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Topic: Thanks Voodoo Return to archive
06-27-02 10:00 AM
Joey I just wanted to say " Thank You Voodoo " for my new Avatar .

It really is me and I feel as though all of the dope that I have lost these past three decades is finally making its way back home to me .

Ah , the glory !!!!

The Glory !!!

Just in time too ..............The WHO this summer and THE ROLLING STONES this fall . Life is really good !

" Hit Me Ronnie "


M. Joeyfly
06-27-02 10:05 AM
poetry in motion
06-27-02 10:33 AM
nankerphelge It is perfect -- I would have used it, but on those days when my kids are looking over my should as I post, the idea of explaining why daddy has chiba walking down the street by his name is just not something I care to explain. And it does have a higher (he he) meaning for Joey who has consistenly misplaced his. Sort of The Incredible Journey meets Cheech & Chong!!
06-27-02 10:34 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Well, you don't need to thank me, also Nanky who saw my offer before and didn't take it (for the above.mentioned reasons) and to Jason & Gazza who provided this one that you can use also as signature, the same way I use two avatars

06-27-02 10:36 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl And you have a lucky day as the Who announce more dates

Who Gives More Dates
Updated 14:01 PDT Tue, Jun 25 2002
The Who have tacked on seven shows to their North American run in what appears to be the start of a second tour leg. New dates begin September 19 in Colorado, marking a three-week space between dates.
No word yet on support acts for the new shows. So far, it's Robert Plant and Counting Crows in the opening slots, each staking their claim on opposite coasts.
The music starts up June 28 with a cozy show at the 2,000-capacity The Joint in Las Vegas and moves on to large venues from coast to coast.
Tickets are already on sale in most markets, with prices ranging from around $40 on up to $200.
Those not satisfied with the average Who concert experience can place a bid on eBay for a chance at two VIP tickets and an exclusive tour poster from the band. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation in its efforts to fund research into the cures for leukemia, cancer and AIDS.
The Who promotion runs on through July.
Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle have been fairly active on the benefit show front recently. They were part of The Concert For New York City event back in October and recently did two shows benefitting the Teenage Cancer Trust in the U.K. Preceding that benefit, the band warmed up their still-impressive chops with three intimate gigs around England.
The Who last toured in 2000, when they did a similar summer run of U.S. outdoor venues
06-27-02 10:49 AM
Joey 'And to Jason & Gazza who provided this one that you can use also as signature, the same way I use two avatars '

Cool ! Voodoo , Yes , I would like to use the Larry Hagman pic as my signature ( bottom ) Avatar . How do I do that ??????

Also , The Who have indeed added more concert dates in the MidWest and I am currently waiting for The Stones to add more dates in the MidWest this January .

From :

Fourth Leg

Sept 19: Fiddlers Green, Denver
Sept 21: American Airlines Arena, Dallas
Sept 22: Savin Center, St Louis
Sept 24: Xcel Energy Center, St Paul
Sept 25: Mark of the Quads, Moline
Sept 27: CSU, Cleveland
Sept 28: Air Canada Center, Toronto

The Denver show is really looking good right now . We shall see ............even Keno may show up .

M. Joeyfly

06-28-02 11:00 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Joey, I'm sad, so sad, but I am realizing that we had a Who conversation the day John passed, rest in peace!
06-28-02 11:38 AM
Joey Thanks Voodoo !

I bet Roger and Pete are just devestated .

Right on the eve of the tour too ............. there must be a reason for this .

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