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Topic: Jagger, Richards to guest on 'The Simpsons' Return to archive
07-10-02 12:09 PM
Lazy Bones

Jagger, Richards to guest on 'The

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Homer Simpson will
make his rock 'n' roll dreams come true in the
fall, with some help from Mick Jagger and Keith

The Rolling Stones duo will guest star in an
episode scheduled to air in November in which
"The Simpsons" patriarch goes to rock 'n' roll
fantasy camp.

With scores of guest stars over the past 13
years, the cast has seen a famous face or two.
Everyone from Paul McCartney to U2 to
Elizabeth Taylor has lent a voice to the
animated series, but Jagger's presence at the
studio caused a stir.

"That was very exciting," Yeardley Smith, the
voice of Lisa Simpson, told The Associated
Press. "I mean, these people are larger than
life. It's peculiar to be in the same room with
them. You start to see them as people, which I
think is good, but it doesn't take the gloss off it
at all. It's still kind of like, 'Wow, you're Mick
Jagger.' It's still pretty stunning."

Smith got up the nerve to introduce herself to
the Rolling Stones icon, but her awe was met
with indifference.

"I said, 'Hi, I'm Yeardley Smith. I do the voice of
Lisa. Really glad you could come today.
Welcome.' And he said, 'Yeah,'" she said. "I
never know how much to sort of get in there.
Does that feel intrusive to them? You know, I'm
far too codependent to really overstep my

Smith had no problem getting an autograph,

"Any guest star that comes on the show, they
have to sign 80 script covers or something so
that everybody who's on the show - all the
writers and the producers and the actors - all
get a signed script for them. Then we the
actors also sign script for them," she said.

The episode with Jagger and Richards will air in
07-10-02 05:43 PM
stonedinaustralia a cartoon conversation between keith and krusty the clown (or perhaps sideshow mel) would be hilarious
07-10-02 11:15 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I get the feeling Mick's going to be doing all the talking... this sounds quite funny... cartoon Mick Jagger sneering at the cast of the Simpsons while cartoon Keith Richards leans on a wall, smoking and drinking, occasionally muttering "Yeah!" whenever Mick says something he agrees with.

-tSYX --- Just as long as the guitar plays...
07-16-02 06:10 AM
stonedinaustralia sorry to drag this thing up from the depths but it's been on my mind ever since i read it...

i've got a few ideas on how this episode could go and i would appreciate any input you may have in order to flesh it out...

the episode will be somewhat like a stephen king movie... springfield is overtaken by a mysterious evil force that causes all music to come out as "indian girl"... some-one goes to play a cd (any cd by any artist) but all that comes out of the speakers is "indian girl", similarly whenever a radio is turned on, no matter what the station, the only thing heard is "indian girl", same with the tv, no matter what channel, the only thing on is a video of the stones doing "indian girl" (flash to cameo of springsteen shooting his tv a la elvis and muttering about there being nothing on)... even more bizarre, all live bands, from the r'n' b combo playing at moe's tavern to lisa's music class, no matter what tune they go to play it comes out as, you guessed it, "indian girl"...

this of course sends the whole town stark raving mad...

ultimately the stones are called in (funded by monty burns)and asked to help springfield be rid of this curse...

the upshot is that the "indian girl"'s father must be brought back from angola (some sort of aztec curse or something)and reunited with his daughter (who is an exchange student in bart's class)...

in order to find him the stones take homer (disguised as che guevara) to angola - in the blimp, of course...

"indian girl"'s father is then found - ronnie accidently bumps in to him in an angolan crack house -

the show ends with the stones doing a "club gig" at moe's...

well, that's a start... any more developments/ideas you guys??

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