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Topic: headstone needed... Return to archive
07-07-03 12:56 AM
AnitaX A ROLLING Stones fan has turned down a £10,000 offer for the cemetery plot next to Brian Jones because he wants to be buried there.

XXXXXXX, 48, paid just £450 for the space in Cheltenham Cemetery, Gloucs, but refused the deal with a Californian woman.

Retired BT salesman Richard said: "He was the best of the Stones.

"I am determined that when it's my time to go I shall be placed alongside him so we can be soulmates in heaven."

XXXXX of YYYYYY, helped set up a fan club in memory of guitarist Jones who mysteriously drowned in his pool in 1969, aged 27.

He said: "I wasn't much of a Stones fan after he died.

"Many years later I started collecting Brian Jones' memorabilia and I think having a place next to him for eternity is the ultimate in that collection."

XXXXX has spent three years investigating Jones' death and is now convinced he was murdered.

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07-07-03 01:24 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks AnitaX I couldn't resist to share this news at Gerry's board. To be honest I would take that offer and if my intention is to be his soulmate in heaven (that is completely different to be neighbours in the graveyard) just give instructions to cremate me and put the ashes near Brian's grave. Holy Shit!
07-07-03 01:54 AM
beer Let's not forget ol' Albert Trigg also. I wonder what the Albert Trigg Fan Club thinks of this.
07-07-03 03:06 AM
MarthaMyDear I'm sorry, but this is PATHETIC!!! I thought *** I *** had no life sometimes but after reading THIS, I feel MUCH better!!! THANK YOU!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus H. Christ... lol.........................
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
MAYBE I could TRY to understand if this guy was gay (regarding the whole soulmate-thing), but even THEN it is WAY too creepy!!! lol.........................
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Ugh!!! lol.........................
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
"G A FRIGGIN' L"!!! lol.........................
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

*** Martha ***
07-07-03 11:18 AM
Lambchop What this thread needs is an appearence by a sock puppet.
07-07-03 04:44 PM
Gerry S I didn't post that article on my board for a couple reasons. First, because it's a cobbled together mishmash from different interviews, second, because he only talked to a reporter the other day for a couple minutes , but the former fan club president talked to them a whole lot more if you get my meaning,and thus the mishmash. The most important reason I didn't post the article is because XXXXXX is my friend and has been since about 6 years ago. He is not a creep, he is not a bizarre man at all,he is not a poof as this article insinuates, he doesn't have some strange desire to be soulmates with Brian in Heaven; he has done in fact, a great deal on Brian's behalf and gotten precious little credit for it. What he has gotten is exactly this kind of semi-slander and innuendoes about numerous things which is one of the reasons he stepped down from the old fan club a couple years ago. He doesn't deserve this and he doesn't deserve to have cruel and insensitive remarks made about him by people who don't even know him.
Now I imagine this will make me persona non grata on this board but if that's the case, then so be it. I feel it's more important that I stick up for my friend.

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07-07-03 05:03 PM
Sir Stonesalot I think you are a good friend to have Gerry.

And thanks for setting us straight on the facts surrounding the article. Because if we were to go just on the article...well, I'd say XXXXXXX was a nut. You know, on the surface it does look a little odd.
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
07-07-03 06:05 PM
gypsy I e-mailed XXXXXXX a couple times, to ask him questions about Brian for my Anita site. He is a very nice and normal person. I'm sure the journalists twisted things around to make him sound like a flake. Thanks for clearing things up, Gerry.
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
07-07-03 06:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I edited the name of the tabloid victim, BTW the article is circulating all over the net.
07-07-03 07:34 PM
Gerry S You didn't xxxx out the name in the other posts Gerardo...and it doesn't take a Ph. D for people to figure out who's being talked about anyway. If you know the name of the other sites it's being circulated, why not email them to me and I'll go there and post my "he's not heavy, he's my friend" post? I'm dead serious on that!

The worst thing this person (and I've been there too) finds about the BJ business is the personal attacks and the way that you are made to feel like a total prick by people that have no idea whatsoever how much you have given to putting Brian back where he belongs. It seems to go with the territory but this poor guy is being hounded on his cell phone, having the press slip notes through his mail slot, all kinds of garbage and it just isn't right.

