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Topic: I'm new here/ ticket stuff... Return to archive
06-26-02 09:12 PM
hearts4sale I found this site a couple weeks ago and wonder where the hell I've been all these years!! This is a great site...

SEveral questions: I got tickets to the Phoenix show and am still trying to tell myself it's ok to spend $150 for seats in the second section (202, row 7). It's to the right of the stage, and now I'm wondering if I'll be able to see if they put up a huge backdrop...BUT...important thing was I HAVE THE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!! -I was having heart palpitations like I never had before just trying to get through to Ticketmaster that morning they went on sale: had 2 phone lines going, 2 computers, both computers crapped out and believe it or not, I got through on the old push button phone (had no redial). At less than a half minute past 10 the best that was offered was sec 202...
Does anyone know if they will be good seats? We're at seats 1 and 2.

ANOTHER QUESTION: anyone know where the Stones may stay while in Phx? Im thinking the Phoenician, but who knows. We have rooms at the Crowne Point Plaza. CAN'T WAIT!

We saw them there for B2B and it was PHENOMENAL. Which gets me wondering: we had seats ON THE FLOOR and it only cost us $65....what gives ?!??! That was only 5 years ago, right?? Now I'm spending 150 for the second level?!??!?!? NOT that the Stones aren't worth it, but i would have loved to have gotten on the floor, or closer...

ALSO: how the hell does anyone ever get backstage passes?? I know, now I'm dreaming...I drove my husband crazy this past sat. night after getting home from work -I just blasted every single album & CD and had a "Stones Night" -THEN, I put on the video from the B2B show from St Louis...ahhhh. I love nights like that! !!!

Sooo, any thoughts on ticket prices, and what kind of seats we got would be the hell did people get tickets to see them at places like The Tower (I'm orig from Philly) and the Wiltern for ONLY $52??? did I read that correctly on Ticketmaster??? Unfortunately i was too late and had no chance in hell in ever getting in those places...

Thanks for any comments...luv this site!
06-26-02 10:10 PM
littleredrooster Welcome to the board !!!
You'll really enjoy the show.
The Roostah will be in Sec 116, Row D in Phoenix.
What other shows will you attend??
06-26-02 10:55 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hallo there, Hearts, nice to have ya aboard (no pun intended).

As for the prices, this is a veritable political minefield. The general mob ruled conclusion is - hey, if we're paying for it, I guess they're doing something right. It's the capitalist principle - if we spend it, prices go up until they find that magic number we just won't pay, although with the Stones their prices will be consistant with inflation so that I'll be shelling out whatever they bloody want until either I or they die.

Enjoy those Stones! I'm hopin' to see two shows, both at the FleetCenter, before and after Christmas, so I don't think we'll meet up. Only have tickets for one, though... *sigh*... and the Orpheum is but a shining beacon in the distance.

Hava good time 'round here!

-tSYX --- New members = delicious! Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!
06-26-02 11:16 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Xyzzy,I hear the boys are gonna be rehearsing at The Fleet Ctr. the week before the tour starts.
06-26-02 11:50 PM
TwelveX5 wrote:
Hey Xyzzy,I hear the boys are gonna be rehearsing at The Fleet Ctr. the week before the tour starts.

Ohhh... no way... I'm there, helllll yesssss I'm there! Save a seat for me Ronnie, I'm bringing a sound-enhancer-thing to put to the walls if ya don't!

-tSYX --- Hey, the summer's here and the time's a-right for a Stones rehearsal meet, boys!
06-27-02 08:41 AM
Scot Rocks Hi and welcome, and well done for getting tickets to witness the best band in the world.

06-27-02 08:56 AM
winter Hey 12X5, where did you get the info on the FleetCenter rehearsals? Hope its true,

06-27-02 09:47 AM
hearts4sale wrote:
I found this site a couple weeks ago and wonder where the hell I've been all these years!! This is a great site...

