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Topic: Let'em In Your Pants? Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-22-02 01:35 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! I was just wondering what the ladies here actually think of The Stones as sex symbols today. I mean it's no secret that the boys torn the fur boxes up of many women in the early days, but what about now? Does any ladies still find them attractive enough to have a go around with them? Yeah, we all know that Jagger is a ladies man because he is JAGGER, but what about the rest of the cats? My girlfriend thinks that Jagger is rather ugly, but he has that "something about him" that she finds attractive. So if the opportunity would present itself, how many of you ladies would really (and be honest) give it a go?

06-22-02 01:45 AM
gypsy I would do Keith in a heartbeat...just cuz he is the epitome of cool.
Jagger is too feminine for my taste.
06-22-02 04:55 AM
luxury1 No comment
06-22-02 04:57 AM
luxury1 Well--actually I do have a comment--If Mick showed up at my doorstep wearing that stupid blue floppy in the header pic from 6/21, I would have to run screaming in the opposite direction.
06-22-02 01:54 PM
Jaxx i've been a mick fanatic for most of my life but i wouldn't go near him or any of them with a 10 foot pole. no starf***ing for me!
06-22-02 02:42 PM
luxury1 Don't knock it till you've tried it, Jaxx
06-22-02 02:46 PM
Riffhard Oh luxury1 do tell!We're all ears......

06-22-02 02:50 PM
Redflash Keith,Oh Keith!Any time,any where!There is an old saying"The Older you get,the better you get."
06-22-02 03:19 PM
jaggerchick26 I have to admit that I have always fantasized about snogging with all of the Stones, Mick in particular because to me he is the sexiest man who ever lived. I've always thought that I would do Mick even now because I've fantasized about it for so long, but I'm not sure if I would chicken out when faced with the wrinkles and the sheer grandeur of Mick and any of the Stones. Wouldn't do Charlie cuz he's married and not my type, wouldn't do Ronnie, would want to smoke a fattie with Keith and maybe do a little naughty stuff with him but not too much, and would hypopthetically f*ck Mick's brains out. God this must all sound so bad coming from a 21 year old, I feel dirty.

Much Love to Everyone,
06-22-02 03:22 PM
luxury1 wrote:
Don't knock it till you've tried it, Jaxx

i guess thats the point, lux, i don't make a habit of "trying it" with "just anyone". saying yes is just too damn eazy.
06-22-02 03:29 PM
luxury1 but oh so fun
06-22-02 03:32 PM
Sir Stonesalot I doubt that you will find too many guys here who think getting you ladies to say YES is easy.

Even I have heard the word NO on many occasions. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I have actually had ladies say "no" to my advances. Of course, I then would fuck their best friend out of sheer spite, but hey, sometimes you have to make a point.
06-22-02 03:37 PM
nankerphelge Sheep are easy.
Never once had a cute young ewe shoot me down.
Don't even need to buy 'em drinks first.
06-22-02 03:53 PM
Jaxx aye, ladies and gents! it all boils down to different strokes for different folks and yet another bad pun to contend with.
06-22-02 03:55 PM
Marilyn Jaggerchick26 has it right....shag Mick, roll one with Keith, play some slide blues with Ronnie and talk about horses with Charlie...did I meantion that I would do Mick in a heartbeat? Did I meantion that there are other things to do while in Florida other that look for allagators or go to Disney? Ahem, Mr. Jagger....I am ready, willing and oh so available for you!!!! Sorry Jaxx, I know that grossed you out! LOL
06-22-02 04:11 PM
Marilyn wrote:
Sorry Jaxx, I know that grossed you out! LOL

nah. nothing grosses me out. i'm not a judgemental person. i just have a different attitude about casual sex and starf****ing. my defination of fun is waayy different. but hey, its your "thang" do what you wanna do.

06-22-02 04:43 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer On behalf of my client, I would like to answer:

'No Comment'.
06-22-02 05:25 PM
gypsy I do NOT take sex lightly!
06-22-02 05:37 PM
nankerphelge Me either -- I'm heavily into it!
06-22-02 05:39 PM
gypsy Hmmph! Well, I never!
06-22-02 07:56 PM
nanky Well talk to Riggy's lawyer then -- he'll service ya
06-22-02 08:31 PM
gypsy I've got the real deal-KeepRigid himself...I don't need KRsL, thank you very much!
06-23-02 01:52 PM
Mother baby I think the days of rock stars being sex symbols is now past. The politicians are taking over that action. The "groupie" of today would more likely be called an Intern or Staffer. Any young guy coming up who's looking for "money for nothing, chicks for free" should forget guitars and run for office.
06-23-02 05:18 PM
Sir Stonesalot Gahhh! That was a good one MB...and very true!

gypsy, I am indeed a breast man....I am also an ass man....and a leg man....and a pussy man....and a mouth man....and a belly button man...and a rib cage man...and an arm pit man...

I like it all girl.
06-23-02 05:40 PM
Joey 'I like it all girl. '

That is what Pete Townshend states ................

Oh Oh ............

And Nanky , you are correct Sir , Sheep are cute , some are quite beautiful , and so very demure .

Ahhhhh , cloven hooved beasts ,bitches all of them ...............

Has anyone here seen my dope ?


06-23-02 09:02 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Joey...fuck ewe...get it? Ewe?

06-23-02 11:08 PM
Honky Tonker On the flip flop side, I'd love to Patti or Jo (or even Jerri). I'll pass on Charlie's ole lady though. Also, Anita was hot back in her day (which like mine has passed).
06-24-02 12:40 AM
Sir Stonesalot Marianne was magically babe-licious in her time, what a rack! I never really dug Bianca though. Luciana Morad is just insanely hot. Gotta give Mick an "attaboy!" for that one. Sometimes Jerri looks hot, sometimes she don't...but she sure do have a purty mouth...Anita always scared me. She didn't just have "wolf puss", she was just a wolf, period. A man-eater. Best avoided. Just look at her men, when she left them, they were mere shells of who they once were. She ate their guts, and spit out their souls. Bad bad woman.

But undeniably hot, back in the day.
06-24-02 01:09 AM
gypsy Well, ya gotta feel a little sorry for Anita too. She didn't exactly come out of that whole deal lookin' too hot herself. She gets just as much credit from me as Keith for kicking her habit. Plus, she barely looks like her old self. It's hard to believe she used to be that striking. I'm sure it was easier for Keith to move on. I mean, hell, he found a supermodel 20 years younger than he was.
06-24-02 09:37 AM
Joey 'She didn't just have "wolf puss", she was just a wolf, period. A man-eater. Best avoided. Just look at her men, when she left them, they were mere shells of who they once were. She ate their guts, and spit out their souls. Bad bad woman. '

Damn Straight ...............what an evil woman she really was ! Just wore poor Keith down . least she didn't go Lesbian after Keith finally left for good ........or did she ?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! Shades of Stevie Nicks .

" Madonna Me Ronnie "

Club Joey ( He only sees the Stones in clubs or theatres , and he still doesn't have Aragon tickets yet ! )

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