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Topic: Chris Robinson Slagging the Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-24-02 08:32 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Springsteen, The Eagles and Dylan don't charge $300 a ticket! Well, that is without a doubt because they can't. Who the fuck would pay anything over $30 to see Dylan stand there like a friggin' corpse and whistle through his nose? As for Dylan being original, I never bought it. Ever heard of Woody Guthrie or Leadbelly? And the Crowes? C'mon, I remember Robinson, years ago, getting into an altercation with one of the members of Slaughter after Robinson accused them of not being original. As a result, skinny Chris found himself face down in a trash can, courtesy of an un-original "hair band" guitarist. The Crowes cover more bands than any group I an think of.
06-24-02 08:41 PM
Joey 'I much prefer vocalists who can convey emotion. I like hootin' and hollerin'. Here are some of my fave vocalists, and I don't think you can call any of them "singers", except for maybe Bowie. ' forgot to mention Roger Daltrey !!!!!!!


06-25-02 03:07 AM
Bluzian IMO, I think the Crowes play better Stones tunes (these days).

I think Chris is a highly articulated intelligent individual
and he's always got something to say. But you have to be
careful with him, because many times, he does say shit just
to cause a commotion and create a bit of PR if you will...

The only Crowe who has problems with the Stones is the drummer
Steve Gorman who got into a huge argument with Keith a few
years ago.. APparently Keith was being all high and mighty,
and got a little to anal-retentive - then didn't appologize.
Now ok, he may be KEITH F'n RICHARDS, but, c'mon..

Anyways.. Food For thought, I caught the Crowes in Toronto
several years ago in '96, and ran into Rich Robinson at our
low-budget MuchMusic version of MTV-Canada, and pollitely
asked Rich if he would/could consider playing me a Stones
tune taht night at Massey Hall. He told me he'd talk it over
with the band and see what he could do. I thought it was
just a shit answer to satisfy my inquiry, but in the encore,
would you believe they did "SILVER TRAIN"??!?!@$%)(#!@%
yeah!! *LOL* no shit!

So I think the Crowes in their own state of minds dig the
Stones, but when pressed for a request - probably by a
typical drunk and belligerant Crowes fan no less, who would
want to play that request??

06-25-02 09:16 AM
sandrew Remedy - No bashing to worry about ... most of us try to be somewhat thoughtful. Anyway, it's true that the Crowes were great about changing their set lists from night to night. But, on the last tour, it was basically the same structure every night, with a few "wildcard" slots. That's basically the way the Stones have done it over the last 10 years.

Set lists aside, Saint Sway's earlier post says it all. It seems like Chris Robinson was embellishing the Dylan story to get laughs - which is fine. Like I said, his point about ticket prices is well taken. What rubs people the wrong way is that he's so self-righteous.
06-25-02 11:29 AM
Mr T sandrew,
I gotta say your off on that one. When I saw the Crowes in 2001, they played:

Go Faster
Cypress Tree
Cursed Diamond
How Much For Your Wings?
Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz Jam
She Gave Good Sunflower
Thick N Thin(they don;t play this as often as they should)
Virtue & Vice

that's 10 songs - almost half the setlist - and if you went to any given show on the Listen Massive Tour - I would be VERY surprized if you heard more than 2 of these songs. Apart from that, they DIDN'T play She Talks To Angels, My Morning Song, Ballad Of Urgency(which they usually do before Wiser Time) or even Lickin - a recent single - and al those songs are usually musts inthe Crowes setlist. Not to mention, the order was NEVER the same. They started usually opening with Midnight From The Inside Out - and eventually they just did diffferent songs every night. Remedy alone was constantly jumping between beginning middle & end of the set list.

Now what's a more impressive setlist? That - or opening with Satisfaction every night - closing with JJ Flash, and using YCAGWYW & Brown Sugar as encores. OK, maybe if the Crowes did it, it would be a surprize
06-25-02 12:04 PM
sandrew F'in Andrew: The Eagles certainly do charge $300. In fact, along with the Who, they're charing up to $500!

