

youre welcome to a copy though!

07-15-02 08:29 AM
Gazza wrote:

Maybe it was "Shivaree" which was taped a few days earlier - they lip synched to "The last time" and "Play with Fire" on that one...or else a Swedish TV show in Stockholm April 1965.

Was "Shivaree" a local LA show? The Stones also appeared several times on a local NYC show - Clay Cole. I wonder if any of those tapes survived?
07-15-02 08:36 AM
stonedinaustralia help me please chris d... what did stanley b. say??

excuse me.. now i've read the full thread my querie is answered... thank you all and i hope i get to see it some time...and thank you fiji joe and yes gazza anita is hot... she was the crucible in which our heady brew was mixed

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-15-02 10:15 AM
FotiniD Better than 25X5??
Must be something!

What was it... Tree the nutter? Tree the... Well, just tree
07-15-02 11:07 AM
Jumacfly yes Anita and Marianne were really beautiful.
I tried to see performance...but I should have LSD cause I found the psychedelic!!
it was nice to hear Mick perform memo from turner...

it was a really good night...the remix of all the tittles by "where is Ringo" was was a medley of many famous riffs, a patchwork of sympathy, satisfaction, brown sugar....very attractive.
and yes, the intro with the different versions of JJF was really cool too.
Well, it s cool to finish your week end with this...instead of "legionnary", with the over space cretino jean claude van damme LOL!

hope they will show it in the USA guys, a great moment.


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