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Topic: BLACK CROWES & STONES LOWDOWN Return to archive
06-26-02 08:35 AM
palmer42 I've seen the Black Crowes perform over 10 times in thier career. When they were "on" NOBODY could come close to thier musicanship, energy and pacing. The 3 Snakes tour w/ Marc Ford & Johnnie Colt and the most recent Lions tour (3 times in FL) were outstanding. These were the kind of gigs where your jaw is about to hit the floor. Rich Robinson gets my vote for most impoved guitar player of the decade.
I've also seen them when they were absolute crap! The Crowes were not afraid to take chances and they were one helluva band. Hope Steve decides to return.

As a 20+ show vet of the Stones, I hope & pray they don't play the same old sh*t this tour! Take some chances. Get rid of Chuck & Lisa. They don't need four horn players. Let Ronnie sing one. Tone down the theatrics. Let the music come to the center and not the myth. See you in Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta and Vegas.
06-26-02 10:58 AM
the lepper I saw the Crowes on the Lions tour and yes they were great....And Rich Robinson has definitely improved his guitar chops. While I still love the Stones...they haven't made a record I liked in quite a while. I really think it all is due to age and being comfortable and wealthy for so long. The fire that drove you in the first place fades and you just can't write with the same conviction. Look at McCartney. The Crowes are relatively still young, probably in their "Exile" years by Stones comparison, so they still have some fire. But hell the Stones are 60 freaking years old. I doubt any of us would still be at the peak of our profession at that age. Mick and the boys are just cashing in a final paycheck, which they deserve, and kicking off the dust for our enjoyment.
06-26-02 11:08 AM
Mr T personally, I love B2B - I think its a great record.

Anyway - the Crowes are the best show I've seen to date. They were SO good, that I doubt the Stones will be better - but I won't say til I see

anybody who cuts down the Crowes needed to see them at their best like I did
06-26-02 12:58 PM
Martha I was fortunate enough to see the opening tour show of the Black Crowes with Jimmy Page at Tinley Park in Chicago. The evening was horrendous with horizontal sheets of rain peppering the audience even underneath the pavilion. It was cold and miserable but when Pagey and the Crowes took the stage the warmth came back to my body as I went into a rock andf roll frenzy. It was INCREDIBLE> Pagey could really shine having backing guitars on stage with him. I felt so close to Zeppelin..and will never forget that show. We were stoked to see them again in Cleveland at the end of the tour but Pagey threw his back out and cancelled. I did get them taped off Leno the night they performed there, which I think was the last time they played. It ROCKED all the way! Wish they would team up again. Does anyone know what Pagey is up too?
06-26-02 06:30 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, Page is up to about 9pm..then it's his bedtime.

06-26-02 06:32 PM
Sir Stonesalot ....unless, of course, it isn't a school night. Then he's up till midnight!

06-27-02 02:30 AM

jagger wannabe chris is history
the last few albums have been awful, extremely redundent

the last time I saw them in @99-by your side tour?
they stunk , they were good

06-27-02 10:17 AM
Mr T Oh help me Dear Doctor, I'm confused,

the Stones never put out a bad album???

and if you didn't see them last tour, you really can't say, can you. I guess the Stones never played a bad show either.
06-28-02 02:24 AM
Bluzian Well as a veteran of rock n roll concerts (having just returned
tonight after seeing Big Sugar), I feel that the Rose-colored
glasses wearing Stones Fans need to get their ears checked.

I've actually seen the Crowes open for the Stones at Wembley
a few years ago, and I'll admit, the Crowes were chopped
liver at the gig.. no comparison.. but I have had several
religious experiences at Crowes gospelly shows.. like at
Roseland in NYC w/ Jimmy Page.. just fucking brilliant!!!

I think the Crowes are symbiotically the closest band to
the Stones. The Crowes have just as many shit shows at they
have amazing ones. I've seen just as many bad Stones gigs
as I have good ones. And it's always that one brilliant show
that keeps me/you/us coming back for more.

So please don't knock the Crowes, or Rich/Chris. They know
WHERE IT'S AT!! (probably more on the reality check than
Mick or Keith.) You can't tell me taht Keith and Mick have
real worlds?! Hardly. They live in dream worlds where every
one and thing caters to them. That ain't real man. ATleast
the Crowes are REAL - not posers cashing in on yesterday's

Like Molly Shannon says: "Just DON'T get me Started!!"

06-28-02 07:15 AM
Keefness If Chris would lose the Pippi Longstocking pigtails bullshit..Great singer, but I just couldn't watch his schoolgirl look.The whole Neo-Hippie thang is as dated as the 'Freebird' mentality is. Yeah, yeah, pot smokin' and all that, but the '60's & '70's were over long ago, & if there was even the slightest doubt, 9-11 put that shit in the grave.

I remember the first time I saw the guy who sang for the Spin Doctors on TV..I just wanted to punch him in the nose. That pot-head/stupid-me grin that would never leave. That dopey-meltedhead-blacklight poster kept coming to mind. Chris is such a great singer, but, wake the fak up & get in the world without that pot head aura. It's annoying at the absolute least. Rich played the fak out of several guitars, which is a talent in itself. He had the 'Real Thang' that kept the whole momentum going. Chris played 'StAr', Rich played the guitar. In open G tuning. Ya just don't do Keef's tunings unless you got CoCoNuts enough to not look back.

If it's authentic, you have to know from the ground up that there's more people listening than just rock'n'roll fans. There's people out there that KNOW. A gimmick will sell, sometimes millions. But the ones presenting it, if they truly are are 'about it' won't let that kind of thing go on. Matter of fact, it doesn't even occur to them. Short pigtails on a girl older than 13 are pretentious, on a grown man they just look stupid. But the drunken college guys next to me seemed to think it was ok. One day, one of them will be a journalist/writer & will look at the photos they took that day & think that Chris Robinson was more embarrassing in public than they were. Celebrity is not an excuse for bad taste.

(Nashville Riverstages May, 2001.)

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