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Topic: Best place to pick up girls? Return to archive
06-24-02 06:06 PM
Honky Tonk Man In Manhatten that is. I am well aware of the fact that i will of just turned 19 when i hit the staes, but there must be SOME PLACE/BAR/CLUB, for under 21's. In England we have under 18s? Any info would be appreciated.

I dont want to get hell bent on trying to pull, but id like too.

Alex (hungry for American pussy)
06-24-02 06:50 PM
gypsy OMG!
I don't know what your standards are, but there are certainly a lot of dirty whores out there! Be sure to use a condom! Good luck!
06-24-02 07:12 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thanks for the tip Gypsy!! Must remember to buy some condoms!

Some of you may think this, but this is a SERIOUS POST!, i think its disgusting that 21 is the legal age for drinking, sex i suppose is still 16 like in England? Well im old enough for that. I guess im just going to have to keep a look out. Any tipss on where to look Gypsy? LOL, im serious

06-24-02 07:58 PM
nankerphelge Well, not that I am a pro at this -- but just walking up to women here and saying you are hungry for American pussy will probably not work all that well. (and if it does, it could be a vice cop or a meal that will be coming back up on you in a serious way, if ya catch what I'm saying)

I would suggest that you get an ID from over there, and doctor it and then just use it in the bars like you belong. Unless you look as young as a fetus, that should work.

06-24-02 08:03 PM
Honky Tonker Unless you're really a jerk, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a woman. However, if you're having trouble getting 'em now, you'll probably have trouble getting 'em here. Good looks and money seem to help. Personality and brains are nice options!
06-24-02 08:21 PM
moy if you want to pick up girls without paying, i mean no prostitutes just go to any of the following bars, sure you'll have fun and trust me, not too much effort is required to get a wild girl willing to fulfill your wildest dreams

in chelsea
big apple ranch - 39 w 19th st
eagle's nest - 142 11th ave
splash bar - 50 W 17th st

in the west village
ty's bar - 114 Christopher st
lure - 409 w 13 st

in the east village
boiler room - 86 e 4th st
Dick's Bar - 192 2nd ave

have fun and please don't forget to tell us your experience!
06-24-02 10:31 PM
Sir Stonesalot Can I follow you around with a video camera, and film you getting bitch slapped all over Manhattan?
06-24-02 10:35 PM

Alex (hungry for American pussy)

Thanks for the laugh, Alex. I just spit up my drink on my key pad.
So, you want to get your wanker worked on, American style. Well maybe we should "help" you either before or after the Giants Stadium gig.
BTW, do get yourself a fake ID. In the parking lot is obviously not a problem, but a lot places won't let you in unless your 21 even if your with us.
Also, I'll have to get with you to see what your Stones boot list looks like. I'll bring some goodies to take back with you.

06-25-02 12:53 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL Honky Tonk Man, Rocks Off is not exactly the best place to ask such a question, but follow all of the above recommendations and you will get your rocks off in the big apple!

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-25-02 01:08 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Play "Shattered". Loud. In fact, just all of Some Girls. That's a New York At Its Worst album.

Drive on the right side of the road!

And don't hide yer accent... chicks dig the accent, and it's a good conversation piece until you get back to your voodoo lounge, how things are different over here.

Unless you're lucky enough to find a fellow Stones afficiando, don't saturate 'em with the Stones, just say "I'm here for the concert", and when they say "Oh, they did 'Satisfaction'!", just smile, grit your teeth, and nod.

Have a good time in the city. It does, and will always have, something for everybody. Just follow all above advice, remember, *stock up on protection*, ribbed for her pleasure, unless you're a devout Catholic, in which case I recommend a steady dose of worshipful prayer beforehand, prayers of thanksgiving during, and confession with prayers of reconsiliation and hope (that you didn't just leave more in the States than soiled bedsheets)!

Yessss, I'm Catholic, but preaching abstinance in schools? Jeez! Yer gonna do it anyway, you might as well not be worried about more than one mortal sin at a time!

-tSYX --- You'll never make a saint of me...
06-25-02 01:25 AM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
In Manhatten that is. I dont want to get hell bent on trying to pull, but id like too.

Alex (hungry for American pussy)

A good thing you asked, because New York is unlike anywhere else on the planet when it comes to the niceties of "dating". The rules are a little bit different there. For instance, SOME of the girls in New York have adam's apples. In fact, I met a girl there once when I was a young monkey and I could tell she really liked me because she had a boner.

