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Topic: Stones-Guitar Players Thread Return to archive
07-04-02 04:37 PM
MidnightRambler Hey, what Stones tunes is everyone playin' on the gee'tar these days? Or favorite song to play?

-Lately, I've been taking stabs at the last 1:30 of "Can't You Hear Me Knockin" --that one is fun to play!!

-"It's Only Rock and Roll" is always a favorite!

-Gimme Shelter

-Little Queenie

-When The Whip Comes Down
07-04-02 04:41 PM
beer I've been playing "Sweet Black Angel" alot on guitar lately. It's really fun to play. Also Torn and Frayed, Sweet Virginia, Angie, and Love in Vain.

07-04-02 04:45 PM
MidnightRambler Do you play "Angie" based on the version on "Stripped"? That's my favorite version and prefer it better than the original studio track.

Actually, w/ the acoustic guitar, I go straight to "Stripped"-obviously! "Dead Flowers" I love to play from that. I LOVE the blues, so "Spider and the Fly" is great to play along!
07-04-02 04:53 PM
beer Yeah, I play Angie like The Stripped version. I actually got a video of the Stripped and Stripped Companion songs. It's a great video, it starts out with an interview with Keith at his home in Jamaica, then it has the Stones playing the songs live in the studio, live at the Paradiso Amsterdam, and the other places from the Stripped Albums. I figured out some cool stuff just from watching Keith play the guitar.
Oh yeah, I love to play Dead Flowers too!
07-04-02 05:02 PM
MidnightRambler Is this video the "Stripped" video that aired on VH1?
I hope so, cuz, if it's not---then I need to know what video you're referring too!

Is it that video?
07-04-02 05:12 PM
beer I think it is the VH1 stuff. It has Keith being interviewed at his home in Jamaica for 10 or 15 minutes, then the songs played are:
Wild Horses, live in the studio
Like a Rolling Stone, live at Brixton
Angie, olympia paris
Dead Flowers, Paradiso Amsterdam
Spider and the fly, live in studio
Sweet Virginia, amsterdam
Gimme Shelter, Amsterdam
Love in Vain, live in studio
Street fighting man, Amsterdam
Let it Bleed, live in studio

07-04-02 05:22 PM
MidnightRambler Yeah, that's it! Phew! For a minute I thought there was another video out there that I had to get!

Indeed, that's a great video! "Street Fighting Man" is hands-down a highlight on that video. But, I still haven't gotten how Keith plays it. He puts the capo on the 4th fret---how does he play the opening? Does he tune it differently?

He usually plays open G tuning---when the song is IN THE KEY of G, but Street Fighting Man is in "B"---any ideas there?
07-04-02 05:42 PM
stonedinaustralia it's fairly straight-forward - capo on 4th fret in open G gives you B - the "tricky" bit is a bit of a turn around (i'm talking studio version here) the intro rocks for B to E (with the emphasiis on the B - when the verses kick in it reverses and the beat is on the E - that might not be too clear but remember it's only two chords so just keep at it til it sounds right - of course you make the E by fretting the 5th string (low to high) on the "first" fret and the third string on the "second" fret that's it put very simply - it's another variation on the classic keith move

then you move up to the C# for the chorus the rest is in the feel (of course)

-just fool with that i'm sure you'll get it - hope this helps

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-04-02 05:51 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Been playing Wild Horses, Torn and Frayed, Sweet Virginia and Dead Flowers...You know, all the easy ones.
07-04-02 06:02 PM
MidnightRambler I also forgot to include a new one that I just recently picked up:

Prodigal Son

Ooooh, that's a FUN song to play! Pick up the tab for it---it's simple because it's very repetitive! Just a simple blues lick over and over again!
07-04-02 07:29 PM
FTELE52 I've been playing a lot of a Stones coverband for the past 4 years. Some of my favorites are Monkey Man and the lick oriented open G tunings like Tumblin Dice, Honky Tonk and You Can't Always Get What You Want. As for the newer tunes, Saint of Me got's some really nice parts.

07-04-02 10:31 PM
John Wood The band I play in is called Panic City, and the Stones tunes
we play right now are Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil
and Miss You. Last night we rehearsed Paint It Black. Some
others I play are Brown Sugar, Jumpin Jack Flash, Heartbreaker,
Dead Flowers, Heart of Stone, and even Rock and a Hard Place.
Those are the ones I have been playing lately.
07-04-02 10:52 PM
MidnightRambler Hey John Wood,

Just out of long is your guys' version of "Miss You"? Do you tend to play as long as the Stones do on stage? (6:00 +)

07-05-02 12:42 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! My Band Scapegoat played three gigs in the last week and The Stones tunes we covered are:
The Worst
Let It Bleed
Gimme Shelter
Dear Doctor
No Expectations
Salt Of The Earth
Sweethearts Together
Time Waits For No One
Pretty Beat Up
Fingerprint File
Some Girls
07-05-02 07:06 AM
John Wood Hey midnightrambler our version of Miss You is about the same
length as the Some Girls version. The only real difference
is we end it with the bridge like the Stones live version.
Thats the F, Em, Dm, F, Em, Dm, E, Am part. It's a cool tune
to play live (as long as it's a short version) and people
that have seen us play really seem to like it!
07-05-02 10:34 AM
patioaintdry Monkey Man, Midnight Rambler, Whip, Shattered, Under My Thumb.
07-05-02 03:23 PM
MidnightRambler What's one song that everyone is trying to master and still can't get?
07-05-02 08:19 PM
reid I am trying to "perfect" Midnight Rambler like on get yer ya ya's out. I also like to play tumbling dice and can't you hear me knocking, bitch, jumping jack flash.
07-08-02 11:24 AM
voodoopug My Band, "Voodoo Pugs", plays tons of stones live,

FLip the Switch
Out of COntrol
SOme Girls
Brown Sugar
Sister Morphine
Dead Flowers
Let it Bleed
Star Star
You Got Me Rocking
The Last Time
Honky Tonk
Cant you hear me knocking

Lately I have been jamming on Sister Morphine at home....its a relaxing song
07-10-02 09:33 AM
Staffan Hi, I'm posting this in NYC.. I'll be home in a few days.
I love to play Midnight Rambler, the 72 versions.. and Love in vain and GS to. Follow Taylors parts..

talk more later,

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