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Topic: Emotional Rescue: That's it. Return to archive
06-26-02 11:11 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy That's it.

Today the line got running through my head, and even after repeated warnings that it is the worst Stones song on earth, I'm going to buy Emotional Rescue for one song only, just to get this line outta my head. I did the same thing with "Can I Get A Witness", although I settled for "Some Kind Of Wonderful" initially. But since I know I'll never find this song on any snagger program, so tarnished is its name, I'm buying the album, to get it outta my head.

"Indian Girl".

"Mr. Gringo, my father, he ain't no Che Guevara..."

I muttered that all day to the point where my own father got fed up with me and threw me out of the room. So I'd just like you all to know: It's your fault. I'm going out to find Emotional Rescue this weekend. Even though there're countless multitudes of other albums, not all by the Stones, that I need to go and buy, it's that one line, exacerbated (sp?) by the fact that I don't know how the song goes.


-tSYX --- No Taylor, Leavell or Chorus... in 2002.
06-27-02 03:54 AM
Mathijs When you've bought the album, just play the ER-song a couple of times REAL loud, and notice that the drums actally sound great, Woodies bass-line are actualy quite funky, and the song really starts to groove -in my opinion it's one of the (few) highlights of the album!

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06-27-02 08:52 AM
winter ALL ABOUT YOU, 'nuff said

06-27-02 10:40 AM
sirmoonie Indian Girl is far from their worst song, its actually pretty good. The lyrics are silly, but when Mick and Keith start singing "Lesson numberrrr wunnnn . . ." you're in Stones country heaven.

Plenty of other good stuff on the much maligned ER, including Dance (their best disco), Send It To Me, Let Me Go, blah, blah, you know the rest. Good disc to have and spin every now and then. You'll be glad you bought it.

06-27-02 10:55 AM
nankerphelge The only problem with ER from my perspective is that they led with ER as the single when it was released. Now Miss You, in all its disco glory, was a huge hit across many categories and reestablished the boys (along with the rest of Some Girls) as the unquestioned kings. When ER hit, I was so hoping for a "Respectable" or "Shattered" single to bust out of the gate -- and we got falsetto - bummer
06-27-02 02:25 PM
Fiji Joe I like Indian Girl as is evidenced by my signature. I could never get it out of my head.
06-27-02 02:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot I would rather have my scrotum trodden upon by an elephant wearing golf spikes that listen to Indian Girl.

06-27-02 07:04 PM
Fiji Joe Sir Stonesalot, that can be arranged. In fact, I think it's up for auction on Ebay.
06-28-02 08:41 PM
stone jr. That's a good album. The song "Emotional Reuscue" is good to. "She's so cold" is good too. "Dance pt.1" is great. Enjoy the album.
06-28-02 09:19 PM
Sir Stonesalot Which part is on eBay Feej? The listening to Indian Girl part, or the scrotal stomp by the pacaderm? Or both at the same time....

Please clarify.
06-28-02 11:23 PM
stonedinaustralia so tSYX have you got an earful yet?

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-29-02 08:35 AM
egon no need to buy anything.

download kazaa, and you can find just about any (stones) song (incl. a lot of rare stuff)

go to;

this guy has stripped the programm from all the spyware.
works great!

and yes; i've found indian girl
06-29-02 09:19 AM
swapwoodfortaylor How right you are Egon.
06-30-02 06:21 PM
stonedinaustralia my dear xyzzy i still await your opinion particularly your verdict on "indian girl"

be careful before you decide or perhaps you will have no choice in the matter - your opinion will indestructably form itself, deep in your heart, in a single galvanizing moment - however, if you can, reserve your judgment as it will be the most important aesthetic question you will face in your life...indeed, it may have extremely heavy moral overtones as well... perhaps,after we move from this mortal plane, we are confronyted by a greater power which determines if your soul hits nirvana or suffers an eternal torment and the way you go will depend on your answer to one question "so, whaddaya think of "indian girl"... and until we really have to answer how will any of us really be sure we are backing the winner... its a matter of trust, faith and commitment

so my savage young friend, which side are you on?

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-30-02 06:33 PM
Sir Stonesalot I thought that listening to Indian Girl WAS eternal torment....You mean there's something WORSE than THAT?
06-30-02 06:43 PM
stonedinaustralia you are right ss... that may indeed be what you get
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]

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