You could go to 28 Ninth Avenue (in the triangle of 9th Ave, 14th St & Hudson St), but you DO have to be hell-bent to go there. Tell 'em Vlad the Impaler sent you.

06-25-02 01:31 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy The rules on statitory differ, Alex, from state to state, I believe. I know here in MA we have two different categories: kids below 14 is one category, from 14 to 16 another, and 16 up the last. The three categories are fine on their own, but they can't intermingle. So I don't think you'll have any problems unless your name actually starts with "B" and ends in "ill Wyman".

-tSYX --- Choose your medicine...
06-25-02 01:54 AM
gypsy Honky Tonk Man~
Wear a wedding band! It is a sure-fire way to get a chick. Girls always want what they can't have!
06-25-02 02:56 AM
Bluzian Alex,

Well, in my cynical observations, from what I see what
women are into, might I suggest you:

1) get ugly real fast
2) lower your standards in yourself
3) smoke
4) hate the rolling stones
5) wear a gold/silver gaudy chain
6) limit your vocab and disrespect women

Chances are, you'll appeal to the majority of the hotter
women in the country I figure.

If you want to be honest:

1) go to Manhattan expecting to have a good time
(nothign more, nothign less).
2) if you plan on getting laid, you probably wont.
3) be alert, aware, sponteneous and flexible.(in time!!!)
4) meet, greet and treat (a girl do a beverage...?)
5) lay on the accent real thick - yes, it's true, any
(white) foreigner is like this exotic fantasy... maybe
you'll be fulfilling a few ladies conquests???
6) again, I think if you're looking, it wont' happen. but
if you play the "deer caught in headlights", then, it
may just work to your favour..

Good luck mate,
06-25-02 10:26 AM
Honky Tonk Man I would like to thank all of you for kind words and advice, however i feel pretty ashamed about my original post. Im coming to America to see the Stones and meet some of my Stones freinds, pulling would be nice though, but its always nice. I can do that whewn i go out this Friday. I dont have a problem with girls, i get rejections, but i get offers too. I just dont want to come across as some looser or jerk.

Saying that though, im very happy you all found it funny!!!!!

06-25-02 11:30 AM
Jumacfly Forget all those crap, take a flight to Montpellier , south of France, girls are beautiful, they wear the shortest clothes and the sun shine shere 300 days a year!

my vision of paradise...!!!
06-25-02 02:49 PM
Jaxx you'll need a toothbrush,mouthwash and all that shit, get yourself a little shaving kit.

don't forget your manners and a fake id.

quote]Jumacfly wrote:
south of France, girls are beautiful

there are quite a few american beauties as well and american girls sure know how to party!

[Edited by Jaxx]
06-25-02 02:49 PM
gypsy Honky Tonk Man, let me be brutally honest by telling you that you are asking the WRONG guys how to get laid here.
Take my advice, wear a wedding band, and act like you don't give a hard-to-get...
06-25-02 03:35 PM
Joey 'Wear a wedding band ............'

Huh , what does a wedding band have to do with anything .

If a woman has a wedding ring on , it means nothing to your young Joey .

I abide by the Clinton motto ......" If it feels good , DO IT !!!!!! "

Bunny !

06-25-02 04:11 PM
Sir Stonesalot I still wanna follow Alex around with a video camera, and film him getting bitch slapped repeatedly.

It would make one hilarious movie!
06-25-02 05:16 PM
Staffan Nah, I must say that neither American or French girls send chills up my spine... I think the Swedish girls are best! And I know that Keef, or at least Bill second me on that. (Bill was married to Astrid Lundström who comes from a small village 50 miles north of my place, btw, what happened to her?)
06-25-02 05:17 PM
gypsy Joey, a wedding band on a man is like a chick magnet! Women always want what they think they can't have. Women like a challenge, as most men are only so willing to give it up.
06-25-02 05:45 PM
Honky Tonk Man SS, im sure you are kidding around a bit about the camera idea, but hell yeah, id be prepeared to go for it. After a christmas party at work i tried it on with a couple of girls at the tube station (subway), thought i had a chance untill one goes "Errr, my boyfreinds over there" I hate girls like that!!

SS, if im drunk and you have camera, i WILL DO IT, LETS DO IT!!!
06-25-02 06:11 PM
gypsy You had me at "tube station."

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