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Longleat House, Warminster - August 2, 1964
The only open-air concert in the whole year

Photo by Vic Crawshaw
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Topic: Shatterd? Return to archive
07-03-02 05:15 PM
Honky Tonk Man Do you seriously think people will be offended if the Stones play this track? Even in New York id hope they would'nt be offended. At the end of the day, its just a song and a damn good one. To be honest i never rated the studio version a great deal, but blow me, isnt that version on "Still Life" amazing? And isnt that Joeys "Hit Me Ronnie" doing that awsome solo. Ronnies an ace guitarist, you dont just loose talent.

But really my point is that, people can see through the lyrics and just enjoy a great song. I mean, im sure Sir Michael Phillip Jagger of Dartford, is still going to dig out "I killed the king and all his servants" when they play England next year

07-03-02 06:26 PM
Jaxx i have heard shattered in concert and personally, i don't think it translates well into a live performance. i have always preferred the studio version.
07-03-02 06:39 PM
mattb I thought the SNL performance of Shattered was great!
07-04-02 03:06 AM
TT The question is not if Shattered is a good song (it is, one of the best of the 70s/best played live 81/82 by the way),
the question is if Jagger can sing lines like "My brains been splattered all over Manhattan" after the WTC tragedy of Sept. 11th.
07-04-02 07:24 AM
beer This is a good question. Some lyrics could be offensive, BUT, it's only rock and roll. I love the song Shattered, i hope they play it. I don't think anyone should be offended. Isn't it a kind of praise of NYC in a way? I guess a New Yorker should answer that!
07-04-02 10:06 AM
Lazy Bones I don't think anyone should be offended. I don't think they'll play it because some will. I'm with Jaxx, though. I've never witnessed it live, but I've heard many live versions of it and I, too, prefer the studio rendition.

I wonder what Stonesdoug's take is....?
07-04-02 10:53 AM
JaggaRichards I'll take the studio version of this great tune over the live version.
07-05-02 12:24 AM
Stonesdoug I've heard it played in bars in NYC since 9/11 and there has always been a great reaction. It's Manhattan's matter what's put in their way--they get on.... PLAY THE SONG!!!--SHIDOOBEE
07-05-02 08:46 AM
Honky Tonker Great song, I don't see any reason not to play it as it wasn't written in response to 9-11, but many years before.
On this same note, how about "Darlington County" by Springsteen. "Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers, For a kiss and a smile I'll give mine all to you". Can't see Bruce doing this one with these lyrics live anymore.
07-05-02 01:23 PM
Hi guys.
I'm from Brooklyn and I LOVE to hear Shattered.
It says everything about NYC, and why all New Yorkers love the city!!

07-05-02 01:42 PM
Maxlugar I see nothing wrong with it either. It kind of tells about how crazy every day life is here and how NYers live for it.

I say play it. But they need to play it right. Play it fast. The last few tours it's been too slow.

"Bite the big apple in our Ugly Big Ass White Party Van, Ronnie!"

07-05-02 01:59 PM
Nasty Habits E! channel broadcast the SNL where they do Shattered yesterday. The b-cast was missing a song, which sucked, but I really liked the version of Shattered on it - even if Jagger's voice was wacked and Ronnie couldn't play his fills half the time - THAT's how they need to play it, with no real idea of how's it's going to rap up and throwing around random ideas until something happens or they decide to stop. Shirt tearing, puffy Keith hairing, Ronnie wrapping, tounge lapping, butt scratching, red lighting magnificence. Even when they suck they're awesome because they're so fahkkin funny.

Foo to choreography. Foo to the lightshow. Foo to rigid arrangement. Fie fie foo. At least it'll be all power at the Tower.

07-05-02 02:14 PM
Maxlugar I read a book on SNL and it had a whole chapter on the Stones appearance.

The gist of it was that the whole week they were rehersing real good. But as the week went on, it became one night after the other of no sleep and tons of coke with the Belushi and the boys. It seemed like they were in competetion to out party each other.

Then you end up with what you saw. Mick's voice was so coke damaged and dry that its painful to watch. But I love it! It's like the proverbial car wreck that you can't take you eye off.

Can I go home yet? The market's closed (Up about 355 points!)

07-05-02 02:46 PM
Nasty Habits You can't go home and neither can I . . . stuck in the store with an achey head and bored out of my gourd. If one more tourist comes in and says, "I didn't know anyone still bought record albums!" I think I am gonna yank their shirts off and interrupt Ronnie's guitar solo with it.

Gotta scramble.

Some loser wants to sell me his records.

Report when I get back - maybe an elusive mono Let It Bleed in my future?

Yeah, right.

Developing . . .

07-05-02 05:02 PM
Maxlugar Psssstttt, Nasty, I'm home now.

Waaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!

Heineken sitting obediently next to my keyboard.

Checking in with you dear sweet purveyor of kick ass reggae!

Have a great weekend!

07-05-02 05:27 PM
Nasty Habits Lucky at home Maxy Von Homealot

I am still at the store!

Oh, to run and play with the rest of the kids in the hills of North Carolina -- I could be up in the mountains in some freezin' cold swimmin' hole right now (actually that's the only outside I'd be - it's HOT as hell) or rewinding my new Shattered performance and watching it over and over again with a little line of drool going from my lower lip to the top of my t-shirt, but instead I have to sell people their Santana records. Yesterday kicked ass and I was proud to be an American merchant, but today the only fun thing that happened was I made a person's LIFE (so he said) by selling him a DVD of Cocksucker Blues. Sometimes I make people's day. Sometimes their week. Other times their months. I have been known to change people's lives by introducing them to this thing we call "good music". But to have actually made someone's life COMPLETE . . . Ah, what the hell, it's just another Friday.

95 minutes to go and then I'm on the road blasting Who Went to Church on Sunday?

Nasty the King of the Whizzdom
07-05-02 07:58 PM
Maxlugar Hey Nas-tay!

On the Who Went to Church boot, don't you just love the guy who says "IT'S MAGIC!" during the fanfare for a Common Man intro?

Makes lil' Maxy get all goose pimpley!

Gotta jet,

07-05-02 08:14 PM
Gazza >On this same note, how about "Darlington County" by Springsteen. "Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers, For a kiss and a smile I'll give mine all to you". Can't see Bruce doing this one with these lyrics live anymore.

Oddly enough,Bruce's most recent shows were a couple of charity shows for a local school at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park a few weeks back (April 13-14 to be exact). Each show consisted of about 18-20 straight COVERS with three of his own songs tacked on at the end - Glory Days, Thunder Road and...Darlington County,complete with the "Trade centres" he rarely plays that song live, Im sure its inclusion with that lyric was a case of making a point of defiance in some way...

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