Mr. T: You're right about the Crowes' recent set lists. But the point I was trying to make is that they used to play radically different set lists in the mid-1990s. They moved things around a lot last year, but as I said, there was at least a structure they followed every night.
06-25-02 01:41 PM
padre I bought a great T-shirt from New York this spring. It's got Keef looking at you real mean and a text "Black Crowes? I don't think so."
06-25-02 01:46 PM
Fn_Nick As a huge Stones and Crowes fan, I thought I'd throw in my two cents on this thread. I've seen the Crowes four times at different stages of their career. Most recently, I saw them last fall in St. Louis. It was probably their best show yet, IMO. The setlist on the Listen Massive Tour was different every night. At the show I saw (and taped, BTW, with very good results), they did NOT play "She Talks to Angels" or "Hard to Handle." It was a great set with alot of jammin' and guitar improv. And to top it off, to close out the encore, the Crowes did "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" which was amazing.

Yes, the Crowes followed in the example the Stones set. But I don't understand Stones fans ripping on the Crowes for being like the Stones. What, the Stones didn't play cover songs ever? Come on, they took the blues of black musicians and made it their own. The Crowes simply followed in their footsteps.

Look at the sad state of music these days. Would you rather see Chris Robinson strutting around stage like Mick and Rich Robinson jamming on guitar or go see some bullshit, choreographed lipsynching by the teenpop flavor of the weak. And don't even get me started about the so-called nu-metal, rapcore, whatever it is.

The Black Crowes are, IMO, one of the best bands to come around in the last 10-15 years. They bucked convention after having a hit debut and didn't put out a bunch of radio-friendly crap. My personal favorite Crowes album is Amorica, hardly a hit.

And Chris Robinson is right to dis the Stones for their outrageous ticket prices. Ticket prices in general are getting out of control, especially the inexplicable Ticketmaster charges. I'm still going to a Stones show this fall at Comiskey, but $90 is about all I can afford. I paid my $150 to see them at the United Center on the No Security Tour. Not going to pay even more to see the same show again. I tried both online via presale and regular sale, as well as auto redial on the phone, to get theater tickets for the Aragon, but it seems only ticket brokers got those. I'm not about to pay $1,000 to some asshole ticket broker/scalper for a $50 face value ticket. If you are, more power to you. But Robinson was dead on in his criticism of this process.
06-25-02 03:08 PM
Sir Stonesalot I certainly don't disagree with the fact that Stones tickets are expensive. They are. Simple fact.

But my contention is that they are worth every red cent.

Look, stadiums and arenas don't come cheap. Neither do the stages, lights, and video screens. Neither does the small army of roadies, and fleet of trucks required to move everything. Neither is the PR, and travel expenses. Neither are all the promoters, merchandisers, lawyers, accountants, assistants and various and sundry other employees. A tour on the scale of what the Stones are putting on is EXPENSIVE.

So what do you really want, the Stones to scale back? Yeah, I'd love that too, but it just isn't practical. People like us, the hardcore fans, are very few and far between. There might be 250,000 of us worldwide. Everyone else is a "casual Hot Rocks" fan. THAT is the Stones bread & butter. Those are the people who fill stadiums and arenas. And guess what, they WANT to see the big show. They WANT the huge stage, huge light show, big ass video screens, and pyro. They WANT to hear Satisfaction and Miss You again. In a way, I don't blame them. If I'm a casual fan, and I just dropped $160.00 to see the Stones at MSG, I want a big fucking rock show. If they came out on stools and played blues all night those people would be PISSED OFF that they didn't play Satisfaction. I've heard it, man. I can't believe some of the stupid shit that I've heard at Stones shows from these people. But like it or not, they vastly outnumber us, and that is who the band will cater to.

So, to keep those fans happy, they have to put on the big fucking rock show. And they do. And no one does it better. But it costs a lot to do, and just like anything else, additional costs are passed on to the consumer.

Chris Robinson can bitch about the Stones ticket prices all he wants. And he can pare down his show, and play small venues exclusively. But he isn't the Rolling Stones, and the Stones don't have those luxuries. The Stones have chunks in their shit bigger than Chris Robinson will ever be.

And for the record, I LIKE the Black Crowes.
06-25-02 03:23 PM
winter Sir Stonesalot:

I am standing and applauding as I type. Well Done!

06-25-02 03:40 PM
Larry Dallas Sir Stonesalot, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What the fuck does Christine Aguliera have to do with being a vocalist? How is she any different than any other performer her age? The vocalists you listed have a stamp of their own. Dylan, especially, has his shit going strong as of this writing. Let me know if anything has changed. I'm sure that Springsteen will be doing the same when he hits the road in a few weeks. I hope that I'm the last person who ever mentions Aguliera on this board. And the Ramones suck? Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Texas said it best..."What's the world coming ta?"
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