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Topic: How do you get the picture by your name? Return to archive
06-24-02 11:23 AM
Honky Tonk Man How?
06-24-02 11:37 AM
Jaxx go into your profile page. there will be a field for AVATAR. your picture must RESIDE on an internet address, in other words it must have a URL. if it doesn't, mail your photo to gerardo, he will upload it onto the rocks off web site and then you can post your avatar.
06-24-02 11:44 AM
Honky Tonk Man Hi Jaxx!

thanks for the info. I cant remember where i got the picture from, its on my desktop. Its a picture of Keith circa 1964 drinking a bottle of coke. You seen it?

06-24-02 11:46 AM
Jaxx it doesn't matter where you got it, just email it to gerardo, he'll upload it and give it a URL for you. then you can post it in your avatar field.

i don't think i've seen that photo. sounds like a great ad for coke!
06-24-02 11:49 AM
Lazy Bones Jaxx, your avatar's display is off. It's shifted slightly.
06-24-02 11:51 AM
riverrat this is just my test
06-24-02 11:57 AM
Honky Tonk Man Jaxx, i really dont know how to do that, it wont let me paste it onto the email. If thats what you are supposed to do?
06-24-02 02:07 PM
Lazy Bones
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
Jaxx, i really dont know how to do that, it wont let me paste it onto the email. If thats what you are supposed to do?

Copy and paste the pictures' URL into the avatar box in your profile.
06-24-02 02:48 PM
Jaxx LOL my avatar is skewed because i put a rectangluar picture into a square box. i haven't had time to edit the picture into a square and i thought i would have changed it by now, but i just love mick's smile, biceps and statue of liberty tshirt. you can take the girl out NY, but you cant take NY out of the girl, i guess.....don't mind the maggots!

alex: when you write an email, you have the option to "attach" a file to it before you mail it. hit attachment then find the picture on your computer where it resides. click ok or attach and when you hit the send button, the picture/file will upload from your computer to the email.

when gerardo gets it, he will upload it to our rocks off site to give your photo an internet address. he will mail you back the internet address. that is the address you put in your AVATAR field on your PROFILE page.

however, your photo may be off a website and it may already have an internet address. right click the photo and see the address under PROPERTIES.
[Edited by Jaxx]
06-24-02 04:49 PM
Honky Tonk Man Its okay Jaxx, found another picture i like. I will email it
06-27-02 05:45 AM
Jumacfly Sorry for being late, what s Gerardo adress???
06-27-02 08:55 AM
Jumacfly wrote:
Sorry for being late, what s Gerardo adress???

you are not late. you are RIGHT ON TIME!

there are 2 ways to reach gerardo, or any of the other administrators.

all our email addresses are under the administrator section up on the left side of the header. if you click on gerardos monikor you will see that his email address is:

you could also PM him or anyone else on the board by clicking into a thread they are participating in. every poster has a little PM icon on their reply so you can Private Message them. if your email address is posted on your profile page, you will receive an email when you receive a PM.

[Edited by Jaxx]
06-27-02 10:47 AM
Jumacfly that s ok Jaxx,i ve mailed it.

thanks a lot!!

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