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Topic: The Who Announce Your Bassist Return to archive
06-28-02 06:24 PM
mattb The Who's website says the bass player will be Pino Palladino His website can be found here:
06-28-02 09:05 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I received this from Pollstar

Dear Who fan:

The passing of John Entwistle has touched all of us here at If you were to have visited our offices during the past 24 hours, you'd hear nothing but Who songs playing from various CD players throughout the building. Mr. Entwistle was truly one of a kind, and he will be deeply

Needless to say, there has been a lot of confusion over the state of the upcoming tour. First we were told that it was cancelled. Then we were told that it was "on hold." And then came today's announcement that the tour would continue, starting with the July 1st date at the Hollywood Bowl.

Session player, Pino Palladino, will play bass on this tour. We wish him the best of luck, and we hope that all the fans will receive him warmly. After all, he's got some tough shoes to fill.

To The Ox! His music will live forever!

Best regards,
Jay Smith
06-28-02 09:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot This fucking sucks the big one.

I paid $56.00 to see The Who Lite.

Damn I wish John was still with us.
06-28-02 10:28 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy James McCartney! Keep the Beatle Children fad alive! Or Dhani Harrison, if you must (since he's, oh, I dunno, compotent).

-tSYX --- Holy Trinity Band Interbreeding Specialist
06-29-02 06:55 AM
Nellcote Is not Daryl Jones from the Stones the same thing, a replacement?

I do not see the problem with The Who going on.

If a session player is not good enough, then they should have called it quits when Moon bought the farm.

Plenty of bands have done it.

Look at Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lead singer, guitarist, backup singers got killed.
They went on, the brother is the lead singer

Look at The Faces
Ronnie Lane quit, Testu was hired, they went on

Look at Def Leppard
Guitarist od, hired a replacement, they went on

Look at the Stones
Brian Jones found dead in a pool, Mick Taylor hired gun.
So is it to say that the Taylor era is not the real Stones?
Mick Taylor quits, Ronnie Wood hired gun.
Is not the Wood era The Stones?

Sure, a bass player does not have the prominence of a lead
guitarist, however, if the group flourishes, WTF?

Bottom Line, it will never be the same as it was.

But, what is?

Sir Stonesalot, as you've said before, it's all about $$$$

Sit back, enjoy, this may light the creative spark for Townsend to find the Who again, in place of the releasing
Scoop VII!

On With The Show-Good Health To You!
06-29-02 07:54 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Is not the Wood era The Stones?

To answer your question....No!
06-29-02 12:35 PM
Mother baby ....this all kind of reminds me of the thread that got started on here a few months back of throwing out names of all those folks who passed on. Unfortunately the list can only get you gotta take it while you can get it so to speak. That's kind of why I never understood these people like that writer Gillespie or whatever his name was, that keep running down the Stones for hitting the road with The Act every once in awhile. I'm glad the Who didn't cancel.

I take that back, unfortunately I do understand them to a certain degree, no sense in losing any sleep over it though as you can't argue with the irrational...and like they say You can't win a pissing match with a skunk.
[Edited by Mother baby]
06-29-02 01:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot Nelly, Daryl is indeed a replacement....but there is a major difference here. Bill quit, John DIED. IMO, when half of your band is is your band. To me, it's a simple matter of respect for the dead. Also IMO, John's contribution to the overall sound of the Who is greater than what Bill's was to the Stones. I don't care how good Pino Paladino is...he ain't The Ox...and The Who will just NOT sound like the Who anymore.

Brian was already out of the band when he died. Tragic, but had nothing to do with the Stones as a musical unit at that point.

And as for those othe acts....IMO, they SHOULD have called it quits. Especially Skynard....I could care less about what Def Leppard did.

I'll still go on the 29th. I'll go because I just can't eat that ticket, and who in their right mind is gonna pay me face value for it. Perhaps now my expectations have been lowered enough that if I get anything even closely resembling a decent show, I'll be happy.
06-29-02 05:19 PM
Joey 'This fucking sucks the big one.

I paid $56.00 to see The Who Lite.

Damn I wish John was still with us.'

Stoney , don't worry.....Pino is a fantastic musician and will play loud . Shit , some individuals paid five hundred dollars for their tickets ( Jones Beach ) think THE WHO will let them down ??????

No way !!!

M. Joeyfly

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