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Topic: Working on a Sunday Blues Return to archive
06-23-02 09:50 AM
nankerphelge Yep -- I have no life. All day Saturday and now, all day Sunday. No rest for the wicked -- and let me tell ya -- I am a wicked lil' nanky!

And the air conditionin' isn't on so I feel like I'm in hell here on the 11th floor of Nank, Inc. Oh how I'd love to get an ice-cold keg of frothy beer and some grade-A chiba and sit by the swimmin pool with all by Stones board buddies and have a lil' party.

But, I must work .. please someone tell me they are having a party today -- let me live vicariously through you...
06-23-02 10:02 AM
luxury1 Poor dear. But yes, that is what I am about to do--crank up the Stones, vacuum my beautiful pool, set up the lounge chairs, and after it hits noon, we shall break out the crushed ice, Stoli and pink lemonade. Life is good in VT. Too bad ya ain't here.
06-23-02 10:07 AM
nankerphelge Well glad to hear someone is gonna do it right. At least the little town festival and its god-awful "Karaoke of the dead" isn't going on outside today. I might not get too distracted. Stoli and lemonade huh? Sounds mighty refreshing -- don't forget the chiba -- nuthin like plunging into a nice cool pool when stoned. Maybe I'll hop in the car and head on up -- "hey everyone, this is wicked lil' nanky from Sweet Virginia" -- we can have an exciting game of chicken in the pool -- ladies on top!! Or naked Marco Polo -- makes reaching out and touching someone all the more fun!

I gotta get to work
06-23-02 10:10 AM
winter Hey Nanky:

Over was hung sometime around 2:30 last night and boy am I feeling it today. No office time for Winter today, but don't know if I can muster up the energy to party.

I am supposed to see Chris Robbinson solo this evening, hopefully the ringing in my scull will have dicipated by then.

Another couple of months and the Stones and the Canes will be kicking off their respective seasons.

Can't wait!

Good luck getting out of the concrete playpen.

06-23-02 10:15 AM
nankerphelge I gots a little ringing in my head today too -- put away a nice bottle of Chianti last nite -- but I'm on an ugly deadline, so I had no choice. Winter -- you're a lawyer too, no? Didn't we try to hook up in Boston a few months back -- I was pretty sure that was you.
06-23-02 10:29 AM
winter yes, that was me, we traded a post or two, but I dropped the ball and never followed up. Let me know if your coming back into to town. As I mentioned sometime back, I'll be in miami for the FSU game - maybe our paths will cross at a tailgate.

06-23-02 10:35 AM
nankerphelge I think you have me mixed up with jb -- the miami lawyer -- I'm outside DC. No signs of Boston in the immediate future -- that case went bye-bye.
06-23-02 10:39 AM
winter sorry for the confusion, too many damn lawyers in this world (bet you've never heard that one), - no trip for the tour opener? Anyway, good luck getting out of there today.
06-23-02 01:26 PM
nankerphelge AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Get me outta here
06-23-02 05:28 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh quit yer bitchin'. I work weekends all the time. And that's usually when people decide to burn down a house, go nuts on the neighbor, beat the old lady, get drunk and crash their car, OD on heroin...In my line of work, weekends SUCK. Nothing good ever happens in a 911 center on a weekend.

I much prefer to get paid for 8 hours of surfing the internet. When that happens, it means that no one is dying, or having a really shitty day.

Hey Luxy! Try Absolut Citron & Tonic with a lemon twist. Not as sour. I'd hate to see you with a "sourpuss".
06-23-02 05:56 PM
luxury1 OOOOOOOh--I like the sound of that Stonesalot--the drink, not the "sourpuss"--in fact, I hate when that happens.
06-23-02 06:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yes. Don't we all.....
06-23-02 11:53 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Ahh... hangovers. I am not proud to admit I got drunk at my first Passover seder... I thought one drink really meant drain the glass and ask for seconds!

The Irish do drinking right. I was out there when I was a wee savage and was given drink like it was water, the same in France, when I danced the night away on the Seine to a full brass band. I think they may have actually played some Stones - I was too damn drunk.

nank, man... working again? Well, probably not anymore, but next time, might I recommend breaking out Sides Three and Four of Lurrrrve You Live on the 'leventh floor of Nank Inc. and dancing around like a madman? This is especially good if you have a corner office and one of those little Bose clock-radios, even though they cost an arm and a leg. (My parents are lawyers, I have learned the nuances of lawying life).

Oh, and I had a party all to myself today, dancing around madly to Flashpoint and Lurrrrrrve You Live, but my dear female companion has left me and gone away, so I must mutter "Miss You" under my breath 24/7.

-tSYX --- Ronnie Wood for Prime Minister - It's About Time Someone Acknowledged They've Got Problems And They're Happy About It!
[Edited by TheSavageYoungXyzzy]
06-24-02 07:55 AM
nankerphelge That's funny you mention sides 3&4 of LYL -- that's just what I threw on when i finally got home. Drained a few beers -- grilled some burgers au nanky and watched Ocean's 11 -- pretty entertaining movie I thought.
06-24-02 09:11 AM
TomL Know what you mean Nanky. Started a part time job for the summer to help pay for my nasty habits. Had plenty of money saved but those dam ticket prices did me in this time. UPS, hot and nasty. Only good thing is I may lose some weight in the process. Can't delete the family vac fund. M thru F from 6 to 9PM. At least I have the weekends off. I already can't wait till Sept to quit, wanna tell a couple of those young bucks where to go. What we will do for the Stones.
06-24-02 09:17 AM
nankerphelge Hey bud -- hadn't heard from you in a while -- figured you were up to something. Sorry I haven't been in touch -- I told you it was gonna get busy this summer! But as soon as this trial is over -- we are getting together for cold ones!
06-24-02 09:49 AM
TomL We need to do that. Maybe we can do a Sat or Sun BBQ at my place. Family invited if you want. If not it will be me and you sloshed. I hate doing what I'm doing, but, a stones freak has got to do what a stones freak has to do. Come Sept it wi;ll be worth it. Can't wait to be driving up the road to Philly. Pat's steak in the morning and cold and hot ones all day.
06-24-02 09:57 AM
Joey 'Nuthin like plunging into a nice cool pool when stoned '

Just make sure Frank Thorogood Jr . isn't around Nanky .

I still watch for him out of the corner of my eye as I dive into my pool .

JJJJJJJJJJJJjjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !

06-24-02 10:01 AM
TomL What's the story behind that one?
06-24-02 02:16 PM
Sir Stonesalot Frank Thorogood Jr. is rumored to be the man who drowned Brian.

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