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Topic: The Boss vs The Moss Return to archive
07-13-02 11:39 AM
torn&frayed Just received email invitations to pick up tickets at Ticketbastard to attend Bruce Springsteen at MSG on August 12 & Meadowlands on August 7 - All tickets are 85.00 - no fan club charges, no need to mortgage my home in order to attend both shows, no muss, no fuss - just the opportunity to get great seats to a great gig for a great price - this definitely helps scrape the shit I had to go through with the Stones 40th Anniversary heist off my shoes. Nice to see that some successful artists actually do still appreciate their fans...

Keep on rockin' Bruce.
07-13-02 11:48 AM
Nellcote Great, I'll go see Bruce also. Sounds like you are selling your Stones tix, if so, I'd be interested in attending a fourth show! WTF, let it go!

07-13-02 11:52 AM
torn&frayed And all of the best floor seats for both arenas are General Admission!

For all of you who were posting in defense of the way the Stones have handled their ticket sales for this tour maybe this will remind you of the way things could and should be done when an artist actually gives a f#@k about their audience's satisfaction.
07-13-02 12:11 PM
mattb yawn!
07-13-02 12:56 PM
torn&frayed Yeah, seems like that's exactly what most Stones fans are doing these days!
07-13-02 01:04 PM
Fiji Joe Yeah, $85. That's cheap. Not like the guy could charge any more.
07-13-02 01:21 PM
torn&frayed Believe me - Springsteen could charge as much as he'd like and still sell out instantly - especially on the East Coast - these shows were both gone in less than 15 minutes... The man also leaves it on the stage every performance - it amazes me how Stones fans can eat the shit they dished out on this tour and still keep coming back for more - I love their music but I've lost a ton of respect for them as artists - BTW if you'd like to get great seats for a Stones show of your choice you can stop by Etrade's web site - all you have to do is open up a $500,000.00 account!
07-13-02 02:20 PM
Fiji Joe To borrow from the world of sports as it relates to attendance at Stones' shows vs. Springsteen, I have but one word for you..."Scoreboard"!
07-13-02 02:22 PM
Fiji Joe Which begs the question, if Springsteen loves his fans so friggin much, why isn't he playing more dates? The dude is a Beverly Hills sellout!
07-13-02 03:23 PM
torn&frayed Bound to be more Springsteen shows to come - allow me to compare notes for you regarding the two tours -

Springsteen -
1. received notification via email yesterday of dates and sales info.
2. Went online today at 12:00, picked up a pair of Orchestra floor seats (GA) for MSG for $160.00


Stones -
1. I join the Scam Goody fan club for 65.00 for a shot at "excellent" tickets to the show of my choice
2. Spend an entire morning trying to connect to a site that doesn't work.
3. Finally connect to the site in the afternoon after all the club dates are gone - I'm offered Mezzanine seats to the MSG show.
4. I check out Etrade (they're asking for half a million dollar account to provide a shot at tix!)
5. I join the Stones Scam Club to get a final shot at decent seats and shell out another $800.00 for thier "specially reserved" tix.
5. I wait six weeks to figure out where my seats are.
6. My seat locations finally arrive - back of the arena in the Promenade.

Gimme a break Fiji - this was one of the rawest deals fans of any band ever got...

07-13-02 03:43 PM
Gazza FijiJoe - FYI - Springsteen IS playing lots more shows. In 2003. The first part of the tour is all one nighters (46 shows). The 2003 US leg will feature multiple night stands - saying he couldnt charge any more than $85 (actually its $75 plus charges) is idiotic - On his last tour - WITHOUT a new studio album to promote - he easily sold out a combined total of 21 arena shows at Meadowlands and MSG alone,two venues barely ten miles apart (some half a million tickets). Ticket sales elsewhere were very high too.

Believe me..if he charged $300 a ticket.he'd get plenty of takers. The difference is he doesnt (nor does he whore himself to corporate sponsors either to bankroll the tour - something which gives even less excuse to inflate ticket prices). If you dont like the guy,then thats fair enough - but we're dealing with facts here...and I'm sure many people would agree that the way ticket arrangements have been dealt with for this Stones tour has been a fiasco.

Well done T&F on getting lucky. You'll have a great time.
07-13-02 04:01 PM
steel driving hammer Torn n' Frayed has a point here.

One I don't wanna believe but it's true as the blue sky above.

I spent over $1,300 dollars for 2 nights in Chicago.

Great seats through Etrade but still, extremely costly.

