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Press Conference to introduce Mick Taylor as the new Rolling Stone
Hyde Park, London June 13, 1969

Photo by Peter Stone
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Topic: SPIV Return to archive
07-05-02 08:12 PM
Maxlugar Folks,

I really can't wait until we are all in our Stones Party Inebriation Vehicle, or SPIV.

Scope will be checking out the interior this weekend to make sure its fully Stonesilicious.

I'm getting all misty eyed. The screen is all blury. Joey, do you have a ticket for MSG? I'm thinking of buying you one.

Friends, if thinking about our perfect night in the SPIV more than my job is a crime, let me be guilty!

Maxlugar, Alcoholic at large!

07-07-02 04:48 PM
Joey 'I'm getting all misty eyed. The screen is all blury. Joey, do you have a ticket for MSG? I'm thinking of buying you one. '

Sorry my brother , I can not make the trip out East this year due to all of the uncertainty at Hewlett Packard . Carly is going nuts with her 15K cuts in personnel and Twenty Percent reduction in Properties was so quiet at work last week you could even hear John Entwistle moaning out in vain at being replaced so soon .

Damn , the greatest player EVER to pick up the base was replaced in less than twelve hours , and rightfully so ! Pete and company made the correct decision ....I just hope the Rolling Stones realize how short life is and bring Mick Taylor back into the fold .

Bunny !

07-07-02 06:15 PM
Gazza Guilty as charged yer honour..even though in this country to be called a "spiv" isnt exactly a compliment,I'll run with it on this occasion!
07-08-02 07:28 AM
Maxlugar I know Gazza. That's part of the joke. I listened to Muswell Hillbillies in it's entirety Friday night. It mentions a Spiv that led his girl down the wrongfull trail. I couldn't get Spiv out of my mind. I thought I must make this into an acronim for our Party Van.

And there you have it.


Maxy Von Spivy Spiv!

PS. Muswell Hillbillies is as good as Exile. Maybe .001% less great.

07-08-02 09:08 AM
Joey 'Muswell Hillbillies is as good as Exile. Maybe .001% less great. '

You make young Joey say , Huh ??????

07-08-02 10:04 AM
nankerphelge The SPIV looks great. I was talking to someone over the weekend that had taken one to a casino and they said it was great! Does it have a john in the back or will I have to hang lil' nank out a window?
07-08-02 10:32 AM
scope Lil' Nank will be a hanging out the window. No facilities on board. You can leave your mark all over NYC.
07-08-02 10:44 AM
nankerphelge That will be a problem -- never hang your dick out a power window -- that's what I always say!
07-09-02 09:43 AM
Jaxx especially if i have my hand on the window controls....

i'm guilty as charged as well. its too hard to think about anything this summer but biting the big apple.
07-09-02 09:50 AM
nankerphelge Ha ha -- love the little "John Bobbit" face there Jaxxy!!
You wouldn't do that to your favorite "lap buddy" would ya now?
07-09-02 09:59 AM
Jaxx who me??? only one way to find out!
07-09-02 10:02 AM
Nasty Habits Now come on Max -- Muswell Hillbillies may be the last great record that band did, and it may be 100% great, and it may have a line about a SPIV named Frankie Simes on it, but it's only one record long, which makes it only 50% as great as Exile in any reasonable rockarolla's estimation.

Bless you, Uncle Max - they won't forget you when the revolution comes.

I'm a Asheville Hillbilly Boy and my heart lies in West Carolina.
07-09-02 10:23 PM
nanky I don't much care for the idea that while "crafting the buzz" before the show I am forced to endure severe bladdorial discomfort or face the risk of penile decapitation via a power window at the hands of Jaxx.

Max has consoled me with the notion "that's what empties are for." I've pissed in and outta many a moving vehicle in my day -- I'm here to tell ya, it never turns out good. Tryin to piss in a bottle in a moving sheep-filled vehicle screams "destined for failure" to me. And would you take a hit offa anything handed to you by a guy with wet hands. Not me!

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