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07-09-03 06:58 PM
gypsy Yes, nice as usual, Dande*.

Maxy, you should portray Mrs. Josh's hard-ass attorney. Keeping in mind that this screenplay is going to be LOOSELY based on the true story, Joey could have a small but pivotal role as Mrs. Josh's poolboy. Which brings to mind a nice scene where Mrs. Josh, upon finding out about her hubby's exploits, comes home, sobs into the arms of the poolboy, who then offers her some chiba and introduces her to the wonders of sac-shaving.
07-09-03 07:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey, I think the end should have everyone getting killed in a tragic bowling accident.
07-09-03 08:20 PM
Joey " Joey could have a small but pivotal role as Mrs. Josh's poolboy "

WTF ?!?!?!?!

Poolboy ?????????????????

POOLBOY ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Gyps. , You make young Joey weep and shit liquid .

07-09-03 09:13 PM
parmeda Oh Nanky, pencil me in!
I will gladly take the roll of Mrs. Josh Esq., rotflmao!
(I can do this! Mafia Princess/Jewish American difference what-so-ever!)

07-09-03 09:45 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Hey, I think the end should have everyone getting killed in a tragic bowling accident.

And then getting buried next to....

I have question. Has the theory that nanker is Josh ever been totally ruled out? You know, he keeps talking about these sock puppets. I don't see any sock puppets, do you?

As to who should be Mrs. Esq - Moonisup would look awfully cute in a Susanna Hoffs wig.
07-09-03 09:57 PM
Dandelion* wrote:
As to who should be Mrs. Esq - Moonisup would look awfully cute in a Susanna Hoffs wig.

rotf Dande!

I can't wait for tomorrow when jb finally takes "a read"...I hope it doesn't induce a seizure, lol!
07-09-03 10:27 PM
LadyJane Now this is what I love to see....the cool ladies of RO--Gypsy, Parmeda and Dandelion*....stepping up to the plate and knockin' it out of the ballpark.


I'll be first in line for a ticket to this production.


Pammy...I can definitely see you portraying the Hot Italian Secretary!!!

[Edited by LadyJane]
07-09-03 10:58 PM
Sir Stonesalot So......everyone gets killed in a tragic bowling accident...right?
07-10-03 12:29 AM
gypsy Ha! I love you RO ladies. We can run with the 'big dogs!'
Dande, the Susanna Hoffs coiffure is dead-on.

Yes, SS, it can end with everyone dying in a tragic bowling accident. But not before the male members of the cast do...

...yeah, that's right---THE COCKDANCE!

This movie of the week will be a drama/comedy/musical...a little bit of appeal to the masses.
07-10-03 09:29 AM
nankerphelge Okay, in a Buttafuconian twist, the hot Italian secretary decides to try and wipe out the real Mrs. Josh Esq. A few 8X10 glossy shots of her in the arms of Josh, and an explanation for the stain in the Mercedes convinces Mrs. Josh to meet with the at the local Bowl A Rama for the "rest of the story." In reality, the secretary has rigged the ball return with a high-powered, high-speed propulsion system. The system goes beserk and both the missus and the secretary die in the horrible bowling tragedy.

Josh gets life in one of Florida's "swingingest" prisons, where the real-life cock-dance takes place between him and cell block D.

How's that?
[Edited by nankerphelge]
07-10-03 10:07 AM
stonedinaustralia good work nanker - you're really hitting your stride with this stuff

we'll need to carefully arrange an "all stones" soundtrack

might i suggest the secretary and Mrs.Josh get into a screaming cat-fight at some stage - just before the ball return machine goes haywire perhaps??
07-10-03 10:40 AM
telecaster You guys/girls crack me up.

What we need to do is all get together and watch "Fatal Attraction" Hope jb doesn't have a rabbit
07-10-03 02:21 PM
gypsy Nanky, you've outdone yourself this time...what a masterpiece!
Can Joey have have a pivotal role as a prisoner in Cell Block D?
Can you imagine Josh coming home, slipping out of his Armani lawyer rich guy suit, and changing into some Buttafuoco workout pants? I mean, the pants with the jew-fro really would take the cake.
07-10-03 04:28 PM
Sir Stonesalot No no guys misunderstood me. EVERYONE dies in the tragic bowling accident. All of the characters in this sick and sordid little epic must die horrible, violent deaths in a tragic bowling accident. None of this prison irrevocably ENDS at the bowling alley. Everyone must DIE...with a crowd of people gathering around to gawk at the mangled carnage...some laughing...some shining their balls(of the bowling variety, get your head out of the gutter!)...someone says, "Well THAT is the dangdest thing I done ever seen."....Someone else could pick up a lifeless head, heft it like a bowling ball, look at it with a studied gaze, and say "Hmmmmm" the camera spirals out and up into black.

07-10-03 04:40 PM
Joey " Someone else could pick up a lifeless head, heft it like a bowling ball, look at it with a studied gaze, and say "Hmmmmm" the camera spirals out and up into black."

Stoney ................................that is Shakespearean in scope and rivals any of the trite , vapid fluff currently showing in the theatres .

Hell , that would have made a better ending to " The Deer Hunter "

MAO !!!!!! ...............MAO !!!!!! ........................Slap! - MAO !!!!!!!!!!!

" Tie me up and call me Suzi Ronnie "

Jacky Walken

07-10-03 05:17 PM
Dandelion* No - they should then go bowling. With the heads of course. Michael Moore will make a cameo appearance as the guy selling hot dogs at the bowling alley cafe.

I think Josh needs to be played by both David Hasslehoff AND Joey Buttafuoco. Sort of like twin Joshes - like Adaptation.
07-10-03 09:45 PM
gypsy Okay, SS, everyone will die in a horrific bowling alley accident. But, how does this horrid accident start? Is Great White doing a benefit concert at this bowling alley?
And, Dande, Michael Moore is a great well as the Adaptation idea of using both Hasselhoff and Buttafuoco.
07-10-03 10:43 PM
Dandelion* Hasselhoff will be the fictional Josh - the one that is portrayed on the board. Buttafouco is the real Josh - a loser who works at the Walmart one hour photo and steals the snapshots of the Hasslehoff Josh's family for his avatars on Rocks Off.

07-10-03 10:52 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Sir Anthony Hopkins will play Richard Nixon, who sets off Josh's lawyering carrer, resplendant with 'Hueys' flying off with, for some reason, Charlie Sheen.

Sir Stonesalot, the only reccomendation I would make to the otherwise flawless ending would be the Tarantino-esque move of having Paul McCartney's "A Love For You" playing in the background with a long shot side-by-side of a bunch of bowling balls and the heads of the protaganists in a synchronised line.

I vote Moonisup for Mrs. Jb too, but only if he brings the following:

A) wooden shoes ('cuz they're cool)
B) tickets to Vredenburg for everybody ('cuz they're cooler)
C) that godawful picture of Chuck Leavell, which he tapes over his face every night in the film. Eventually, Josh's nightmare spirals out of control when he finds himself married to Chuck Leavell.

"Bitterly ironic yet somehow fantastic, Ronnie!"

-tSYX --- Where shall I run to?
07-10-03 11:48 PM
gypsy Can't top that one, Dande*! What a pathetic life...stealing pics of some outdated 80's hairstyle-sportin' family...
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