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Topic: Dead Reunion On Again! Return to archive
06-30-02 01:44 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! For any of you cats that where planing on going to The Dead Reunion shows or just keeping up with the spectical that has been going on concerning Clear Channel, Permits, the Venue ect, here is some info. This was posted today.

the morning started out with roll call, then went right in to the hearing with clear channel starting first. a man named mark (i don't know if he's a lawyer, nor do i remember his last name) did most of the presenting today, including answering questions. their presentation took about an hour. so, here are the details of the plan:

1. make sure no non-ticketholders show up. how will they do this? with a media campaign using the same radio stations, magazines, newspapers, etc that they used to promote the show. also will work very hard using the web to remind people that this is not a "once in a lifetime" event.

2. to take care of the non-ticketholders who do show up (knuckleheads as the clear channel table calls them), they have a very detailed plan. first of all, no one without a ticket will be allowed to enter the parking lot. there won't be road blocks because alpine has no authority to do that, but as people get closer and closer to the venue, the following will be implemented: an AM radio station with announcements regarding the show and telling people without tickets not to come because there is no chance they'll get in; road signs with notices warning non-ticketholders not to come. once on Hwy D, alpine security and parking employees will be going from car to car checking for tickets (one per person obviously). if the people have tickets, they will be given a parking permit in order to get into the lot (which will
not be revealed until the day of the show for security purposes, no copying or forging). clear channel doesn't want to back traffic up, that's why there will be the parking permits and lots of employees checking for tickets up and down the road. if a car does not have ticketholders in it, or not enough tickets for the show, it will be marked with a grease pencil and turned around. the grease pencil is used in order to alert the employees and police that the car is not allowed to enter the parking lot and that they've already tried once. if problems occur, police can arrest them for trespassing.

3. if people try alternate means of geting into the venue, they will be stopped. either arrested for trespassing. or their cars WILL be towed by the 40 tow trucks being hired for the event. there will be a fine for being towed, it's not just a tow. ALL cars on the sides of the road will be towed, including MANY side and small roads that may be far away (even I-43 if necessary).

4. response to the neighbors concerns for their property: there will be a private security force hired from milwaukee used in each neighbors yards and fields for the ENTIRE weekend. any problems and people will get in trouble with the police.

5. medical and other emergency response: there will be a flight for life helicopter waiting at the east troy airport specifically for this event ALL weekend. they are trying to work on getting fire-fighting equipment or a few local firetrucks.

6. the police force will be increased by 62% from the normal sold-out show police presence. this seems huge...and should be plenty. clear channel WILL be paying for the added police as well as any damage to their equipment, etc. but the police/sheriff still hold all of their rights as law enforcement agencies. clear channel can't
tell them what to do or not due even though they are footing the bill.

7. a $100,000 bond will be bought by clear channel from the county in order to provide payment to any neighbors that have ANY sort of property damage. clear channel's man stated that this is in order for the neighbors not to have to worry about a long and drawn out process for receiving their reimbursements. the police will not be needed to document any reports, clear channel trusts the neighbors and will use their own security force to help document the reports (which, as we all know,
won't take as long as the police documentation).

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