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Press Conference to introduce Mick Taylor as the new Rolling Stone
Hyde Park, London June 13, 1969

Photo by Peter Stone
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Topic: Piano Return to archive
07-08-02 05:56 PM
Mother baby Chuck Leavell this time around? If not who?
07-08-02 06:03 PM
CS Yes, we're gonna have the boring piano of Chuck Leavell again
07-08-02 08:50 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I think Mac will be a guest in San Antonio or somewhere in the USA leg, at least they must do it
07-08-02 09:48 PM
T&A Leavell is back - marking 20 years with the band.
07-09-02 04:07 AM
TT Yes, heīs back and he is ready to do a longer version of Honky Tonk Women with space for a solo (§%*&) and Keith hammering the keys of the electric piano OOOOOAAAAAAAA! Wake me up when itīs over.
07-09-02 05:01 AM
Jumacfly Pfff...I hate Chuck Leavell, and i agree, he s the most boring man on stage...hope Matt clifford won t be there too...If "goddess" sounds like crap, it because of him...

Why do the stones still playing with him....i think he has taken control on stage, but, unlike Preston he won t be fired by Keith...

Don t you think guys there is too much piano on stage???
07-09-02 05:31 AM
stonedinaustralia no jumacfly i'm afraid i can't agree - keyboards, in particular piano, are IMO essential components of the stones sound

i couldn't agree more though with your comments re chuck l.(although hate is a pretty strong word about anybody let alone someone i've never met)... his playing strikes me as bland beyond belief... i wish they would've stuck with ian mac but i uderstand he wasn't considered as permanent because he was a bad influence on ronnie (i have absolutely nothing whatsoever to substantiate that last comment - other than i've read similiar ones on this board)
07-09-02 06:07 AM
TT Letīs face it:

If Leavell would play a REAL piano (nothing else) it would be OK. I could even stand HIM.
But he is the musical director nowadays and is too important now. Fire him. Keith doesnīt do the rhythm anymore, Chuck does. And that sucks.
07-09-02 06:31 AM
Jumacfly TT, this is exactly what i think.
of course Stonedinaustralia piano is essential in the stones sound.
i love piano, BTW i don t like the way Chuck plays , he takes a huge place in their live sound, that s what i don t appreciate.
he considers himself as a Stone, but he s not, he s just a guest musician.Our Boys should first check their sound, and then the rest of the musicians...
But on the last tours, it wasn t the case, Chuck piano was
the loudest instrument on stage, that's the origin of the....fuc*ing Vegas Sound!!!!

"play it louder Ronnie,and please Keith ,don t shoot his piano , shoot him first!!" LOL!

Cheers Stones fans.

07-09-02 06:41 AM
stonedinaustralia jumacfly i agree entirely with your last post
07-09-02 07:55 AM
Honky Tonker In spite of all the bitchin', I thought the sound on NS (tour, not album) was the roughest it had been in years. JJF, Some Girls, and Midnight Rambler were all raunched up a little bit.
07-09-02 08:49 AM
Jumacfly Thanks Stonedinaustralia!
BTW most of the fans are agree with this fact: no more Vegas sound,play it rough boys!!

07-09-02 09:18 AM
patioaintdry Johnnie Johnson on piano and the Jordanaires backup vox.
07-09-02 02:21 PM
Jaxx i would agree that piano is essential to the stones sound. stu sure knew how to tickle the ivories and i always felt that the stones felt he was an integral part of their sound as well as the band.

chuck leavell is a sleeper. bruce hornsby would be hot. however, when it comes to the stones, i'm a real sucker for a bluesman like ray charles. i don't know if he could muster up that kind of stamina.
07-09-02 02:26 PM
Honky Tonker Two Southern Rock boys who would be great are Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Taz from the Charlie Daniels Band. Both are hot and not too slick.
07-09-02 10:19 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I agree that Chuck is way to smooth, boring, loud and just too much for The Stones sometimes (well most of the time). Not to take anything away from him, he is a great player (look at what he did for the Allman Brother's "Jessica"), but live, he just over plays. The keyboards have always been in the background when it comes to studio Stones stuff and that's the way it should be approached live also. I don't think people would have such a problem with Chuck if they would just turn him down. But, it's not only Chuck, he's just part of the problem. They need to get rid of all the backup singers and horn section. Just the boys, piano and one chick singing backups. As far as Bruce Hornsby being a replacement, that's not very likely. He is a star in his own right and his Grand Piano just doesn't fit. It worked well when he was in The Dead, but that's a whole different can of worms. Keith needs to take charge of the situation this time around and quit letting Mick make all of the decisions when it comes to the show and sound.
07-10-02 01:19 AM
Bluzian Yes, I concur too.. even as a piano player myself, I'm a bit
tired of Chuck's redundancy.. What about Leon Russell?? (joke)
Or even AJ Croce (Jim's son)? Booker T?? Kenny "Blues Boss"
Wayne maybe? There's gotta be a better choice out there than
the hum-drum of Leveall eh? Personally, I don't really like
the sound of piano in Midnight Rambler (Leeds exception
ofcourse, and the hammondB3 from '72/73 was wicked).

07-10-02 06:26 AM
bez85 leon would br great for the would jerry lee lewis jrc
07-10-02 06:33 AM
stonedinaustralia (and also with reference to the meters thread)... i could never understand why, if mac wasn't suitable, ivan neville never got the gig...i mean, was he asked??

the funny thing is, which most people don't appreciate (i.e. pepole who probably don't read this board), is that while chuck's there the best pianist in the band is keith!!

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-10-02 06:56 AM
TT Hey folks,

letīs wake up.

They need Leavell because he gives them what they seem to need now: stability. Since 1982 the fragile times are over. Now they (Keith especially) lean back and let Chuck rule the music. Compare Under My Thumb 1981/82 to 1997/98.

They would have fired him if they wanted to.
07-10-02 07:18 AM
stonedinaustralia careful TT what yer sayin' in one way is the stones are dead - stability - to paraphrase keith r'n'r is like a heartbeat and if all you get is that straight line you're history... but you're right,they could fire him if they wanted to but who is "they"??... my theory is (and it's not so far from yours and i've said it here before) is that chuck is the reality of the compromise between m & k as to what the stones are all about.. yes, compromise. hardly a stones like kinda attitude but what can you do??... i could be completely wrong, of course, for all i know k loves every note the mother plays...

and your observation re under my thumb is right... dirty guitar noise taking risks is what is required... and anyway why are they relying on cl to keep things together??...that's what charlie's there for...not the vegas style no (well not for the stones at least)... but , after all, we are a hard core bunch and we, of all people, should know by now YCAG(etc.)...

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-10-02 08:23 AM
luxury1 While Chuck is technically a great player, he is a bit too predictable for my taste--I agree, the Stones could use a funky boogie woogie man once again--a little crispy around the edges too.

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