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Topic: The Worst... Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-23-02 11:25 PM
Honky Tonker The Jefferson Airplane once put an album called "Worst of the JA". Without getting into the fact that all of their shit was "THE WORST", what would be on "The Worst Of The Stones"? Among mine would be:

Undercover of the Night
Cherry Oh Baby
Back To Zero
Might As well Get Juiced
Sing this all Together (and the rest of TSMR except 2000 Man, 2000 Light Years, and Rainbow)
and last but not least (well maybe least)

Memo From Turner - great music, but the lyrics suck! (no pun intended!!!)
06-23-02 11:33 PM

06-24-02 12:30 AM
Sir Stonesalot Sometimes I can't even admit that Emotional Rescue is a Stones tune.

Indian Girl is pretty awful too.

In fact the best I can say about anything on that album is that Down In The Hole, She's So Cold, All About You, and Let Me Go, don't totally suck.

Even Dirty Work shines in comparison to the insipid ER.

06-24-02 01:14 AM
gypsy I happen to LOVE Emotional Rescue. Looks like we are not at all compatable, Cardy! Damn!
06-24-02 07:35 AM
Mathijs I'm still doubting whether Indian Girl is worse than Thru and Thru or not. Depends on my mood I guess, but I can't stand neither of the two longer than 20 seconds. These two songs I really loath, and Voodoo Lounge album has received 5 spins -three times when it came out, and tow times a couple of years later to reassure myself it was really that awfull.


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06-24-02 08:00 AM
nankerphelge Indian Girl (ER)
Blinded by Love (SW)
Always Suffering (B2B)
Don't Hold Back (DW)
Emotional Rescue (ER)

Can't listen to any of them
06-24-02 08:02 AM
TT Mathijs, what is so awful about T&T. It canīt be the music.

Indian Girl sucks, thatīs right.

Iīnever really liked

Mixed Emotions. we are talking about a "Hey, we are ready to blow your mind again" comeback single. Just the weakest song of the 80s.

I was also disappointed about VL, because I was too optimicstic after having heard Jaggerīs strong album WS.
VL is just boring in most parts.
Sweethearts Together really sucks, I Go Wild is crap after the first 20 seconds especially live (did you hear the guitar?),Suck on the Jugular is the worst ever.

06-24-02 08:42 AM
hayo I Go Wild. It's even worse when played live!
06-24-02 09:11 AM
Jumacfly ...what about "you got me rockin"??
this songs really sucks live!!

I agree with you: "Wanderin Spirit" was , for me, the best 90's stones stuff, if Mick did this record with the stones, it would have been a GREAT record: listen to "wired all night", "wanderin spirit", "hang on to me...", "testify": great songs, close your eyes and imagine keith , charlie and ronnie playin!!

so the worst are IMO : Suck on the jugular, new faces
, you don t have to mean it...

06-24-02 11:30 AM
Jaxx if you think of all the music the stones have made since '62 the responses to "THE WORST OF THE STONES" list is rather small. come to think of it, i don't think there's enough bad stones songs to fill a CD. of course ~someone~ likes the ones that others hate.

for example, i think "all the way down" has some great guitar riffs. actually, the whole undercover album has some great guitar as well as keyboard. "sing this all together" has some interesting percussion. i'm actually a closet SMs lover. i love "as tears go by". i also love to play it on the piano when i'm in a melancholy mood.

EMOTIONAL RESCUE. no matter how many years go by, its still a weak album. i laughed the first time i spun that disc and now i cry. i would agree that indian girl just sucks.(let the indian girl, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, sorry SDH, but i think mick ran out of lyrics on this one.) i think the worst is pretty bad too. if you really want to be my friend off IORR is a sleeper too. coming down again (GHS), always suffering(B2B), slave(TY), moon is up (VL). you can keep those too. i have to be in the right mood for the spacy percussiony continental drift(SW), gomper(SM) can't you hear the music(GHS) heaven (TY) type of tunes.

i'm also just plain tired of decades of hot rocks. i'm so board with satisfaction that i don't care if i ever hear it again.

[Edited by Jaxx]
06-24-02 11:37 AM
Jumacfly IMO "Slave" is a great song, i d like to hear this song on the next tour, it would be a great break!!

please play "Slave", but no more "you got me rockin"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06-24-02 11:46 AM
Joey The Rolling Stones are going to play " Emotional Rescue " in its entirety at the Roseland Gig !

That 's what I hear ........

I hear things !!!! I hear things !!!!

Saw " The Deer Hunter " again on AMC last night . I had forgotten what a great movie that is . When I see those little V. C. 's making our POW's play Russian Roulette , I get all fired up and turn Republican !

" LBJ was a wussy Ronnie "

Joey Cong

06-24-02 11:46 AM
Lazy Bones Funny story about CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC. This used to be on my list of weaker Stones songs that I don't care too much for, until, I heard it on the radio! A couple years back, Toronto's Q107, played it. I think we can all admit to guessing if Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, JJF or Tumbling Dice will get the nod. When CYHTM came on, it was like I was hearing it for the first time. It lended a whole new appreciation to me for the airplay.
To this day, I still remember where I was when I heard it.