Mick you better dance your little ass off.
07-13-02 04:34 PM
Fiji Joe Exactly! You paid the $1,300...would you have shelled that out for Springsteen? $85 a ticket ain't no friggin bargain...I like the Boss, I do...but, don't post a message saying how much he cares about his fans just because he's charging $15 less for field seats...I got field GA in Atlanta for $90 plus costs...The sum bitch is still cashing in like a bandit...And you can put any spin you want on it, a Stones ticket is still worth more than a Springsteen ticket on the open market, not much, but more nonetheless..Are the nosebleed seats at Springsteen's concerts also $85?...Bottom line, both artists are making a shit pot of money and $85 a ticket is not a fan-oriented gesture..."57 channels and nothing on"? What the hell is that about?
07-13-02 04:45 PM
steel driving hammer Fiji Joe, I like the way you post...

"57 Channels and Nothing on"
LOL. Think he's running out of idears for songs!

Loved that ever since I heard it pronounced that way.

"My Father He Ain't No Guevara (sp)"
Thanks for the smile.

And your Avatar.

Do you collect Stones boots?
Wanna trade?
If not, roll on just the same...
07-13-02 04:53 PM
Stray Cat Let's face it,the Stones have sold out.
I'm sick of trying to defend their corporate greed.They'll never get away with it in the U.K. After the tax evation of 1998 they are living on borrowed time in their homeland. I'm still one of their biggest (UK) fans ,but really guys??
07-15-02 07:43 AM
bez85 springsteen sucks.......
07-15-02 11:15 AM
stonedinaustralia bez 85,... i'll see you in the car park!!...

is a dream a lie if it don't come true... or is it something worse?

07-15-02 11:48 AM
thief in the night It's all too much
$300 or $85 a lot of fans are still priced out of the market.
Which is too bad.
I know I won't be going but life's tough.
Is it right? No.
Is it the way things are? Yes.
07-15-02 11:50 AM
thief in the night Springsteen's OK. A lot of my friend's swear by teh guy.
I think he couldn't hold the the Stones' jocks.
I am a man of taste, not wealth.
07-15-02 05:06 PM
Stonzy78 Ticket Prices don't mean shit about how an artist feels about their fans let me give you a good example of the boss vs. the moss
Rockford IL. 1981 a local radio puts out a petition to get the Stones. They get a shit load of signitures send to the Stones. They play Rockford, IL. Oct. 1st 1981
A few years later...same radio this time gets a 57 pink cadilac gets a shitload of signitures sends the caddy off to springsteen and his reply..."I'll never play your hick town."
Shut the hell up Its only money and Its only rock n' roll
BTW i'm seeing the Stones 8 times this tour--so far--and have gotten great seats and haven't paid anything more than $150. I don't think theres anything wrong with it, I'd do the same thing. If people are willing to pay it, Hell who in their right mind wouldn't do it.
07-17-02 11:19 AM
Sir Stonesalot I look at it this way....

I don't really care if The Rolling Stones appreciate me or not. I appreciate them. Tickets are expensive, and the "ticket clubs" were a fiasco.

I don't care.

I'm going to see the Stones. I'm having to sell off my die-cast collection to do it, but so what. They are just little toy cars...and this is the Rolling f'n Stones. Easy choice to make.

As far as the fan club ticket rip off....I'd learned my lesson on pre sales with the VH1 fiasco. As soon as I read the fan club sales pitch, I knew it was gonna be fucked up. It was the only possible outcome. Everyone should have known that the fan club ticket supply would be smaller than the demand for tickets. I've seen plenty of people say that they did indeed get great seats...and even theatre tickets through the fan club. Of course that number is relatively small...there were only a small number of those seats available. When those allotments were gone, they got more tickets to fulfill all the other requests. Point of fact, at any concert, at any venue, the number of premium seats is small. Not everyone can sit in the best seats. So when you have 50,000 people trying to buy the same 1000 have a system that ensures that the vast majority will be disappointed with their seats. Fortunately for me, I recognized this fact almost immediately, and I saved myself $90.00....$60.00 of which goes to the SPIV.

Bruce is great, and I really dig him. But he is able to offer his fan club members premium seats...and have enough to meet demand...because he doesn't have as big of a hard core fan base as the Stones do. Hence the demands for those tickets isn't as great. I'm not saying he can't sell out shows...he can...but he tours much more frequently than the Stones. The Boss being in town just isn't the same as the Stones being in town. Perhaps it should be as big of a deal...but it isn't.

The Rolling Stones understand their fan base. They understand that a big part of their audience is at the very least, middle to upper middle class. They can afford the prices that the Stones demand. And obviously, they have sold a shit load of tickets, so they must be right in that assumption. Unfortunately for us, we just happen to be fans of one of the most popular, and business savvy, bands on this planet. They don't tour very often, and when they do, it's the biggest ticket going. It's still our choice. Pony up and go...or don't.

I love this band. I want them to have my money. In fact, I feel like I OWE them this money. I don't feel that way about any other band...except for maybe the Clash, and Bob Dylan.

I'm very sorry that so many people feel like they have been suckered. You fell for a marketing ploy. It happens all the time to lots of people. No shame in it.

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