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Topic: Fun with Norman Rockwell Return to archive
06-25-02 07:59 PM
Fiji Joe Tried to turn this into a picture to post in a message but am too stupid...If someone can figure out how to post this as a picture, I would appreciate it.

This is from my personal boot compilation which as you can see, has reached 11 volumes.

Would be interested in any artwork from others to use in my collection...Anyhow, the link should work...I guess
06-25-02 09:28 PM
06-25-02 11:11 PM
Bluzian Have you ever noticed how gross Norman Rockwell paintings are?
I am 100% convinced he is a pederast pedophile who loves
little boys. What does every painting depict? An older man
(usually in an authoritative position, ie: DOCTOR) and a
little submissive boy under 10. You can't tell me that Rockwell
is the Doctor, and he has these lustful thoughts about the
little boy!!!!@%@!#%)@&#%^)( Yuck!! Sell the Rockwells!!
It's nothing more than subversive porn.
06-26-02 12:07 AM
Stonesthrow Let's hear the evidence to support your absurd accusation. You're so full of it you make my blue eyes brown. Rockwell was one of the greatest artists and storytellers in the entire 20th century.
06-26-02 05:07 AM
stonedinaustralia well, rockwell's no house-hold name in these parts but i'm familiar with some of his stuff and isn't the classic the "elderly farming couple with pitchfork" or whatever it is called... no figures of authority or young people in that one so i guess your assertion that "every picture" depicts those things against which you rail is more wide ranging than the facts would support... beware of what you see in any work of art as your perceptions (or pre-conceptions) are as much a part of the equation as the thing being percieved...

and, anyway, never trust the artist trust the art

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-26-02 09:30 AM
Fiji Joe It wouldn't really matter what Rockwell's sexual persuasion was, I put Charlie Watts behid the counter to ensure things don't get out of hand.
06-26-02 07:58 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew I like it! Photo editing is an art in and of itself.
06-28-02 02:15 AM
Bluzian Stonesthrow:

Ah, well, it's just a conjecture I have.. and I have never
seen any other types of paintings other than the ones which
have an older man in uniform and a naive submissive little
boy.. to me it's sick, and I think anyone who misses the
simple imbalance of power in a homosexual~generational way
has got the blinders on. Open your eyes brother~ Don't you
find it a little "queer"??

Its always a doctor giving a little boy a physical..
or drawing the bath for little boys in their y-fronts..
policeman giving a sucker to the little boy (like in the
pic you provided..)

and so on and so forth.. gives me the creeps man!!!!

but taht's just my opinion.. that's what I see when I see
a Rockwell painting: Subversive Homo-erotic art.
06-28-02 09:42 AM
Stonesthrow Bluzian-- You need to see more Rockwell paintings. I have books on them, and I have seen hundreds of his paintings at exhibits. He painted about practically every aspect of American life including love, war, sports, family, civil rights, and a myriad of others topics. If you saw the entire universe of his work, you would not be saying what you did. It seems you are projecting your own dark thoughts onto his work. The purpose of art is to convey an image, feeling, or thought. However, I think you greatly misinterpreted what he was trying to convey in his work.
06-28-02 03:52 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Ah, Bluzian is just talking out of his ass. He made some insipid observation, dressed it up with some freshman psycho-analysis and then tried to pawn it off as something witty and intelligent. My take, from his posts (since we are providing pyscho-analysis of things we know nothing about), Bluzian is a self-centered, egotistical fart who gets far more pleasure in hearing himself talk then he could ever get listening to someone else. He went to college, got a degree in the liberal arts, found he was only employable in the teaching and fast food industries and is now groping desparately for venues and mediums in which he can apply his worthless knowledge.

Why else would any one make such a comment about Rockwell when they admit they have viewed very little of his work?
06-28-02 07:28 PM
Fiji Joe Dang Andrew! That's exactly what I was going to say!
07-01-02 12:06 AM
Bluzian F'n Andrew,

Hey man, no worries brother.. I mean, in no way was I picking
a fight - merely just providing a different opinion on it.
I may not have seen the complete works of Rockwell, however
in the select few that I have seen and have been exposed to,
how could I not conclude with the opinion I maintain?

I really don't know why you got all defensive and abusive
towards me - I mean, we don't even fucking know each other
man!! To me, you're not much of a man, when you can't respect
other people's opinions. Didn't *YOU* learn anything in school?
Besides, I was not the one who brought up the Rockwell stuff,
Somebody else did. Again, it was merely a thought.. nothing
more than trivial..

To Stonesthrow (I think?)..Cheers, I appreciated your response
and I will dig a little deeper to check out other works...
Personally, I like Dali's surrealist work and VanGoghs impressions.
Severini's pretty interesting as well.. :-)

07-01-02 07:58 AM
Maxlugar I don't know why I put off reading this thread for so long.

It's really good!

I'm a better man for reading it. And I was pretty damn good before that, so...


07-01-02 09:21 AM
Dandelion* Fiji - I like the pic - but the kid's shirt should have read "Cocksucker Blues". I also like your flabby man breasts. Don't change.

Bluzian - at first I thought your post was a joke, and pretty funny at that. But then...... just to clear something up - pedophiles aren't homosexual. Gay guys into teen boys (eros) are one thing - but adults into ten year old anythings ain't homoerotic. Just creepy.