Btw, I've also heard them play Sweet Black Angel (twice).
06-24-02 11:49 AM
Mr T I liked Might as Well get Juiced and Memo From Turner KICKS ASS!

"The Worst Of The Stones" for me would be "Their Satanic Majesties Request" in different packaging(the packaging was the best psrt of the album. Except 2000 Light Years From home & She's A Rainbow would be replaced By Time Waits For No One & one of the songs off Emotional Rescue(impossible for me to pick which one)
06-24-02 12:58 PM
Jaxx wrote:
i think the worst is pretty bad too. if you really want to be my friend off IORR is a sleeper too. coming down again (GHS), always suffering(B2B), slave(TY), moon is up (VL). you can keep those too. i have to be in the right mood for the spacy percussiony continental drift(SW), gomper(SM) can't you hear the music(GHS) heaven (TY) type of tunes.


The Worst?
If You Really Want to Be My Friend?

Good Lord, woman! Get thee to a nunnery or something!

The first song I ever heard off Emotional Rescue was All About You, and that sealed it. As for the rest of the album, it's the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world just not giving a fuck...that's gotta count for something.
06-24-02 01:26 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I think the biggest problem in doing a "Worst of the Stones" would be that there are just so many 'Camps' of the Stones - I know people who can't stand "Angie", or prefer their bluesy stuff and can't stand "Satisfaction". For me, though:

-Most of Black And Blue. I've had an epiphany about "Hot Stuff", though - it's a great live song if you speed it up, give it Billy Preston, and leave out those moronic "Ai am Mick Jaggah from Jamaica, mon!" lyrics and just do it as an instrumental with the words "Hawwwwt Stuff! Can't Get Enough!" repeated. So, B&B with "Hey Negrita" and "Melody" removed, a majority of Voodoo Lounge ("Blinded By Rainbows"... so damn *close* to being a great song! Mick and his filthy "I love Jesus" lyrics wreck it), and so on and so forth. I have yet to hear Emotional Rescue, Dirty Work, Undercover, and Their Satanic Majesties, and I'm afraid of what will happen when I do.

Oh, and "Rock And A Hard Place". That song just sucks and I can't understand why they even bother toting it around as a rock song. Along with "If You Really Want To Be My Friend" from IORR and "Heaven" from Tattoo You.

-tSYX --- Chris Robinson: How Would You Like It If I Compared You To Wings?
06-24-02 01:40 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Miss You and Angie drive me up the wall at concerts. At home I can flip past them and the other handful of weaker songs on the records.
06-24-02 03:01 PM
Jaxx >>Good Lord, woman! Get thee to a nunnery or something

if you must know they did TRY to recruit me some time ago. i told them party girls make lousy nuns....would it help tarnish my image a bit if i told you songs like terrifying, she was hot, can't you hear me knocking, can't be seen -- just to mention a few, make me quite horny? must be the beat.

like i said at the beginning of my post, for every song someone dislikes, there is someone out there who loves it. btw thanks for reminding me! i forgot to mention how much i hated all about you. . i've always contended no matter how unsatisfying a stones album may be, there is always "something" redeeming to be had. for example on emotional rescue i like she's so cold, let me go and down in a hole.

06-24-02 09:07 PM
Gazza Jaxx,me and you are gonna have to have a quiet world sometime,babe

Slave? Continental Drift? whaaaaaaaaaaa?

Bloody hell,thats two of my top ten Stones songs ever,girl..and I thought we were kindred spirits. A musical chasm has parted us here....maybe its a European/American cultural divide (or should that be a "Continental Drift" ?)

In my dreams there's a 90 minute edit of that take of "Slave" somewhere..every second of that song (especially the longer version on the Virgin reissue of "tattoo you") is transcendent. One of Charlie's finest hours too..and Sonny Rollins' God...

A Worst of the Stones? (maybe we should call it "Lame Horses" or "Snot Rocks")

1. Suck On the Jugular
2. Emotional Rescue
3. Melody (even though it was fun to hear at at shep.bush!)
4. Indian girl
5. Anyway You look At it
6. Hold Back
7. If you Really Wanna Be my Friend
8-14. All of "satanic majesties" apart from "shes a rainbow", "2000 Man" and "2000 Light years from home"

theres a lot of overly familiar songs I'm tired of hearing, but that doesnt make them BAD songs.
06-24-02 10:52 PM
Fiji Joe I'm seeing some pretty good songs show up on this worst list. Memo from Turner? C'mon, what wrong with the lyrics? "Faggly little leather boy with a smaller piece of stick"...and Indian Girl? Must be a Fiji thing but I dig that song. And Slave? I too want to hear that one live. If some of you people could progress past your mid-life crisis and emerge from the 70's, you might find a new appreciation for Emotional Rescue, the album. The album is loaded with great tunes that really capture a unique sound in Stones' history and show the bands immense versatility. She's So Cold, ER, Let Me Go, Send it To Me, Summer Romance, Where the Boys Go and even Dance. These are great songs. Are they of the same mold as Exile and Sticky Fingers? No, but, they still kick ass. A delightful blend of funk (I choose not to call it disco), reggae, and punk. Anyhow, I think the album is the most diverse they have ever made.
06-25-02 01:58 AM
gypsy Ya know, after my first date with KeepRigid, he played guitar and sang "The Worst" for me. It was beautiful...
06-25-02 07:19 AM
swapwoodfortaylor wrote:
Miss You and Angie drive me up the wall at concerts. At home I can flip past them and the other handful of weaker songs on the records.

