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07-04-02 07:16 AM
beer Hello all. I am just wondering, do any of you like The White Stripes? I ask because I think there is some common ground with The Stones, musically here. I love slide guitar, and the White Stripes feature some killer slide guitar. If any of you haven't heard them before, check them out, they do a great cover of "Stop Breakin Down", as as well as some more obscure blues covers. There is only 2 people in the band(Jack White: guitar- vocals, Meg White: drums), but they rock! check em out.
Happy 4th everyone!!!
07-04-02 09:14 AM
Boomhauer No, but I kind of like that song by The Hives, "Hate to say I told you so" or something like that. I think it rocks.
07-04-02 10:50 AM
swapwoodfortaylor White Stripes...excellent band. Have reworked some blues stuff and a number of Beefheart tunes too. A genuine 'new' band that have a style of their own. Would be a good warm-up band for The Stones club shows!
07-04-02 11:03 AM
MarthaMyDear I agree with Boomhauer... THE HIVES ROCK!!! And, I don't really like the White Stripes so much... Not only do the Hives ROCK HARD but they wear VERY smart clothes!!! HE!!! HE!!! :P Cute singer, also...

*** Martha ***

P.S. (Smart clothes... That reminds me that in recent pix of Mick, it looks like he's been wearing alot of those straight-legged pants he used to wear in the early sixties, kind-of... They really look great on him... Sigh...)
07-04-02 11:32 AM
Nasty Habits I think that the White Stripes' first album is probably the best and most interesting rock and roll record to be released in the last five years that wasn't Love and Theft. The sound is great and the songs are unique. It's amazing to me that such an untraditional band has made as many headroads into mainstream music as they have - shows a real thirst/need in the public for genuine rock and roll.

Jack White really cares about music and his musical community. He recorded a really cool album of all Detroit bands called Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit last year. And while most of the bands on that comp. deserve about one song apiece, one band, the Paybacks, has just released a very rockin' record called Knock Loud on the Get Hip label.

I dream that the Stones are noting the trend towards rawer rock and roll live the Hives and the Stripes and will record an album accordingly.

07-04-02 12:00 PM
Jumacfly the hives are amazing, their album rocks a lot, "hate to say i told you so" is a great track, buy it you won t be deceipted!!
I also like the Strokes, i saw them live they re good too.
..I got a bootleg from Paris , great short show, our stones 40 years ago...

07-04-02 01:20 PM
Rescued I would love to see the White Stripes or the Strokes warm up for the Stones. I wonder how Stones size crowds would receive them? I remember Iggy Pop getting booed off stage after only 3 songs in Pontiac, Michigan while warming up for the Stones in 1981.

I saw the Strokes at Caberet Metro in Chicago last October. They came on at around 2:00 am and the buzz made me wonder what it must have been like to see the Stones in the middle of the night back in 1969.

I saw the White Stripes warm up for Sleater-Kinney a year or so ago and the guitar sound is raw and beautiful. I'm going to see them headline this month at the Metro. Great Band!
07-04-02 01:45 PM
Child of the Moon I really do have to say that the White Stripes are the best new band around. I really do love those two and their music. When i first heard "Feel in Love with a Girl," I thought it was David Bowie on speed. That's a sure sign of quality.
07-04-02 01:45 PM
Honky Tonk Man The "Hives" are fucking fantastic, "The White Stripes" are pretty good too. Though the best of these new bands is "the Strokes", but a LONG SHOT. Heard the "Black Rebel Motercycle Club"? they are damn godd too.

Theres a pretty good rock n roll bug going on at the moment.

Watch out for "the Vines" and another band called the Libitertines. I met the girl who runs their website in a night club. We got on VERY well. She knows them all really well and has met "the Strokes" on a few occasions as they opend for "the Strokes" a few times over here check it out!!

she will thank me later!!!

[Edited by Honky Tonk Man]
07-04-02 09:37 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah the Hives are pretty good, they play at T in the park festival in Scotland at the weekend, however I will be away. I like that song too Hate to Say... they have a good punk sound and good energy live. The Strokes well i like them too, their album is great and they were cool when I saw some of them in a pub in Glasgow, even though I was really pissed at the time and was mumbling something incoherantly to them about music and the Stones, they were ok. Last Nite, I love that song, yeah and BRMC, heard some of their stuff, and i have liked what I have heard and I am going to buy their album. Although I must add, imao, old music still does it for me anytime over new stuff.

Rock On

07-05-02 04:39 AM
Jumacfly yesterday, i received the strokes live in paris on cd...
and, as you said rescuer, it was the same buzz than the stones a few (!) years ago.
they really got the same attitude, especially Julian the singer!!
Now i d like to see the Hives live!!
their white suits are cool, the same with their videos!

you guys have you heard the last Frank Black called "dog in the sand"??
a fu**'ing great rnr album, with a huge "exile" feeling, sometimes his voice sounds like Mick's one , and the instrumentation is amazing; many guitars, slide, banjo, piano.....great
...I should also mention Izzy Stradlin first solo records (1992), with a great cover of "take a look at the guy", featuring Ronnie on vocals and singing with izzy.
Ronnie takes a beautiful solo on this one.....

07-05-02 06:18 AM
JaGgEr Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is also very good!
07-13-02 07:03 PM
Rescued Saw the White Stripes two nights ago at Metro in Chicago. Jack White is absolutely incredible. See them now if at all possible. After the encore they blasted Exile's Loving Cup through the sound system as the lights came up. Great end to a perfect show.

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