Sir Stonesalot...the article sounds weird because as I said, it's all cobbled together from other interviews, some as far back as 7 years ago and some not even by the person named in the article. I don't think anyone realizes just how much the press manipulates things. Example: Nary a word in the Brit press regarding Brian's getting a Blue Plaque, which is a VERY big deal in UK...instead they've rehashed the cemetary bit in quite a few of the papers and dug up what my friend thought was personal information about him (job,etc) and done this idiotic (non) "interview".

I DO thank you guys who responded to my post so decently..I really thought I'd get blasted and was prepared for that.
07-07-03 10:49 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Gerry

I already edited the name of the victim of those fucking tabloids, as I told you in a private e-mail it's late to delete and I think it's very important to clarify this as the damage it's done and in one way or another you are telling the truth about this. To note Mondays are the weekday with more visits, so the "article" has been read by many of our regulars.

Early in the morning today when doing my news search routine I found many more news websites with the same note or variations.

Here's another, with anothe amount of money an additional "information"

Stones fan rejects £6k offer for grave

by Deborah Tucknott

A Rolling Stones fan who owns a burial plot next to that of band member Brian Jones turned down a £6,000 offer to sell it.

While most music fans would be happy to settle for an autograph, poster or T-shirt of their idol, XXXXXX is taking his passion beyond the grave.

Mr XXXXXX, a bachelor who lives off YYYYYY, bought the piece of land next to the rock star's grave in Cheltenham's cemetery for £450.

He had discovered the space on his first visit to the town.

After fans unveiled a plaque on Jones's childhood home in Cheltenham's Eldorado Road on Thursday, Mr XXXXX told how he turned down the offer to sell the plot to a Californian woman.

Mr XXXXXX, 48, who works part-time for South Downs Health NHS Trust, was told the space he noticed was not big enough for a burial but he did not give up and the graveyard keeper agreed to measure it before writing to Mr XXXXXXXX to offer him the plot.

The woman offered to buy it after hearing of Mr XXXXXXX through his involvement with the launch of a Brian Jones fan club.

He said: "She said she had tried to buy it herself but was told it was not big enough. I did feel sorry for her because she had asked for it before I did."

Mr XXXXXXX was more a fan of guitarist Jones than he was of the band.

He said: "I was really a Stones fan in the Sixties when Brian was with them. After Brian died I only bought one album.

"He was the most charismatic of the band. He was such a diverse musician. No one else over here played slide guitar."

Mr XXXXXX estimated he has about 100 pieces of memorabilia, including fan letters, a silk scarf and photos, and although some are framed around his home, much is packed away.

So would Mr XXXXXX part with his final resting place?

"Everything has got a price but I am sure that is not what the fans want to read," he said. "I do not think I would."

Jones was found drowned in the swimming pool of his home, Cotchford Farm, in Hartfield, near East Grinstead, in July 1969.
07-07-03 10:59 PM
Gerry S Oh bloody GRRRRRRRRRRRRR Gerardo!!! She got it so wrong! She makes it sound like this is a current event..the buying of the plot. It's 7 years old! And Mr XXXXXX was NOT at the unveiling of the plaque at all. He just got back yesterday from visiting his Mom!! Stupid media parasites! Don't even check their facts!
07-07-03 11:00 PM
Gerry S wrote:
Now I imagine this will make me persona non grata on this board but if that's the case, then so be it. I feel it's more important that I stick up for my friend.

LOL Gerry you ain't never be a persona non grata in this board, on the contrary you have been very special to all of us since we started, that's why you have that very special place in the infamous "We're only in it for the Money" collage.

What a pity we couldn't make the traditional All-day Webcast dedicated to Brian last week, it would be our fifth one.

07-08-03 09:04 PM
Gerry S "LOL Gerry you ain't never be a persona non grata in this board, on the contrary you have been very special to all of us since we started, that's why you have that very special place in the infamous "We're only in it for the Money" collage."

I am VERY proud of that special place Gerardo! Thank you! By the way, I thought I read here back then that there were going to be t-shirts or something available with the "Money" pic on it? Did I miss them or am I mistaken??

"What a pity we couldn't make the traditional All-day Webcast dedicated to Brian last week, it would be our fifth one."

That was a real shame about SunshineMan going belly up. Really missed that was always a special part of the day. Please tell him if you contact him, that the folks on my board enjoyed the broadcasts every year and we sincerely appreciate him (and you) making them available to us. Do you think by next year we might be able to come up with something like it??
07-09-03 12:52 PM
Factory Girl Who is XXXXX?
07-09-03 02:15 PM
Funky Punk Woman XXXX is a very cool Brian fan