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Topic: THE SHOWS MUST GO ON !!!!!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-28-02 11:35 AM
Joey Hello my Stonesian kin .........

The greatest artist ever to pick up the bass has passed from this orb . John's massive , prodigious , bristling , implacable playing actually defined the band's sound and was the foundation for all of those legendary Pete Townshend songs .

That being said , John would have wanted Pete and Rog to continue onward with the upcoming tour . Why ????? Because John was an entertainer , just like the other boys in the WHO ( And the STONES ) and entertaining the crowd and speading joy to the masses is what they do best .

Let the tour continue .................All Agree ????

Rest in peace John Entwistle .....and say Hi to Keith for me .

I bet John is jamming with Moonie and Lennon and Hendrix right now !!! YES !!!!!

" Bassman me Ronnie "

Sir Club " Clubby Bear " Joey

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJoooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !

The Joey von Entwistle !
06-28-02 11:40 AM
Lazy Bones Well put, Joey!
06-28-02 11:42 AM
Maxlugar OH MY GOD!!

I just found out Joey!

How could you do this to me? I've put a lot on the line for this! I take back my glowing post in your honor that everyone loved.

But what the world is waiting to see is if Joey "Budd Dwyer '87's".

06-28-02 11:50 AM
Joey 'But what the world is waiting to see is if Joey "Budd Dwyer '87's". '

You make young Joey say , huh ?????????

" Confuse the Hell out of me Ronnie "

M. Joeyfly

06-28-02 01:05 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I hope they keep it going, but I don't think it'll be the same... then again, no one thought it'd be the same without Keith Moon either.

Maybe now they'll come to Boston when I can actually *see them*. Whoo whooo!

As for replacements... are they calling up James McCartney?

-tSYX --- Beatles Children Go Home! Except Zak Starkey. You may stay.
06-28-02 01:42 PM
Jaxx the news blast i heard said that nothing has been determined yet that the band needed time to figure out what to do.

i can't see how they could go on. someone exceptional would have to step in his bill wyman perhaps (there's my stones content....)

>>Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman described Entwistle as "the quietest man in private but the loudest man on stage."

"He was unique and irreplaceable," Wyman said.

[Edited by Jaxx]
06-28-02 01:47 PM
Maxlugar XYZZY,

The only way out of this is Bill "The Little Hands That Could" Wyman.

He can do anything!

He WILL get the call, believe me.

They'd call Geddy Lee if they HAD to. Shit, Roger has just applied for his 13 mortgage! Someone help this man out!

No one can replace the genius that was Entwistle, don't get me wrong. But Bill Wyman can add a tremendous bit of Sex Appeal that is sorely lacking.

Surely, EVERYONE agrees with me?


Maxlugar, Your Friend.
06-28-02 01:59 PM
mattb I disagree. For one thing, Bill is on tour with his own band and is posting bookings through August. For another, Bill and John never had similar styles at all. There are other players that would be a better fit for the Who and Bill seems happy with his own band.
06-28-02 02:10 PM
Maxlugar Mattb,

Do a tiny little flava flave for me tonight and listen to 12 x 5.

Listen to that man play the bass.

Listen to any of the Stones early albums.

The mans little wee hands are all over the place.

Jumpy, jumpy, thump thump!!!

Sweet merciful Cum on a Cracker! When he is motivated, like he was in the bands early days, his powers are limitless!

Plus, do you think Kenny Jones was the same kind of player as Moonie? No. But he filled in decently for awhile.

Bill WILL get the call. I'm not saying he'll accept.

"Paging Dr. Rock and Roll, paging Dr. Rock and Roll! The Who needs a shot of Vitamin W(yman), stat!"


06-28-02 02:29 PM
Martini I really hope The Who cancels this tour. If Roger and Pete want to play, they can call themselves "Townshend and Daltrey" like Page and Plant have done or give their group a new name. But it is really not The Who when Moon AND Entwhistle are no longer able to participate. I'd love to see Pete and Roger keep performing, but not as The Who.

In the same vein, if Jagger outlives the rest of the boys, I don't want him touring as "The Rolling Stones" and filling in the rest of the band with members of Hootie and the Blowfish, Matchbox 20, Dave Mathews Band, Phish, or anyone else. It just isn't right.


06-28-02 03:04 PM
mattb I think Pete has said if he knew how the band would have turned out with Kenny he would never have continued it.
06-28-02 04:02 PM
Scot Rocks How can the tour go on?, how could they replace John at such a short space of time? The tour continuing would be nice for the fans in the States certainly in the short term, but Pete and Rodger need to look at what is going to happen in the long term now, if the tour does continue what will happen after it. I don't really have a problem, calling themseves the Who, maybe that is sentimental but so long that there is more than 1 member I don't really mind. It is too soon to speculate what will happen, lets just wait and see, in the meantime I'll comfort myself with listnin to the masterpiece that is Who's Next.


