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A Bigger Bang Tour 2007

Hi to Suzanne and Isabella!!
Jaz Beach, Budva, Montenegro - 9th July 2007
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3rd July 2007 06:56 AM
Ten Thousand Motels Montenegro - A night to remember on Jaz
03 Jul 2007 08:24 +0100

- Jaz is the most attractive concert space on this year’s European tour, and I think that not one single hotel in this part of the world can compete with Splendid where the Stones will be accommodated. This spectacle has enabled Budva and Montenegro to be heard about in the world. The Stones have only once played on the beach in their carrier, and that was in Rio last year in front of a million and a half people. The onset in Budva is a “small Rio” a holiday compared to this year’s tour in Europe, because Jaz is the most attractive location. If it is known that the Stones are especially inspired when they are performing for the first time somewhere I am sure that we will have a night to remember – says Ivan Ivackovic PR manager for South East Europe of the most famous band in the world – The Rolling Stones. At the same time he is a journalist with over two decades of experience and is the author of four book of which the biggest popularity received his piece about the rock legends from London “The Rolling Stones – Art of Rebellion” published in 1997.

Is it true that no one can contact the Stones except the people from their closest team of collaborate?
- No matter the position which I have inside their marketing industry I still haven’t been in person with the Stones. Simply that doesn’t work like that. They have teams of people who surround them and only few closest collaborates contact with personally. For years they have been protected as a pope. It could happen that in Budva after so many years I will meet them in person.

Will some important persons from Montenegrin public life meet them?
- That possibility stands, but I can’t speak publicly about those things, I have contract obliging me not to talk about that.

There is a fame about what the Stones drink, who of them smokes) the word is that Jagger demands 30 ashtrays in his suite), what their cooks prepare…?
- Keith Richards at the beginning of 1980’s when he got of the drugs has replaced heroin with streams of alcohol, mainly whiskey and vodka. Ronny Woods until recently also drank a lot, and that he was on treatment and after many many years he is coming out on stage sober. Both of them smoke a lot. Jagger is another story – he runs a healthy life, trains almost every day, feeds himself healthy and he prefers chicken of all the meat.

How compact are the Stones after so many decades of joint work?
- Jagger is irritated by Keaith’s refusal to bow always and everywhere to the rules of show business, Keith on the other hand is irritated by the fact that Jaggers has entirely fit into the establishment and in the end because of the fact that he received the title of sir under the excuse that Tony Blair has has talked him into that and that he couldn’t refuse that. Charlie Watts is annoyed by the tours since he likes to be at home and runs a quiet life but as he himself says it is boring to play drums if you are not in a band. Still, despite all of that they indeed are really compact.

Which songs we will be hearing for two hours and fifteen minutes?
- When the Stones are coming for the first time in some town, the Stones usually play a repertoire made of hits, which is fair towards the audience, because 90% of people is coming to listen to most popular songs. So surely, we will hear “Satisfaction”, “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Brown Sugar”, “Start Me Up”, and other anthems.

Who will take picture of the Stones on the stage, and will the TV have access and for how long?
- The access to special area in front of the stage will have only 8 domestic and foreign TV representatives but no one can bring in a camera. Televisions can get into the system through which the Stones themselves are filming their concert. That is of course a high quality filming, from 11 angles and they can do it for about 60 seconds.

Will Jagger give an interview on this tour?
- I don’t think there will be an interview. Stones usually have a press conference before the tour. Otherwise, you can have an interview with them pretty easy if you are from some of the greatest world media and if the Stones at that moment are promoting their album. If you are a member of some of small TV house and if at that moment they are inactive you can’t possibly have an interview.
Have the Stones maybe already shown a desire to se something in Montenegro and do you maybe have a tourist program prepared for them?
- If the Stones decide that 5 days between the concerts in Budva and in Belgrade want to spend here we have prepared the visit of the monastery Ostrog and other attractive places which are trademarks of Montenegro.

If you were asked to put in three sentences a story about the Rolling Stones what would you write?
- The Stones are the only group in the world whose 4 members have about 250 years, and they play with the energy of 18 year olds. English newspapers long time ago started provoking them with headlines “Lock up your grandmas, the Stones are in the town”, but that group has more fresh blood that three times younger bands who are on top of the music charts. They are a mobile retirement home in which the passion still boils all around.


Even though you haven’t met him in person according to your opinion is Jagger really a narcissus and a cynic, as he has been presented in public for years?
- Jagger is an Englishman, and Englishman are known for cynicism, which I think is a good trait, because it is a proof of spirit and intelligence. Jagger’s egocentrism is a special theme. By all means he is an egocentric, but at the same time, he doesn’t take himself too seriously but he treats everything, even his own egocentrism, with humor.

3rd July 2007 07:06 AM
Jumacfly Nice read, thanks as usual TTM
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