To whomever posted about the pitchfork guy (sorry too many names to remember this early) - it's by Grant Wood. It's art. Norman Rockwell is apple pie homespun kitsch. Goes well with stick santas and Longaberger baskets.
07-01-02 03:18 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Bluzian...I wasn't attacking your opinion, I was attacking the fact that you were talking out of your ass. You admitted as much. I give a rat's behind about Norman Rockwell or whether he was a pedaphile. But, it struck me as strange that you would put so much thought into your post and pass it off as something of a reasoned opinion when you admit you have viewed very little of his work. That's not an opinion, it's just an asinine statement. Would have been better if you had stated it was a joke. I stand by my psycho-analysis.
07-01-02 03:32 PM
mattb Your analysis is what is demented. Rockwell only depicted normal things boys experience. You either weren't a boy or have some repressed pedophiliac desires of your own.
[Edited by mattb]
07-01-02 04:57 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Matt, I assume you're referring to Bluzian's aanalysis of Rockwell and not my analysis of Bluzian. I made no reference to little boys in submissive situations.
07-01-02 04:57 PM
stonedinaustralia dandelion

that was me... please excuse my ignorance... i don't know why i always thought that was a rockwell thing

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-02-02 01:20 AM
Bluzian Well, what-ever man.. I don't really care, it's just I had
an opinion on a painter's work, and, apparently you can't handle
an opinion that is different from your own. Mercy on you when
you have to deal with a real life situation when someone else
has an opinion which challenges your own viewpoint. If you
have kids, or plan on having them, I strongly advise you
get a little more secure in your thoughts, because if you
felt that threatened with just a stupid silly little observation
I had, then, brother, you're gonna need pyschological help!

I mean, all you had to say was, "well, I don't hold those same
views as you do, but, if you observe something that is "X",
then, so be it.. " and leave it at that. Your disparaging
comments and insulting behaviour is reflective of your own
ignorant limited situation. That's your problem, not mine,
so don't project your narrow-minded views onto me, especially
in such an aggressive criticism. It seemed so immature on
your behalf.

Anyways.. Where are the Stones??? Have they arrived yet in
Toronto or not!????
07-02-02 11:36 AM
Fuc*ing Andrew Bluzian, you're so damn self-absorbed you can't even understand what others are saying...I thought I made it pretty clear I don't have an opinion on the subject...Didn't I? I do, however, have a problem with shit talking flamers and people who choose to spout off their mouth about something they know nothing about. As for life lessons, keep making uninformed statements and see where it gets you. Now, if you wish to challenge my opinion of you, go ahead. You've already showed your ass.
07-02-02 12:11 PM
Lazy Bones
Bluzian wrote:
Anyways.. Where are the Stones??? Have they arrived yet in
Toronto or not!????

They're not in Toronto yet, Bluzian. You'll hear about it when they do.
07-03-02 12:50 AM
Bluzian Um, what's with all the ad-hominem assault here? You've
obviously got some repressed anger inside you taht you are
needing to vent out - and/but I find it disrespectful and
showing a lack of class on your part by offering such
abrasive words when after all a) you're partial to Rockwell
b) you don't even know me from a hole in the ground.

It's liek you've got bottled-up rage inside that's just
waiting to be released, like you're some road rager or
guy who's gone "postal"!! Jesus man.. you really need to
tone down the language and attitude. Yes, sure, I may be
self-absorbed, but, I'd rather be confidently narcisstic
than to be a weak inferior insecure male who will lash out
at anyone who doesn't share the same opinion as me.

I'm a peer counsellor in a men's help group for men against
sexual aggression, and brother, you're the prime candidate
we are seeking. You should really consider getting some help
and there is help out there for you. Cos' man, if you think
calling some stranger such sick things that you did
empowers you and justifies your existence and makes you
feel like a "man".. well, dude, you're completely delirious
and totally irrational. You're incorrigable, and as far as
I'm concerned, this conversation is over and done with.

07-03-02 11:51 AM
Fiji Joe Peer counselor? My analysis was not too far off. That explains you low-rent psycho-babble and the neeed to psycho analyze Norman Rockwell's painting. I gotta think with the way you go about qualifying your opinions, which is to say, the way you don't qualify them, those people you are counselling are seeking advice behind your back. Oh say, from their local crack dealer or the bathroom walls of the many rest areas throughout your region.

Repressed anger? It's hardly repressed. It's all out and directed at you. I have attacked no one else on this baord (other than in jest). Do you think there might be a reason for that? You talk out of your ass and I loathe that. Now, if it hurts that I brought some grief into your little fantasy world, where Bluzian is all that matters and Bluzian is always right, tuff tiddly winks. Get a real job and your self worth can be obtained from somewhere else besides a Rolling Stones message board.
07-03-02 11:56 AM
Fuc*ing Andrew That was my message. Me and Joe share the same internet access at work.
07-03-02 11:02 PM
Bluzian My self worth is already oozing and at maximum levels - besides,
already have two fabulous jobs I work hard at, and I don't
"need" a message board.

I'm offended by your outlandish behaviour and disrespect,
and it just goes to show, there'll always be irrational
individuals like you no matter where people go. It's very
unfortunate that your negativity has to pervade onto a more
happier themed message board. Go listen to "Let It Loose"
or somethin and channel those ventilator blues into something
constructive. It might've been nice to have shared in some
decent discussion, but you've proven yourself to be incapable
of making a case - other than an abusive attack. Sure, you
may think you sound all "tuff", but, it reflects your
inability to argue effectively and properly and wastes
people's valuable time.


07-03-02 11:35 PM
Fiji Joe Fiji's on shift now and I have to say your comment about negativity astounds me. This whole digression began when you made some jackass comment about Rockwell being a pedophile. Does that sound like material to be spouted on a light hearted message board. I think Fuc*ing Andrew was right to call you out. He may be harsh, but the kid's gold I tell you, gold!

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