06-28-02 04:05 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
"Paging Dr. Rock and Roll, paging Dr. Rock and Roll! The Who needs a shot of Vitamin yman, stat!"

06-28-02 04:20 PM
Annie415 On Pete's sight it says the tour is going on with the first show at the Hollywood Bowl.
06-28-02 04:37 PM
Gazza Wyman wouldnt be interested,so forget that (also,dont forget his aversion to flying..he'll hardly be up for three or four flights a week)

Pete and Roger (and John in fact) have often said they never got over losing Keith Moon and remarked how difficult it was to even replace him in any way. The same really applies for John Entwistle - who,lets not forget is also the 2nd songwriter in the band...Pete's health deteriorated badly when he went back to drink and drugs after Keith died. I hope this wont happen again,but I wouldnt be surprised.

When a band has been around so long and the members are getting on in years,youre often at a loss as to how to bring it to a halt when youre still enjoying it. The way it usually happens is nature taking its course and reminding all of us that these people are mortal.

Its natures way of telling you enough is enough. With 50% of the band no longer with us,as a fan of the band,this is the time I sincerely believe they should no longer work as "The Who". Its easy to get lost in emotion at such a sad time,but a Who without Keith AND John is not a band.

That,I think,I is what will eventually happen to the Stones. We'll switch on the news one day and learn one of them has been taken from us and the band will end with a whimper and not a bang as I seriously doubt theyd continue without any of the 4 existing members (nor should they either). Hopefully a long way away but maybe food for thought for anyone who buys into the "Keith Richards will live til hes 200" myth that he seems intent on trying to live up to
06-28-02 05:29 PM
Boomhauer Well, I'm still gonna go to the show in Detroit. It will be kind of weird though.
06-28-02 06:23 PM
MRD8 Joey,
I'm surprised that you started this really think the band should go on without THE greatest bass player in the history of rock? They have announced on their website that they WILL in fact start the tour on Monday at the Hollywood Bowl...they have aquired the services of Pino Paladino on bass...the fact they will play four days after their friend dies is disgusting to me...I have tickets to see them on this tour but I'll sell them or toss them...I don't want to see The Who without Entwhistle...they really won't BE the Who anymore without him...just a money grab! Do you think the Stones would replace Charlie and continue playing four days after his death? I don't think so...
06-28-02 10:51 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Bringing Bill Wyman on board would almost complete the Holy Trinity Circle, which was last done in some fashion at the Rock'N'Roll Circus.

And it would suck. Not that Bill sucks, oh no, not at all, in fact I'm hoping in these remasters that got that rave review we'll be able to hear little-hands's jump-jump-jumpin' about. It's just that it's not his style. The fact that both of them just stood there while their bandmates flailed around (with the exception of Charlie for the Stones, which is why I think they worked better together) is just cosmetic. And no, Bill's credits in "Love You Live" do not always translate into fact!

Plus, as someone said before, Bill no likee fly. He'd much rather prefer roadtripping through Europe than anything else.

Is it The Who Lite, Yer Eminince? You bettah believe it is. But there're plenty of people who are coming out just to see Roger and Pete. And it is a ramshackle, short-term solution. I don't think they'll be able to go on without him, and we had *better damn not* see a 2003 studio album with the Who name attatched. This is going to be the final final farewell tour, I think.

Oh, and Xim, there was always something I wanted to ask you when you were still the Cardinal - where're Biggles and Fang?

-tSYX --- The Circle must never be complete.
[Edited by TheSavageYoungXyzzy]
06-29-02 12:09 AM
Sir Stonesalot Biggles is about 13 miles down the road apiece editing, and Fang is somewhere in N Cali fixing guitars.

And I'm looking at the Comfy Chair(including THE SOFT CUSHIONS)right now.
06-29-02 12:15 PM
Scot Rocks Statement from Pete from his diary...

Bobby and I welcomed Pino to L.A last night. By some incredible stroke of good fortune he was in the USA (Philadelphia) about to fly to the UK after working some sessions in Miami. He agreed immediately to step in to this difficult post. He is a gentleman and a professional.

We talked a little about his role here, and I made it clear we do not expect him to attempt to emulate, parody or copy John Entwistle in any way. Pino is a master in his own way, but the one request I made was that - at first - he play as loud as he can bear!

We have two rehearsals before the Hollywood Bowl - one today (Saturday) one tomorrow.

For my part I am not attempting to deliberately establish any sense of memorial or tribute to John. Unlike others I entirely respect (including many of John's friends and family) I don't feel I know for certain that John would have wanted us to go on. I simply believe we have a duty to go on, to ourselves, ticket buyers, staff, promoters, big and little people. I also have a duty to myself and my dependent family and friends. I also want to help guide Roger and the rest of the band at this time, all of whom have been shaken by John's death.

Roger left entirely to me the decision as to whether or not to go on with the tour. I think he hoped in his heart it would not be over so suddenly.