Thanks for the compliment, it's great because of the people who actively participate, so welcome aboard!
06-27-02 10:17 AM
winter wrote:
Hey 12X5, where did you get the info on the FleetCenter rehearsals? Hope its true,


I think it was posted on shidoobeeland.

More accurately it was posted by Jason on Keith's AOL Board and Shidoobeeland. His source was yesterdays Boston Herald.
[Edited by Ken]
06-27-02 12:08 PM
midnightmagic I wish my wife was as hot for the Stones as you. Maybe the Aragon show will change her mind?
06-27-02 01:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Dude, if a theatre show don't swing her around to our way of thinkin' then she's a hopeless cause.

I think you are in for a beautiful change.

My wife always thought my Stones obsession was nuts....until I made her go to a show in '94. Now, not only does she tolerate my obsession, she allowed me to convert our basement into a Stones Bar. She'll sit down and watch Stones shows with me...and she doesn't even mind when I crank up the volume on the stereo. All this from a stadium show! She will be going to see her 3rd show on this tour, and she even consented to taking our 6 year old son along!

This is the power of the Stones. If you knew my wife, you would see what a remarkable thing this is.

Good Luck! But I don't really think you are gonna need it.
06-27-02 01:58 PM
winter Thanks 12X5!

A couple of weeks with the boys in town is Excellent, one week of rehearsals (and maybe a SURPRISE GIG), and a week for the 3 shows.

06-27-02 03:38 PM
mattb Looks like they will be here when Aerosmith is. I still think any surprise gig will be very small (under 200) and outside Boston.
06-27-02 04:27 PM
winter It might be tight, but if we through out the furniture, my living room might work, I am sure the neighbors, neighbors, neighbors won't mind,

06-27-02 07:16 PM
TwelveX5 MattB.& Winter:I keep hearing about The Plantation Club in Worcester for the surprise gig.
06-27-02 07:24 PM
winter FYI - The blusing brides are playing there on July 20th. The website is I've actually never seen the blushing brides. Anyone interested in a little pre-tour gathering in Woostah,

06-27-02 08:28 PM
TwelveX5 Winter,Let's get a group together for the Brides show.That'll be a good warm-up before we take in our 6 Stones shows.LOL
06-27-02 08:50 PM
TwelveX5 Winter;I haven;t seen them in years.The last time I saw them
Maurice Raymond ,the lead singer was dressed like Jagger during the '72 tour.They played one non Stones song.They couldn't have picked a better one.Dirty Water by The Standells.Now I hear they do a cover of the Voodoo Lounge tour.They were around back in March of '99.The only problem was they played in Worcester the same night "The Real Thing"
was playing The Fleet Ctr.
06-27-02 10:00 PM
winter 12X5:

I am definitely interested in checking them out. Lets check in as the 20th gets closer.

06-27-02 10:40 PM
TwelveX5 Winter,when I mentioned taking in 6 Stones shows I figured you knew who were dealing with.
06-27-02 10:44 PM
TwelveX5 Might have to make that 7 shows.The Molson starting to look good to me.The April '98 show I saw there might have been my favorite Stones show ever.I think we may have a pre show party in Somerville on the 3rd.
06-27-02 10:52 PM
TwelveX5 Winter, I just called the Plantation Club.Doors open at 4:00
The girl told me if we get there by 8:00 we're in.The Brides come on at 10-10:30.
06-28-02 09:19 AM
winter Hey 12X5,

I was toying with the Montreal show as well, and it will be my seventh if I do it. My others are

Fleet Center - Opener
Giants Stadium
Fleet Center - Jan

How about you, I think either Luxury and Speter555 are going to all of these shows as well.

06-28-02 01:26 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Winter,I mentioned 6 shows because this is SPeter555
using my alias.How the hell are ya? I'm gonna go see The Brides then Aerosmith before I go to see "The Real Thing".
We'll be hooking up with the rest of Stones Nation in
either Somerville or Beantown.See ya soon.

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