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Topic: Battle of the Boards Return to archive
06-20-02 11:15 PM
Fiji Joe It seems to me that Keno's board, Gasx3 gets more traffic then this one...or, it could just be the layout...I prefer the set up on this board...Let's challenge those guys to a rumble

I'll stick my knife right down their throats...and it hurts

......resident tuff guy I am

06-20-02 11:18 PM
Fiji Joe Don't be fooled by my flabby man-breasts...I know Karate, ju jitsu and a whole lot of other big words
06-20-02 11:27 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL, we are friends, and it's not a competition, Keno's board is great and many regulars visit this and that boards, Jaxx and I post there occasionally, Gazza use to post, and sometimes more often there than here. Keno is our friend, and a lot of the regulars there are our friends even that they prefer to post there.

I post also at Shidoobeeland and Tell me.

The traffic and the number of posts are different, so please don't make a post contest LOL if there is nothing to post I do prefer to avoid posting as in this way the good threads are buried between irrelevant chat.

We have a link to the best boards and mailing lists, take a look, and keep the Stones community on the net friendly. The greatest rock and roll band has also the greatest fans n the world!

BTW, Hey Fiji Joe, thanks for your words! Of course is easy to see that you meant a friendly battle.

Any post with derogatory reference to other board(s) or person(s) will be deleted, and if the regular insists will be banned and reported to the webmasters of other boards.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-20-02 11:33 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl In fact today's header "I'd rather be sailing" was posted because we were victims of spam by Stonesgirl and LIS

SG or "her brother" LOL posted a nasty note here and at the guestbook, hilarious I was a heroin addict and my dad fired me when I was a young boy LOLOLOLOL

FW has been posting crap about us at other board, like usual.

And we have a bad day here at the board, and had to warn a regular, and we don't want it "I'd rather be sailing"
06-21-02 04:48 AM
Honky Tonk Man I was a poster at Kenos board for quite a while. I started posting when i was still in school!! During lesson time!! I think the place is great, of course everyone over there knows me really as Alex. I originally changed my name too HTM early last year, but i didnt really like it. I still visit his boards most days and i must post there more. Gazza posts there, though not as much as he did. I knew who Gazza was through that board. I didnt know anything about this board then.

06-21-02 07:07 AM
TomL We all have one common goal.
06-21-02 07:34 AM
Scot Rocks Both Boards are good, however this one is definitely the best. I started by just reading the stuff on this board and then began posting, after that I started posting on Gasland too and about once a year on Stonesdoug's board. However imao Rocks Off is no.1

06-21-02 07:34 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well this is as good a time to do this as any...

I used to post over at the other board. I had a falling out with the webmaster over personal matters, and as a result I came here.

I freely encourage people to use the other place. I still have a lot of really good friends over there. I completely agree with Gerardo. This isn't a contest. We are all Stones fans, and it's all good.
06-21-02 07:43 AM
Honky Tonk Man I agree with SS, Kenos board is great, its had its problems, but they are long sorted. I almost stormed out myself once!!

06-21-02 10:30 AM
Fiji Joe Er uh, my post was in jest as I too post at the other site...I still prefer this one though

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