My immediate mission is to complete this tour in good heart, and to remember John in my quiet and private times. It is easy for me to smile when I remember John. I loved him unconditionally. I will try hard not to fall into any of my usual mini-depressions on this tour. Pino is determined to enjoy the music, and so am I.

We are musicians, entertainers. We can do it. We have the right tools. No worries.

06-29-02 02:03 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh Good Lord.....
06-29-02 02:44 PM
gypsy Pete and Roger are greedy bastards! Have they no hearts?! My God!
06-29-02 03:43 PM
Miss U. HELLO? The Stones would do it...they already did it 30+ yrs ago.
06-29-02 04:22 PM
gypsy wrote:
Pete and Roger are greedy bastards! Have they no hearts?! My God!

i don't see anywhere in that statement where it shows no heart. i see alot of sentiment. i also see a sense of responsibility to ticket holders and i also see that the WHO is an extremely professional band, ready to "do their job" despite MAJOR hurdles that need to be overcome.
06-29-02 05:15 PM
Joey Pino is a great player and knows all of the WHO songs . Remember all of those solo tours by Townshend and Daltrey over the years ??????

Who do you think played the bass ???? Pino !

Pete made the RIGHT decision ..................I just hope to God he stays healthy and does not start drinking again .

The Joey

06-29-02 08:18 PM
Scot Rocks Here is Rodger's Statement from the Who Website Diaries...

28 June 2002
Statement from Roger

I have lost one of my oldest friends in John Entwistle. We have been friends since we were 14 years old and I cannot even begin to measure the loss. My heart goes out to his wonderful family. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that as we get older more and more of our friends disappear from our lives and death is like an ever encroaching shadow on us all.

What we have lost is a unique individual, both as a human being and a musician. He transformed the bass guitar into something way beyond anything that it was originally designed for. On his way he inspired many budding musicians to turn the bass into a lead instrument and though he was often copied, he was never equalled.

For us itís more than a friendship, it is a brotherhood. It is blood.

John made no compromises in the way he lived his life. He did it totally his way. Sad though it is, if he could have written an ending for himself it would have been very similar to the one he had. For those who knew him and his sense of humour they will raise a smile at that. He was a true rock and roll icon through and through and he was so proud that he was famous.

My feeling about where Pete and I are left now is my belief that our music goes beyond and before us, transcending everything we do. If John had it his way we would probably have been on the road 365 days a year Ė no, make that 351 as he would have still wanted to have his two weeks fishing! John lived his life for the road and to play live on stage and Iím sure he would want us to be doing this as I know his family does.

My reason for doing what we are doing now, and it is going to take a lot of strength from everybody, is to celebrate Johnís life. It seems to me the best way is to play our music Ė the music he helped to create. The spirit of John Entwistle is intrinsically woven into every song we play. By playing our music I believe we can help ourselves and our fans grieve and begin to come to terms with our loss, huge as it is.

We have to accept that life has to go on. We are only a mirror image of our audience. They too lose people and try to move on with their lives and we have to do the same. It will never be the same, it will be different. But John is ingrained in those songs, and just as you can still hear Keith Moon in our live sound, you will still hear John. His spirit will be with us.

I take a leap into the unknown with a heavy heart but an open spirit and I thank the support and loyalty of all our friends, crew and fans.

Thinking back to the Concert for New York it proved to me once again what I have always believed Ė that music, of any kind, has the power to lift people out of their grief and earthly problems. I truly believe that.

I just hope that God has got his earplugs ready. Whatever happens heíll have to reinvent thunder as it simply wonít be loud enough any more!

Roger Daltrey LA 28 June 2002

Rock On

06-29-02 09:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot Miss U....

You know better than that. Brian was not a part of the Rolling Stones at the time of his death.

Much like The Who with their tour, The Stones had a committment that they had to follow thru on. It was simply too late to call it off. They used the event, Hyde Park, to eulogize Brian, and celebrate his life. You know, the poem & butterflies thing.

I'm guessing that it's the same thing with The's just too late in the game to call it off. Pete & Roger have 20 million reasons to keep on keeping on.
06-29-02 09:38 PM
Scot Rocks Basically, if Pete and Roger needed to continue the tour they should have cancelled it at least for 2 weeks so, they could attend the funeral and have a bit of sensitivity for his memory. Now the first couple of shows are going to be tough for everyone and a bit of an anticlimax, furthermore, Pete and Roger's decency will now be scrutinised, cancel it for 2 weeeks sort yourselfs out, pay your respects and then hit the road guys. Otherwise I fear what will occur.

06-29-02 09:46 PM
stonedinaustralia i agree scot... i think they're flirting with disaster
06-30-02 01:51 AM
Maxlugar Weird how Roger's statement is 100 times better than Pete's.

Do you think Pete wrote it?

It's happened before.
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