06-25-02 07:42 AM
Scot Rocks Everyone will disagree on this thread, yet is true that sometimes over the years and months a song grows on you and maybe this will be true in my selection. However at the moment some of the one's that I dislike are:

Suck on a Jungular
Brand New Car
How Can I Stop
Hot Stuff
Hold Back

Not much is there

06-25-02 08:25 AM
06-25-02 08:46 AM
stonedinaustralia bloody hell jaxx!! you surprised me with some of that stuff... as others also put it...Slave? Heaven?

oh well,one (wo)man's groove is another (wo)man's turkey...


fight hasn't got a vote yet so i'll give that one

winning ugly is another

had it with you is a disaster(i see a pattern developing here)

so just to lay of DW for a while how about indian girl (little yellow face not believing its ears)

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-25-02 03:03 PM
Gazza wrote:
Slave? Continental Drift? whaaaaaaaaaaa?

if you read the post, i said i had to be IN THE MOOD for instrumentally, spacey tunes like: feel on, continental drift, gomper, heave, can't you hear the music. they are too mellow for the road rage drill.but given the right moment, sure i enjoy them.

however slave is just too monotonous for me. i'd like to hear a copy of what you have. maybe you'll convert me.
06-25-02 05:58 PM
Rescued These worst of lists always bum me out, so instead of adding a song I think is weak, I'll defend some tunes others have posted.

Emotional Rescue - cold, shallow, punchy, experimental, and visceral album - sound of NYC 1979. I listen to it more than Tattoo You and Some Girls. Dance has killer guitar interplay on all versions. Where the Boys Go is one of there best rockers period. Summer Romance is Mick at his nasty punk best. Send it Me and ER are great dance tunes and you just have to admire the balls it took to release ER at the hieght of "Disco Sucks!" mania. One of my favorite Stones albums. Burn it with the outakes mixed in and it's the Stones at there BnB to Undercover best.

If You Really Want to be My Friend - Fantastic 73-74 period piece. One of Mick's best vocal performances with great lyrics. Acoustic and electric guitars used together brilliantly. Great Taylor solo. Mick builds tension and really goes off at end. Cool Blue Magic backing vocals. One of IORR's high points for me.

Heaven - In 1981, one of the Toledo,Ohio (Hesher USA) rock stations was playing this Tattoo You cut exclusively - believe it or not. I fell in love with it then and find it a great track to make love by. Essential part of a great album. The Stones never had that sound again.

Undercover - hardest rocking and raunchiest of all Stones albums and they get slammed for it. Aside from the big four it is their best album to drive by IMHO.

Miss You, Hot Stuff, Cherry Oh Baby - essence of mid to late seventies Stones.
06-25-02 06:51 PM
Stonesthrow Gazza-- I really like the music on Slave. However, the vocals, sparing as they are, detract from the song's quality. Do you know of any versions of this song without the vocals?
06-25-02 07:03 PM
Nasty Habits Since Mr. Lugar isn't around to do it, I guess it's time for me to step up to the block as the one lone nut who thinks that Dirty Work is the nazz.

I'm not going to go to any great lengths to convince anybody that Hold Back is great, even though I think Hold Back is great. It's completely unique - vocally unlike anything in the Stones entire catalog and quite thrilling. It loses points for being the first in a long line of tunes to give a history lesson when it's supposed to be rocking (Sympathy excluded for reasons of obvious insane genius) but gets them back because Jagger sings the dorky line about the banks of the Delaware so cool.

But for the learned and articulate Stoned in Australia to actually say Had It with You is a disaster is genuinely hurtful to my nasty constitution. Had It with You is the best fucking Stones song on their last four studio LPs!

It is filthy! It is awful! If it was the last song Mick Jagger ever sang on a Rolling Stones album, which it looked like it was going to be for awhile . . . it would have been a perfect way for him to go out. It is "Turd on the Run" sung by Mick to the rest of his band and you can actually hear the fuckin' door slam at the end as he splits! That song is a sudden, shocking return to Exile on Mainstreet level rawness with a dose of the sinking pit in your stomach you get when you listen to "Stray Cat Blues". "Had It with You" is the Stones deep fried in an extra skin of bile.


The worst Stones tracks are Under the Boardwalk and My Girl.
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
06-25-02 08:21 PM
Rescued Nasty Habits,

I just got Crushed Pearls (Dirty Work Session Outtakes). Sounds Great! They put it together to play like an alternative Dirty Work. 18 tracks - Love it!
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